How can I land a job with a bachelor's in psychology?

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I recently graduated and got my BA Psych , what kind of jobs I can get ? What is the pay rate ? How should I build my resume ? I live in San Francisco , so I'm mainly looking for a job here or in the East Bay ( hopefully with easy parking )
Answer1BerthaAnswered at 2012-11-03 18:12:56
Hey, my dad is a psychologist he got his EdD in marriage and family counseling. He had a private practice and worked as a school counselor. With your BA you can't have a private practice but you can be a school counselor. I think you would make a little over 40,000, but don't qoute me. I'm familiar with Miami rates. :) But, you can also go into social work and become a social worker. There are a ton of different options for you right now. You could even teach psychology in the high school. Your choices are broad. :) Best wishes to you and your future job!
Answer2MichaeliaAnswered at 2012-11-04 03:50:01
Recent psychology, sociology graduates typically get a job in social work to build up their work experience. To really maximize your earnings potential as a psychologist, look into getting a Masters Degree in Psychology. This will definitely help in getting you in front of more people. Good luck with everything.

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