Bachelors in psychology good enough credentials to write a book on borderline personality disorder? related questions

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Bachelors in psychology good enough credentials to write a book on borderline personality disorder?11gavial2018-10-22 03:07:18
I have a degree in psychology and was wondering if I have the credentials to write a book on borderline personality disorder , but I've never worked with a BPD person . I've done a lot of research credible though.
Am i borderline ? i am not yet 18 but have all the symptoms of borderline personality disorder..?3Snow2012-11-04 11:18:03
Is it possible that I have borderline personality disorder , although I am not yet 18? i suffer from severe mood swings and ups and downs irratic with extremely serious , I can not seem to maintain friendships or relationships because of sudden love / hate feelings , hate the way I look and suffer from EDNOS .. i slit my wrists , and when I'm in a bad mood I feel suicidal . I saw a Dr, but I think it's just depression . What should I do ?
Dissociative Identity Disorder &Borderline Personality Disorder ? 18 Year Old girl ?0Echetabu2012-11-05 00:58:27
I've been diagnosed with both disorders after my mother sent me to a psychiatrist thinking I have bipolar. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13 and a lot of my family (on both sides) have a history of mental health problems. I'm not sure whether genes are a factor or not, though. I'm wondering whether the psych may have diagnosed me wrong...after googling DID I learnt it is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder...It's not like I'm a cowgirl one minute and a librarian the next...I'm confused. Here are my symptoms: *Memory Loss *Depression *Sleep around... *Don't know who I am as a person *Personality changes to suit environment *Very few personal boundaries *Easily hurt/sensitive *Out of touch with reality/always feel like I'm dreaming *Get dizzy when I go to new places *Don't know what I like/Don't like *Think I'm horribly ugly when I'm often told the complete opposite *Copy Others behaviour and mannerisms *Pretend I enjoy myself when I'm actually rarely happy anymore *Hate myself Does this sound right for both DID and PBD ? I couldn't include everything.
Could I have Borderline Personality Disorder?0Trang2012-10-06 09:37:24
I know, I should not be trying to self-diagnose, but I'm studying psychology in college and I found borderline personality disorder in one of the textbooks and it showed online. I think I may have some of the symptoms. This is a bit of a long question, so if you have patience with me, that would be excellent. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The main thing that I got when I read the criteria for BPD is also I have a tendency to idealize and then demonize the boyfriends I've had, and some of the friends I had, depending on how they have acted towards me . I'm pretty idealistic ... I fell madly in love / infatuated with them (my current boyfriend, or even a crush), then I look at myself and see that I'm not good for them, and then I get angry with myself and somehow you just transferred to them, and I think it's his fault for making me feel bad (not true, I know, but it's something I can not seem to help it), and get angry with them and end up thinking they are not good enough for me, I can not trust them, and that I should get rid of them. Relationships scares me, especially since you're sharing with someone else, and I like to think I'm a separate person from them, and I hate to think they have so much power over me, so I like them angry by. Totally irration, I know. Another key thing, I can get very angry / upset for nothing or next to nothing about the letter. I could feel anrgy one day, and could grow throughout the day, and at the end of it I'll be in a shitty mood if I have not taken the time to sit and relax ... Today, I felt very happy, quiet, very angry and very, very annoying, and it was that that made me think that maybe there was something wrong with it ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm trying to fix things, the bits about myself that I do not like, how I feel very idealistic and see most things as black and white, but sometimes pretend to see the gray also because others see ... Also, I have much of a sense of identity. I know what I think, but not really what I am. Most of the time do not even know what I think, to be honest. Most of the time, all I really know are things about me that I get my idealism, what is wrong, is wrong. I like things to be black and white, but I try to see the gray ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As I said before, the question long. Sorry bout that. I kindly appreciate if people could give me your opinion. And also how to stop being so ***** in my love relationships, because, frankly, I'm one then. People seem to think I'm a good person, and then I'm going to go my next boyfriend, and I think not, I'm not a nice person at all.
