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What kind of things to write on a personal /Psychology personal statement?1Sunshine2012-10-19 07:55:02
Hello , I was planning to go to college next year and I was not sure about the kind of things I write in my personal state . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We also want to study the course is the " psychology " or "psychology , counseling , therapy and ' So how do I relate to my personal statement this. What do I write . What good reasons for wanting to study a subject like psychology , etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
What should I write in my personal statement for a Psychology graduate program?2Gianna2012-10-23 08:28:03
I visited the websites of the programs of the schools I am applying and have a general idea of the things I definitely want to respond . I have also looked at the Purdue OWL section of writing the personal statement and I've looked online at some other information and people's opinions about what or what not to include , but I'm a little overwhelmed . I have a rare neurological condition and is thought to perhaps tie in my experience as a patient with my lack of helping others and my ability to understand people in distress difficult doctors . Should not go in this direction ? I'm not sure what exactly is this good or not good to include in a personal statement. Are there some things that should be avoided ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you very much for any insight anyone can give ! (:
How do you write a personal statement for graduate school2justin black2012-10-24 21:32:02
I'm a senior in college and I will be applying to college for my Masters in Industrial Psychology and I need some advice on how long and what to put in it . I tend to freak out with this sort of thing my GPA is good and I'm taking the GRE in a month so .. all that remains is to apply . Oh, and graduate school is St. Marys in San Antonio if you have any personal experience . MedlinePlus Thank you !
What should i write in my postgrad personal statement for a science/medicine/psychology masters?1y helo thar2012-10-16 23:08:03
What should I write in my personal statement graduate a master science / medicine / psychology ?
How to write a personal statement for change of course and applying late?1Salvany2012-10-16 13:18:03
Hello , MedlinePlus I have really wanted to change my course of business to psychology and am having a hard time writing my personal statement . How would you explain the change ? The reason I want to change it because I'm not enjoying anything about the course , is not what I expected it to be at all and I find it boring and when I decided to study business and I made a hasty decision should have looked in my course and wayyyyyy more modules . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've always been interested in psychology , and was my second choice after the business of course , subject to request . I even requested a course with business and psychology , but stupidly chose to go on business directly because the university has a better reputation . However, friends / family psychology discouraged, said job prospects with a degree psyc were low , becoming a psychologist was very hard ( MA , PhD ) , the degree mickey mouse , long hours and low pay unless it was exceptionally good , etc. I'm not sure what kind of work I want psychologist / research , but have decided for sure that this is what I do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I have to explain why I am applying late and the reason is that I thought that if I gave the course longer than I possibly begin to enjoy it . But I havent and to be honest , I've been putting off and have finally decided that I have to reapply through UCAS . I called many universities , and found several that said they would consider my application , but it was too late . MedlinePlus How would I write and explain this in a professional manner ?
How do i write a personal statement for social work with no experience?3selene2012-10-27 10:21:03
I am applying for social work this year and has just completed a degree in psychology , but have absolutely no Eperience . I went straight from school to my career and just finished in may.it seems that u have no chance if you have no experience .
