Which class sounds more difficult, intro to Micro Economics or intro to Cognitive Science? related questions

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Which class sounds more difficult, intro to Micro Economics or intro to Cognitive Science?0Calel Stephens2012-10-19 09:50:07
What sounds more difficult class , Introduction to Micro Economics or Introduction to Cognitive Science ? MedlinePlus Introduction to microeconomics : For all interested students and prospective economics majors . Examines how markets allocate resources in different types of economies . Topics include competitive markets , monopolies , financial markets , income distribution , market failures , the environment and the role of government . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Introduction to Cognitive Psychology : Introduces the basics of cognitive psychology . Topics include the thought , consciousness , perception , language , remember, reason , solve problems and make decisions .
POLL: Which class sounds more difficult, Intro to Micro Economics or Intro to Cognitive Science?0Lalee2012-11-03 07:48:00
Intro to Micro Economics: For all interested students as well as prospective economics majors. Examines how markets allocate resources in different kinds of economies. Topics include competitive markets, monopoly, financial markets, income distribution, market failures, the environment, and the role of government. Intro to Cognitive Psychology: Introduces basic concepts in cognitive psychology. Topics include thinking, consciousness, perceiving, language, remembering, reasoning, problem solving, and decision-making.
Is an introduction to clinical psychology class very similar to an intro to counseling class?1kimberly harilall2018-04-04 12:14:08
An introduction to clinical psychology class much like a kind of introduction to counseling ?
Does anyone else take an intro to Psychology class this summer?1cierra2012-11-04 21:51:02
I 'm in school this summer and I am taking this class that I thought was going to be difficult, but I've discovered to be one of the most useful classes never take . I 'm on the road toward a degree in early childhood education , but sometimes I think I should persue a degree in child psychology . Has anyone ever had a similar experience ?
Intro to Psychology Survey?0Elyse2012-10-14 04:11:12
Hello , MedlinePlus I'm doing a project on hypochondriacs and was curious as to one aspect of my project . I began to wonder if people with hypochondria know why this disorder may have . What I've read so far says that this disorder is associated with physical and sexual abuse as a child . I know that I am one but I fell I have this disorder because of my future career in the medical field and knowledge of the disease and how easily you can get some of them . So I really appreciate if everyone could tell me what to think with this disorder or why they think others do ! :) Also, if you could give your sex and age , that would be helpful too. Anything helps so if you do not want to put your gender and age to be fine. :) Again , thanks for all the time it took to help.
Looking for a test bank for Intro to clinical psychology (Wiley)?1faith102012-10-25 23:35:02
Anyone know of a site that's got it for free and without registration
I need major help with writing a intro for my admissions essay for counseling psychology grad program?1plover2018-03-19 22:32:18
I have the entire thing written except for the intro. For some reason I feel that is the hardest part to write. Can anyone help by writing a something geard toward a master's counseling psychology prgram for an admissions essay in a general sense. It just needs to be general.
Which of them is an uper level psycho corse human growth &development or intro to educational psychology?0mamadou2012-11-02 19:45:03
Intro to Biology vs. General Biology for a Psychology major?0bobbi2012-10-21 06:07:50
I've talked to a counseler at my local university where I am currently enrolled and I have also spoken with the consultant at the University I attend class and asked them what would be transferred as a credit . The Introduction to Biology class know for sure credit can be transferred as core but I'm not 100 % sure of General Biology , but that's not my question .... MedlinePlus My question is this : Which of these classes would be best for my career ? I'm thinking of specializing in Psychology and possibly deeper into the pediatric neuropsychology / neurobiology field once I'm in college . My counseler told me I should take Introduction to Biology General Biology because it's for science majors . However, I believe that psychology could really be considered a science , especially if I were to follow the route of neuropsychology . I would really appreciate opinions on what class would benefit me most about preparing for my career .
In there a lot of math for a social science : economics degree?0antilope2012-10-21 07:01:31
I 'm doing my degree in social sciences and can get a concentration in economics or psychology . I'm more interested in psychology , but I'm thinking the economy may open open more opportunities , including possibly teaching in middle or high school . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My problem is that I 'm not very good at math . Not terrible , but not great. So I wonder how much math is involved. I 'm a creative guy , so I wonder if the creative types that do well.
Political Science, International Business, Pre-law and Economics?0james jones IV2012-10-27 00:23:40
I am currently a sophomore at a community college and started as an English major . I was not enjoying the classes , so I passed along my love Psychology . After several classes , I decided that if it was not for me, so now is a sort of heads or tails. After looking at several majors, I realized that I am very close to getting my associates degree in political science , about 3 classes away to be exact . I kept looking and also noticed that if I stay in school for another year , I could complete an international business partners , pre - law and economics . I'm interested in these areas , I think I will like the classes I have to take , but do not know if it is practical . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This leads me to my question : What do you do with an associate's degree in political science , international trade, pre - law and economics ? I have plans to transfer to a four-year college as I graduate , so I will pursue one or more of these further. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Moreover , it is in effect a school stay in 2 years to 3 years in order to raise additional three associates degrees ? The community college I am in is very cheap , only $ 1,100 per semester , so I do not think that money is impractical, but anything else? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help !
Which field combines neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, electrical engineering and computer science?0ammara2012-10-13 13:24:04
I am more inclined towards the technological and applications , however I would like to learn about the science . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm thinking of a field for graduate study . I am currently doing my degree in Electrical Engineering .

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