Could my boyfriend have Borderline Personality Disorder? Please help!?1heaven2012-11-06 05:43:03
Hi all. I need some help. I talked to my family about this, but I'm hoping someone with more experience in the field of psychology could give me some advice. I have 19 years, and have spent my first full year (last 11 months), with a high of 22 years I'll call Martin. A few days ago we broke up because of detail is reached. Martin is my first boyfriend and I fell hard for him, but I feel that our relationship has been warily. When I met him he was quiet and very affectionate / attentive. (Although, on our first date almost gets into a car accident due to reckless driving.) After watching it again, I found that he always seemed on edge: he habitually smoked marijuana to calm down, he threw more furious attacks small occurrences, driving like a madman, and I found all cranky about things you do not think it was a big deal. In a few months we started having sex and it was great. But he never wanted to use protection, and now that I think about it, we should have been more careful. Especially now I'm looking at a few days after our break and I'm starting to see things more clearly. For a while I was thinking about taking a break and so I decided I was going to do this weekend (Friday, Saturday, or today), but on Thursday called me shallow (that eye, I am not quite) and I just broke down and could not take his disrespect me. To be honest, he went ballistic. That day I was actually having lunch with a friend. Time on waiting time and I told Martin that the guy was just a friend and had no further interest in him and assured him that she loved him. He said "not that I do not trust you, but I do not trust the other guys." And I'm sitting there saying that it takes two to tango. Ultimately, he threw himself under the bed covers and saying he's depressed that his girlfriend would rather eat lunch with another man from her boyfriend. (Please note, apart from summer school and work I spend all day, every day with him, which includes lunch.) So just give me a sense of guilt and lunch after which he is rude to me. I feel that our relationship has had a lot of this. Control their behavior and jealousy ruined my self esteem. I've given up nights with my friends to stay with him. If someone looks at me for more than two seconds is frightened almost menacing face "What you looking at?" I know I am an attractive girl, and that's what comes with the territory. If your girlfriend is cute, you get used to people looking at it. Whenever I want to go home to see my family that makes me feel guilty about it and when I do get home, texts and calls and if you can not pick frantic. He has said he wants to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me, even though we have not been together that long. I just loved him for caring about me and love me, but now all I see is co-dependence on each other and control, jealousy and possessiveness of you. I've never felt love before, but I know that's not how it's supposed to feel. I told him choking, and he says he can change and work on it, but do not know if he can handle something like this in your envelope. There is much more to say, but I'll take this short. Ultimately, my question is: should I go back to him and help him, or leave? I'm still young, in a very demanding school pursuing a degree in a difficult field, and I have a job and other activities. Investing time in getting your life together would certainly be a sacrifice on my part. My mother suggested telling him to go to couples therapy so I'm not all of a sudden he says he is not stable, but in the end the truth (their insecurities, problems, whatever) will show through. I had difficulty putting the situation into words what I feel my sentence structure is not anywhere near perfection. Hope went smoothly. If there are any other questions / need information, please do not hesitate to ask. I want you both to be happy and now I realize that's going to be very hard. Thanks for your time!
Does my step-sister have borderline personality disorder?1veronika2012-10-20 01:53:03
My sister is 18 and she is very honest, crazy. She has no respect for herself or others. Enter the room and take my mother and uses her makeup and other things, even when asked that many times. She uses and takes my stuff too. It has terrible image of itself, but does nothing about it. She has gained probably 20 pounds in the last two years. She "gets hurt" playing basketball all the time and says she can not do anything by itself when wounded, yet still somehow manages to partying. She is an absolute slob. She leaves food out of the counter and dishes dirty in the sink when she asked for the last 3 years to do so. She says she needs sleeping pills because they have a fan and having the TV on all night (very loudly I might add) does not help you sleep. Now my sister is getting her master's degree in psychology and she suggested that I try taking melatonin instead of seeing that occurs naturally in the body. My other sister has tried this and I said it works like a charm. My sister tried it and it seems that "does not work". The pills you are taking are like crack it. She is crazy, gets the munchies, and must even try making spaghetti on the stove in the dark of night in a plastic container and then leave it in the sink for my mom to clean the next day. She is hostile to all members of my family. She's really nice just to her sisters and friends. The only time it's good for his father is when he wants something. Never eat dinner with us, but she just listing food for my mother to get to it. So when my mom gets for it, he does not eat and everything goes wrong and then complains that goes wrong. She does not help the weekends when all we are cleaning the house. He died his hair last week and went to the hair, literally, in the four walls of the shower, and even on the walls of the bathroom itself. When asked to clean it up, took some water and ran 30 seconds wiping. I had to go back and really clean, only to discover that she has never cleaned the bathroom. Our house is brand new, just finished building it and usually I'm in college, leaving you in charge of cleaning common bathroom. They have been living there for about 2-3 months, and obviously never been cleaned. She admitted that she is a shopaholic, but then begs his father to buy things for her. His mood swings are insane. At one point she can be the happiest, nicest, sweetest person in the world and can say a bad thing and it can be the biggest ***** I've known. Screaming so loudly and gesticulating wildly. No matter what she feels, intensified tenfold. She does not get along with either parent. It's just nice to them when you want something from them. She lies all the time. Removed my entire family of Facebook, saying we're going to gossip about it. But of course, she does not realize that I'm friends with most of her friends (we're only a year apart), so I still know most of the things he does. She drinks all the time and the parties, and there are pictures to prove it, but she comes up with a million excuses for his parents, saying he did not trust her and who are attacking her and whatever. She is always looking for a pity party,. Would not surprise me if she was on drugs, in addition to their sleeping pills. I know she has a terrible relationship with her mother. I know she has felt abandoned by her and get into fights all the time screaming. His temper is out of control, you never know when it will explode. She is very sexual active.When went to high school together she was known as a big bitch. Sister is doing a masters in psychology said would not be surprised if our sister had borderline personality disorder, so what do you think??