Personal statement help?1misleydis2012-10-21 20:00:02
Please can you read my personal statement and give me a yes or no answer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For some time I have been very intrigued by the analytical study of the complexities of the human brain, to help understand why we behave as we do; Psychology. I am looking to study psychology at grade level to improve my skills and allow me to pursue a career in psychology. MedlinePlus I would be an ideal student to study psychology and I'm very fascinated by the subject, so I'm very eager to learn, hardworking and really would love to learn more about it. I am currently studying English Literature, Economics and Psychology at a level so into all these issues I can improve both my writing and analytical skills, making me more articulate which is essential for a psychology degree. MedlinePlus My interest in psychology began when I started volunteering at my local YMCA with disabled children, I volunteered for about eight months collecting myself and vimpact vfifty award for volunteering more than 150 hours. Although it was only a volunteer gave me some responsibility, like me every day that I attended was given a son to care for, play with and make sure they were safe and happy. After volunteering for a while I became staff and given even more responsibility, I think a very rewarding and well enjoy it. I see many different children with a variety of disabilities such as autism and developmental delay global angelmens syndrome. Being around all different types of disabilities makes me wonder what each one does, especially mental disabilities such as autism and wonder why children behave as they do this. MedlinePlus In my experience of 10 years of work I spent a week in a store bathroom bookkeeper help, gave me tasks like updating prices on the system, enter invoices in the primary and backup system, and output to stock. This helped develop my math skills and analytically as I had to add up all the prices on invoices to ensure they are correct and thoroughly review all the information was correct. I also got smaller tasks like filing, cleaning and going to the shops to get the essentials. MedlinePlus I've also recently just got another job working at McDonald's drive through the airport of Gatwick, which is one of the busiest in the country, so I have to work very fast sometimes, working with people of all different origins and developing my communication skills have to work efficiently as a team. MedlinePlus When I started studying psychology at the university of my interest in the field grew even more, to learn about Freud and some of the theories he invented for fears of Juanito 'fascinated me and led me to research different theoretical and the many explanations of behavior. MedlinePlus In my high school that was chosen to be a prefect for me last year when I was given responsibilities for lunch staff in maintaining school standards in the hallways and be available to help younger students with any questions or concerns they had. I also received an award for my maths GCSE, as I achieved an excellent degree. MedlinePlus In my free time I enjoy socializing with my friends, going to movies, shopping and music. Although I have a hobby that I currently participate on a regular basis to spend most of my time in college or at work, I love working with children and spending time with them. I used to go horseback riding lessons regularly I thoroughly enjoyed and took part in a session of riding my week of activities at the university. MedlinePlus Once I finished my studies in psychology I would travel around the world, whether volunteering or doing internships or apprenticeships to help gain more experience in the field of psychology by then I hope to continue to pursue a career in psychology. At this point I would like so much to work with children in an educational setting or do a masters and specialize in a clinical field.
How is my Personal Statement so far?0tara lee2012-10-26 03:45:46
Please can someone tell me how it sounds now? MedlinePlus I know it's not great, but it is only the beginning of my first project . MedlinePlus How can we improve ? MedlinePlus Be as honest as you like. MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus University has always been a part of my plan for the future . However, I must admit I was not always sure what I wanted to study . Now , after school and grow feel that I really love studying History and Psychology as a double degree. MedlinePlus Psychology has always something that has interested me since I was young . I'm not entirely sure what interests me first, but I do know that I have a passion for it . Despite never having studied previously I know the basics about it. I understand what you mean and I do know that is a very scientific and that could become a difficult issue . Despite this , however , I know that I will work very hard at it and know that I am determined to succeed. MedlinePlus I must be honest listen and admit I have never studied the history so far. Having problems with collecting my theme for the sixth year I then settled for Superior crash in history . After being in the class for a few weeks I have developed a strong liking for him and would like to study in the future . MedlinePlus
Help with my UC personal statement!?1AnOnYmOuS1232012-10-15 12:11:09
First, the test is too long! Can anyone find which parts are unnecessary? You think this is a good essay? grammatical errors? what my experiences sound sufficiently valid? