Does anyone know of any good colleges/unversitys in the south/west coast with a good humanties program.? related questions

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Does anyone know of any good colleges/unversitys in the south/west coast with a good humanties program.?0Pedra2012-10-16 00:00:57
I live on the east coast right now and I know there are large by schools around here would love a change of scenery ( or at least get away from me here :) . List some decent psychology schools / departments of English. Thank you.
Does anyone know of any good colleges on the west coast for psychology?0Jef2012-11-03 20:30:39
I plan on counseling in California but currently, live in Washington. I plan on working in the field of Christain counseling, most likely at a home for prositutes taken out of the sex ring.
What colleges have good psychology programs on the east coast preferably near south Carolina?0Johny Appleseed2012-10-26 08:02:22
I am a high school student and I'm interested in either a cognitive psychologist or psychologist industrial / organizational . I did some research , and I'm looking for some good university with a psychology program . I am an average student .
Does anyone know of a college on the west coast that has a good psychology program?1hello2012-11-02 15:05:02
I'm a junior in high school right now and I know I want to study psychology , I do not know where the best place would be to do that . I'd rather stay here in California , but would be willing to go to a university in another part of the west coast if they have a good psychology program .
Whats the most culturally diverse part of the USA? East Coast, West Coast, South, Midwest, or North?0Linzy2012-11-06 03:49:02
I currently live in the Midwest , but actually thinking East ( Philadelphia , Baltimore , or DC area ) . I have 22 years , no children , currently college student ( and plans to continue my education with a degree in Psychology ) ... Basically just looking for a place that would be good for dates, good universities for psychology , and somewhere amateur culture that can run on black men who are gentlemen and educated .... What is the best city in the east coast for that?
What are some colleges in the South or East (US) with a good psychology program?1♥rebel•stupidity=kathy♥2012-10-24 09:36:00
I'm trying to figure out what the university has a good psychology program that is close to TN . Vanderbilt is my first choice, but I do not want to limit myself .
Looking for good colleges in the south that have forensic psychology as a major?3Haley2012-10-23 04:10:03
I'm a junior in high school and I live in Oklahoma . MedlinePlus I want to stay in the south , just outside the preference and family. MedlinePlus I'm willing to go as far east as Georgia , but will not go further west than Oklahoma . MedlinePlus :) Sorry if you do something complicated , I'm having a hard time finding a decent place .
Good colleges on the east coast?1Tasa2012-10-27 21:26:04
I am looking for a very good school on the east coast . I would do psychology or pre -med . thanks for the help !
I'm looking for a social work program somewhere on the west coast, preferably California?0Bionca2012-10-14 19:07:06
I live in California now and I will not have to pay terribly high state rates . I want to be a social worker who works with children in foster care , and I have no idea what universities in sight. I do not mind going to school out of state , but only if the state tuition is reasonable . I love to live in Washington , so if there are some schools there is a reasonable price , please let me know ! If not, please let me know about any good or RSU child psychology programs in Oregon , California , Arizona , and Nevada .
What are good colleges for a psychology major on the east coast?0Jas2012-10-22 17:58:23
schools anywhere in New York to Virginia , Tennessee and Georgia , but if they are not florida
Colleges that have a good pre-med program in Texas ?1failgrammar2012-10-23 17:54:02
im about to be a junior in high school and I want to be a psychiatrist . I therefore important in biology or psychology .
Colleges with a good psychology and art program? ?0tayloir2012-10-24 03:58:15
focusing primarily on psychology , but also a decent art program in the state of New York only. No upstate, the city and the only island . thank you!

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