John Jay College, the road to Law School?

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So I am in my second year in California . MedlinePlus My plan to transfer to the University Jjay . MedlinePlus I actually want to go to law school and hopefully at NYU / Cornell MedlinePlus after graduation . MedlinePlus I have 3.8 GPA right now. MedlinePlus The thing is I do not think LSAT is a problem for me . MedlinePlus However, I heard that your undergraduate school does not matter. MedlinePlus I want to go for the program BA / MA in Forensic Psychology and double major of International Criminal Justice . MedlinePlus I want to JD in International Law at the Law School . MedlinePlus Im still wondering if you should stick with John Jay . MedlinePlus Or should I go to the University of Maryland and the University of California , Irvine for my criminology degree . MedlinePlus John Jay offers a program that others do . MedlinePlus But not as well known as uc umd or where to go to law school . MedlinePlus I am very confused and do not know where I should transfer . Any thoughts and advice ? MedlinePlus I really need a degree in international law to get in Interpol . MedlinePlus Do you have experience working also help if I have an internship at a law firm in Manhattan ? MedlinePlus Thank you !

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