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is the message: What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field - such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities -. And what they have gained from their participation MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm majoring in psychology, lit by my love of the brain, the human spark that produces a creative force so distinctive that no other species has a similar mental capacity. Anthropologists believe that, in the course of human evolution, increasing the size of our brain correlates with greater confidence in the culture. My mom always told me that it is easier to understand people when you understand the way they think. His focus was the Myer Briggs Type Indicator. Through countless personality tests given to nearly all of the dinner guests, I began to harbor a curiosity about the driving force behind the behavior, we now think of as culture. I am particularly interested in multicultural psychology. MedlinePlus For years, I dreamed of achieving the arts in the shadow of my parents. But as soon as I walked into my first class in psychology at the community college, science was never the same. I was thirteen and completely uncertain about what to expect in a social environment in which each student at least five years older than I, General Psychology was, in fact, the first class I took in a classroom. The teacher, with a sensitive and passionate mood approach allowed all students to share their experiences of life, from the tragic joy. As I listened, I realized that everyone has a different story and a different way of seeing the world. It was not uncommon for me to leave class crying, inspired to look after the welfare of others. MedlinePlus Semesters later, I took a psychology class multicultural and has learned to apply the components of culture in counseling. In this class, I began to understand my own social identity as well. I realized that all the components of my wife, agnostic bi-racial, lesbian identity vegetarian athlete and was important in shaping my worldview. This class also sparked my desire to make contact with and learn about as many cultures as possible. This year, the most important year of my life, I have achieved this goal. My psychology club organized an event for Temple Grandin, who graduated with a doctorate in animal science despite having autism. Not only had the opportunity to meet this inspirational woman, but also was given the opportunity to hear her talk about how easy it is to educate people with mental disabilities if we understand their thinking, whether verbal, visual, or in the patterns. His words reminded me of the lessons I had learned from my mother. In recent months, I have volunteered in my community kitchen Open Heart, feeding those who are unable to maintain jobs. This experience has taught me that it is so often the stigma attached to these people that translates into poverty or indigence. In September, I attended a workshop at the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center in San Francisco Community, who taught me about the many different layers of sexual identity, the use of gender-neutral pronouns, and how to communicate respectfully with people are victims of discrimination or depression because of their sexual orientation. This allowed me to go beyond my own understanding of the experience to understand the experience homosexual transsexual. Finally, I have volunteered twice a week at a primary school in the Mission District of San Francisco of the organization, members of the reading, which provides one-on-one tutor students who are behind in reading and comprehension. I've been exposed to many of the values, traditions and interests of low-income children, families speak Spanish to help in teaching English as the only of all students, the cultural perspective. In light of the lessons I have learned, my dream is that no human being can be denied access to the vast resources of the United States. I dream that one day will be the investigator, the service provider, the counselor, and the caregiver of the minds of these individuals as they experience a vast, multicultural America. This is the same multicultural America that I think has my future in pursuing higher education in college.
What do you think of my personal statement draft?1pab2012-10-27 18:01:04
At school I enjoyed studying Art, English and Psychology. In particular, I enjoyed art as it has allowed me to be creative and explore new ideas. I think a degree in elementary education and art specialists allows me to share my passion for being creative. My primary interest in education began when I took part in two weeks of work experience, I worked with the age group 5-11. During the work experience that paired reading with the children and helped them in an art class making clay figures. After doing work experience knew I enjoyed being in the company of children, I think working with this age group would be rewarding. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus While studying psychology at the school they have enjoyed the development aspects of the subject. A particular case study I found interesting was "Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models' Bandura study investigated the effects of adult aggression in children's behavior. I like the idea of ​​being responsible learning of children and would love to see them enjoying what they are taught. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another of my interests is English literature and reading, I particularly enjoyed studying the war poems of Wilfred Owen as part of the AS course. The poems were powerful and Owen was really able to bring the graphic nature of the war to life. I also had the oppurtunity to go see Twelfth Night. MedlinePlus In pursuit of my interest in English I have also participated in the reading program associate at the school allowed me to support students in the school below. At school I've also been on a field trip to the Tate Modern, the exhibition of Francis Bacon encouraged my abstract style. I'm interested in artists such as Peter Lanyon appear in my theme A2 'abstract color in the landscape "under the influence of these artists that I could develop my own style, I am able to meet deadlines and work well course independently I feel I have gained the confidence to express my ideas. Having achieved a degree in art and entertainment level MedlinePlus hardworking person.I am my artistic nature is therefore useful as I would be able to create a positive environment motivator in the classroom. MedlinePlus Outside of school I have been involved in. .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (I've also just started writing tonight and have plenty of time to change it! Still have not said what I like to do outside of school and I'm planning to do volunteer work and work experience as well. Just want to know how i could improve?? advice of a real teacher preferable. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to study elementary education with technical specialty.
