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Teachers: Have you ever tried a system in which the students create their own rules?7sueann2018-03-18 23:29:21
My instructor of educational psychology , who was a primary school teacher for over 30 years explained that she used a system that allowed students to create class rules . Have you ever tried a system like this , and if so , how do you go about it . Did you honor students all suggestions , or what type of review of the list by merging similar rules into one?
Any Psychology students from UCSD? Please tell me about your experience? How's the school,teachers, campus..0Stephan2012-10-19 05:01:41
Psychology students at UCSD ? Tell me about your experience ? How is the school , teachers , campus ..
Extra help for English and maths. 100.000 teachers needed. Help needs to be undertaken by Qualified teachers?2Ken 12012-10-23 12:55:03
I'm not having a go at the teachers in this question , but since much help students successfully given by classroom assistants , who definitely are not teachers , could not but a short course or courses of caring for these people to the drift back to gain or regain what is often the confidence they need . MedlinePlus I am often surprised by the amount of time that teachers waste in providing statistical and again in slightly different format to the various "authorities" Why can not this be provided in a complete form with irrelevant questions once eradicated . MedlinePlus I am also surprised by the short time that a teacher has to give a talk one on one and this can be seriously reduced by a disruptive student . All children misbehave from time to time , but just need a guy truly disturbing to ruin an entire lesson. Most of us know the type of our daily lives . Whether a clip on the ear is worth six hours educational psychology
Why do effective teachers believe that they are intentional teachers?2Dan-E DAngerously 2012-10-15 11:27:02
This question comes from my psychology class education
Texas Rules?4Travion2012-10-27 20:26:04
In a southern university , students in the psychology program were attending their first class on emotional extremes . MedlinePlus " Just to establish some parameters ," said the professor to the student from Arkansas , " what is the opposite of joy ? " MedlinePlus "Sadness ," said the student . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " And the opposite of depression ?" Asked the young Oklahoma . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " Elation ," he said . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus " And you sir," said the girl from Texas, " how about the opposite of woe? " MedlinePlus The Texan replied, " Sir, I think it would be " Giddy up " .
I need some help on these issue very the state of Louisiana is not alot of help with their own rules?0lollicupy2012-10-02 11:47:03
MedlinePlus resources E. , 1. , A. MedlinePlus Program or Executive Director one . The program director or executive director shall meet the following MedlinePlus requirements : MedlinePlus i. be a registered nurse ( RN ) and have one year from MedlinePlus verifiable experience in direct service work with MedlinePlus persons with disabilities , or ii. have a bachelor 's degree in a human services field MedlinePlus ( Such as, but not limited to a hospital or nursing household management , physical therapy , MedlinePlus occupational therapy , speech therapy , social work or psychology ) or is enrolled in a MedlinePlus accredited college and pursue undergraduate in a human services field . The individual will MedlinePlus a period of three (3) years (from the date) from MedlinePlus complete the course of study , and MedlinePlus iii. Have a minimum of one year of verifiable work MedlinePlus experience , post or grade have one year verifiable MedlinePlus work experience while working on the degree , MedlinePlus planning and providing direct support : MedlinePlus (A ) Persons with mental retardation or other MedlinePlus developmental disabilities , or MedlinePlus ( B ) disabled adult
How can I get my step-daughter to follow rules and treat others with respect?1needhelpbadly2012-10-15 02:22:03
To give you a little background of my husband and his ex-wife separation after she became pregnant with another baby boy. It has 5 children in total. We have no children, except my stepdaughter. We have tried positive reinforcement, speaking and other harsh punishments (grounding, spanking corner etc.). His mother is a master manipulator and takes advantage of people not even his own family. We try to bluff him that we were going to send you back to your mom called our bluff though. She over exaggerates be crying bc strong familiarity with the Child Protective Services and dealt with them constantly at home of another (also bc she made up stories and people believe him) who knows all the rules and even told his father that all he has to do is scream abuse and CPS believe him. Bare in mind that this child is 9. Your father and I realized the only time it behaves when it's just her and her father, but when I'm around her gets in trouble. We confronted about it and that's when she confessed that she does not want her father married me and how she did not like. I am the guardian of the rules and move them to the "T" of his father tends to break up w / her and try to get him to break mine so she goes to him and tries to get him to talk to me and break his punishment. He told his father that he does not want to be with anyone except his mother, even though her mother remarried and has deceived and end up pregnant with another man (the stepdaughter knows that his mother cheated) while married her father. Bare in mind that you are getting cuts of what my life has been like dealing with this girl making snide remarks about some things about me crowd. It has become physical - so she did not get what I wanted, so I punched a 13 year old boy in repeatedly. The only reason I like living with us is bc gets clothes (not the kid-sized clothes as his mother gave him his brothers passed on) and gets to play with other children. It seems that every time we try to teach a lesson that resists and will not learn their lesson bc we want to do. I do not know how to get them to listen and how to make them respect us. I tried everything to bond with her and we seem to union but if she does not enjoy it every time we do ....... She does not care. HELP! I have taken a few college classes in psychology, so I tried to use the information in these educational resources, but she has already been exposed to much more than a girl her age should have been exposed to what I feel these tactics are useless. His father even asked him if he cared at all about your happiness ...... bc I'm really happy and then repeated the question and she ignored and shrugged in a "do not know" Just as usually responds when he is tired of hearing about someone. I wonder WHAT DO PLEASE!
Is it true or a stereotype that A students become doctors, lawyers, and scientists while C students flip?1DMAR2012-10-23 06:51:02
burgers at McDonalds . Have you ever met a C student who was later successful in life ? I'm asking this question because I just graduated from college with an average of 2.6 . I majored in psychology with a concentration in biology . I am currently looking for a job. I have experience as a volunteer in a research lab .
Is there anywhere online where psychology students can discuss material/ask questions,with other students?1kenji862012-10-01 04:37:03
I'm doing a degree and difficult thing this year is most of my friends in psychology come to me for answers cos I do pretty well , ive no1 because my friends do not really understand it (im not malicious , it's true ) . So is there any place online where I could talk to other students psych ?
All of the students at a college are majoring in psychology, business, or both. 73% of the students are ps?2not planning 2 tell u2012-10-21 13:03:03
All university students are majoring in psychology , business, or both. 73% of the students are psychology students and 62 % are over business . If there are 200 students , how many of them are majoring in psychology and business?
create gmail332018-02-17 02:16:10
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How can I create my own scientific journal?12Please help!!!2018-01-17 21:23:03
There are many scientific journals these days , but it is very difficult to come to terms with some of its editors . If I wanted to start my own scientific journal ( for psychology and cognitive science ) , what I have to do ? Suppose I have a little more psychiatrists me in peer review team . If you can take care of paying the costs of publication and publisher of the team , what else I can need exactly to get into the scene scientific journal ?

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