What are the symptoms of depression and borderline personality disorder?1MSM2012-10-24 14:15:05
Could u tell me what the symptoms of depression / bpd ?
Why do people judge what they don't understand? Borderline personality disorder?2Click62012-10-23 22:46:03
So a few months ago I was diagnosed with BPD , it took a while to get a good diagnosis , I do live a full and productive life . I have a full time job and I'm at school and in psychology . In the near future I have plans for the practice of clinical psychology , I am determined to help others help themselves . What really hurts my feelings . More is the fact that they can not seem to have a personal relationship with someone without freaking things I avoid relationships all together . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mother made ​​the point of how to enter a field when you are crazy about you , and she makes snide comments about how I never find anyone because of who I am . When I'm on the phone with one of my friends about my disorder , becomes apprehensive and then when I get off the phone tells me I should not talk about it because I have no friends left . Forget about having a boyfriend , she goes out of her way to say that I have problems , but I will not go into detail . With your help I will never have anything . I will not be happy, well they'll just keep doing really love it to the point of not wanting anything to do with it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You know you do not put on earth to judge other people , that's not our place . And by God nobody is better than me , I just want to be treated like a person . I am a person . It's not easy living with borderline personality disorder and before seeking help was not really easy .
Trying to write a book, need a psychologist to answer this?0Braelyn2012-10-06 01:04:17
I " m trying to write a realistic story but am having trouble . Want the main character to be in his last year and is majoring in Psychology . My question is , do you take your clinicals during your degree or going to their doctrine ? Can you teach about body language when you are getting your degree ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
I'm trying to write a book and want to avoid plagiarism....?0Com 1552012-10-20 01:39:28
I'm thinking of trying to write a " how to " book that is based on a 5 " how to" books on different topics and simply combining in one book . Of course , the examples and will of my personal experiences , but the "ideas " will of the other books . For example , a MedlinePlus How-To book on the cyclical ketogenic diet books on other diets combined with ERC , an exercise book , and a book on psychology . MedlinePlus What do I have to do to avoid plagiarism , if I have to use or modify a program step by step from one or more of the books ? Reference is made to the books will be enough ? or I have to pay the other authors also once you make money with the book ?
Could I write a book on animal behavior without a PhD or a masters degree?3Bernadet2012-10-19 08:42:03
I have 26 years of age. I recently graduated with my degree in psychology , specializing in biology . I am currently working as a researcher in a neuroscience lab and volunteering in a zoo . I can not get into graduate school because I had a low GPA of 2.5 degree , please do not laugh . I would write a book or publish articles on animal behavior so you can advance my career . Could you do that with just a BA? I feel I am a good writer and know a lot about this field .
Do you think i have a personality disorder?1ajo2012-10-21 07:40:02
Lately I've been reasearch on personality disorders and bipolar disorder . I want to know if anyone can help me find out if I have one , here are my symptoms : MedlinePlus - Memory loss MedlinePlus - Depression MedlinePlus - Various poses / faces MedlinePlus - Flashbacks that are not mine ... MedlinePlus -headaches/pains - I have fear of many things .. MedlinePlus -Lack of staff MedlinePlus connections MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am very creative , very sleepy , so things MedlinePlus ETC . The closet thing I can think is the dissociative identity disorder or bipolar disorder MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My eyes feel like, you know after mourn and chop ? That's how mine feel all the time . I give frequent pains in the chest / stomach that I'm missing something and I get back pain too. I will provide more details if necessary , please let me know if you think you have a personality disorder ! Thank you = )

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