Personal Statement Criticism?1AnOnYmOuS1232012-10-04 03:12:02
I've been looking through my tutor a few times and am going to have a meeting with someone to go through this ... I was wondering if I could get some constructive feedback on it so far, I am applying for English Language BA Hons. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Character Count: 3992 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Languages ​​have always fascinated me, the structure, evolution, the meaning. From the time he was able to understand the language, I was forced to read and write. And for as long as I can remember, I have been an active writer of both fiction and creative pieces of poetry, as well as actively searching for books of all genres. MedlinePlus This has led me to take on extracurricular activities such as Debating Society has helped and improved my spoken English. In high school, I was a member of the magazine and have continued this in college that has this helped me in my English writing well. MedlinePlus While in college, I was eager to study English Language and English Literature, both of which have fueled my passion for writing and reading, as well as the creation of interests in other areas such as language development, differentiation dialect and language history. Outside of class, I found myself extending my learning on topics that capture my attention further, as the Old and Middle English or researching accents. The English language I'm always interested in its historical evolution and diversity, how it came to be and how it continues to change, learn about these during my college has made me determined and eager to continue my learning of English in higher education. Also, my choice of Psychology has helped me learn about how people interact and learn, and has given me a vision that will help me in my ambition to teach others. MedlinePlus In my first year of college, I was clear in the knowledge that in the future I wanted to teach English as a subject. I've always liked teaching, as in the past I have experience working with young children and volunteered at a center for children in which I have been working for over a year. This has earned me an award V50 and am currently working my way quickly to achieve 100 hours volunteering. These experiences are very valuable to me and helped me to develop my sense of responsibility and maturity, traits that will give me a new impetus in the future. Likewise, being a school prefect and a member of a young entrepreneurial team and be a student ambassador and representative to the university, has increased my self-confidence and self-esteem, which has proven useful in classes and outside the university. In the past I have won many awards and certificates for positive behavior and reflects my desire to work in class. MedlinePlus Taking all these many extracurricular activities with my college education has given me the opportunity to improve my organizational skills and time management, an attribute that has proven itself in balancing both my social and academic life. I managed to keep between university studies and enrichment activities, as well as my social life commitments outside the university. Apart from these, I am also a student reliable according to deadlines and provide comfortable working as tutors. MedlinePlus Language Other than English, they also have a GCSE in Spanish and French, and for several years I have been enthusiastic self-teaching me Japanese. I have a great interest in different languages, and attending the University hope to improve my skills in English in order to teach internationally in the future. By completing this degree, my goal is to apply and participate in the JET Program, which offers graduates the opportunity to teach abroad in Japan for at least a year. This will allow me to be surrounded by Japanese culture and hone my skills in teaching English and Japanese language learning more. This year abroad will give me valuable experience and skills that will stay with me when my time on the JET program is over and back to England with the intention of finding jobs teaching English. MedlinePlus In general, I feel that my experience and skills make me an ideal candidate for a career and I hope to continue my studies and become a part of the university.
Help with editing personal statement?1Cerina2012-10-20 09:00:03
Hi all ! I am applying for graduate school next year and I have to make a personal statement . English is not my mother tongue , so I was wondering if anyone can see if I made ​​any mistake. Thanks in advance ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here it is: MedlinePlus In the field of psychology , I developed a special interest in the field of neuropsychology . As a college student , I had the opportunity to study some subjects in neuropsychology or closely related to neuropsychology , which have been the most enjoyable and enriching . In fact , I have pursued to attend as many relevant topics as possible . University spent X Y University for my honors to attend an elective course in behavioral neuroscience . It seemed logical to pursue a career in neuropsychology . MedlinePlus So , here I am applying for University and Master of Psychology ( Clinical Neuropsychology ) Program . This program brings me closer to my goal . I have the intention of becoming a clinical neuropsychologist , simply because this career fits me like a glove . I have a strong interest in research , the brain and its functions . Some of my personal attributes include good interpersonal skills , patience , empathy for others , flexibility, responsibility and kindness . I am also very focused on the goals . I think my personal qualities in combination with the graduate program to prepare me for the next step , and help me achieve my ultimate goal , ie , be a competent neuropsychologist . MedlinePlus As for the race , I am working in the area of research , as well as a doctor . My choices of professional areas including rehabilitation and neuropsychological disorders , such as epilepsy . I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue my studies . MedlinePlus

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