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How to write a college admission essay?2DooWiis2018-04-23 11:04:25
I am very nervous about my share of trials for college applications , I'm graduating from high school in the spring so I feel like I have very little time to implement . I have no idea what I can actually write about that will appeal to the leaders of admission . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If it helps : I wish I was a psychology and become a therapist's time . MedlinePlus Possibly a clinical psychologist and work with teens and young children . MedlinePlus ADVICE base my college essay and possible scheme please? Very nervous x_x lol Thanks in advance ^ _ ^
College Admission Essay Topic?1Imogen2012-10-13 18:47:03
I was thinking of writing my admissions essay on my experience with suicide . As I myself was suicidal at one point in my life , how a couple of my best friends committed suicide and how he helped me through them , and how that made ​​me want to help others through these situations to go to college as a psychology major . MedlinePlus This is a good issue or not ?
In what essay format would you write an Astronomy observational study essay? MLA? APA? Chicago? etc.?3manisha2017-05-02 00:07:37
I have to write an essay for my course in observational astronomy. Basically what we're seeing is the night sky ( movement of the moon , the brightness of the stars and planets colors ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have never before written an observational study . Is there a specific format / style to write this in ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be MLA is typically English and Humanities papers and APA for psychology and social science papers . Then there's Chicago / Turabian . I also found " CSE " , which is for the life sciences and other . AIP Physics and is (not sure if it is strictly just magazines though .. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I emailed my instructor (i do school through distance education ) and told me that the format is not really a problem as long as I am consistent when it comes to dating . Normally there would be much citation made ​​in an observational study , but I am also using a computer program ( its free -ware , so no CD ) , which helps with finding objects in the night sky I can not see the outside myself. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I guess the main question here is , that style has information on citing appointment software that are not on the CD . I searched high and low across the Internet and I feel like im running in circles and can not find a concrete answer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus oh , and does the formatting title pages also matter ? MedlinePlus lol MedlinePlus thanks for any help anyone can give!
Can somene revise my admission essay?0Sheilah2012-11-04 12:13:09
An important trait that all successful people have is optimism. This is a trait that I take great pride in. There's been numerous times where I didn't quite get the results I desired. I know that everything happens for a reason and we can only learn from our mistakes.Self-motivation is also another one of my strenghts. I know that you are not always going to have a role model to teach you everything you need to learn. It's important to be independant and have a mind of my own. My parents were what I would call a little on the "soft side". They were perfectly satisfied with me just graduating with basically a 2.0GPA. I on the other hand was disappointed and was motivated to prove myself that I can be better than that. I currently have a 3.67GPA in college, with this past semester making straight A's. I have never made straight A's before. So it came as a shock to me that of all places I made straight A's in college. It motivated me, and I feel like I'm just now touching the surface of my potiential. Than again not everyone is perfect. I have my fair number of weaknesses. I do have my tendecies of getting discourage when I recieve bad results. Education has become my 1st priority, and when I getbad results it feels like the end of the world. A way I can overcome this is by consistently working hard to the point where I know my capabilities. If I know my worth a bad result will not discourage me as much mentally. I also have a mediocre track record. It has affected me in a couple of ways already. I applied to a couple of colleges after high school, and didn't get in. The only way I see myself overcoming this is to keep building up a good resume to the point that my high school records are less important. Towards the end of my high school life, I got a little bit distracted. I just started working at McDonalds, and time management was something new to me. I started losing focus and as a result my grades started to suffer a bit. I was able to graduate, but again my job was taking up alot of my time. When it came time to take a placement test I scored pretty badly. I took remedial courses, and was very upset. On the bright side I didn't make anything lower than a B in those course, or any courses for that matter. It was more of me losing my focus, than me being academically challenge. That's something that I'm able to work with. I always intended to go to a 4 year school, but I need somewhere to prepare me maturity wise. I decided to enroll at Delgado Community College. Spending three semesters there I am making the transition from high school life to College life. At Delgado I make every effort to maximize all the possible resources that is offered to me. One thing I fell in love with was the libary. When i'm there I feel nice and relax and I look for what school work I can get done. I have done my research on this school and I fell in love with was the campus. I love how ULL intends to make the campus bigger in Fall 2012. I also read that it's one of the best business schools in the state, being able to learn in the business program would be such an honor to me. I hold myself to a high standard and anything lower than a 4 year degree will be a faliure in my book. Also you can never have to much knowledge. I love to be multi talented on many things and One degree is not what I envision. I planned on working on muiltple degrees, one of them being a degree in psychology. It's a course that I have a strong interest for, and I figured why not get an education for it. After attending so many low budget schools where I've been unhappy, being admitted to UL would be a previlage that I will not take for granted. They not really asking for an essay more of a brief statement in paragraph from.
How do I write an essay about Schizophrenia in APA format?2Julia2017-05-02 00:07:26
This is a beginning psychology class I have to write a 5 page essay in APA format for ... and sites looking to APA format , make it seem a task statistics when writing a cover page with a form of shorthand with an introduction and a conclusion ? ? ? and that does not sound like a research paper at all ... I'm so confused :/
How big an essay do you have to write to get a masters degree in psychology?1guru2018-03-14 22:43:02
How much work is involved in getting a master's degree ?
How to summarise article (journal), and write a good essay?3HelpPlease Olivia2017-05-02 00:07:42
please help I started an MSc in addiction. counseling and psychology . I have to summarize an article about a research program on the process of changing attitudes and their applications to counseling ( m heesacker c mejia - millan ) . I have no idea on how to summarize this article please help . I need some basic steps . Also please Could there be some steps to write a good essay in this academic level . thanks xx
I had to write an essay for a mid-term..can someone help correct my rough draft?..?4Rosalie2018-08-27 20:48:51
B.F.Skinner(Burrhus Frederic Skinner)was born March 20, 1904, in the small Pennsylvania town of Susquehanna. His father was a lawyer, and his mother a strong and intelligent housewife. His upbringing was old-fashioned and hard-working. Burrhus was an active, unconstrained boy who enjoyed the outdoors. His cultivation was of the old ways and hard working. The tragic point of his childhood life was the death of his brother at the age of 16 of a cerebral aneurysm. Burrhus attended Hamilton College in upstate New York. He didnt fit in very well, not enjoying the fraternity parties or the football games. To make things worse, Burrhus was an atheist at a school that required daily chapel attendance. He wanted to be a writer and got his BA in english. After some traveling, he decided to go back to school, this time at Harvard. He got his masters in psychology in 1930 and his doctorate in 1931, and stayed there to do research until 1936. Burrhus said "I had apparently failed as a writer, but was it not possible that literature had failed me as a method?" in his autobiography: Particulars of my life. In 1936, Burrhus moved to Minneapolis to teach at the University of Minnesota. There he met and soon married Yvonne Blue, they had two daughters. In 1945, he became the chairman of the psychology department at Indiana University. In 1948, he was invited to come to Harvard, where he remained for the rest of his life. He was a very active man, doing research and guiding hundreds of doctoral candidates as well as writing many books. While not successful as a writer of fiction and poetry, he became one of our best psychology writers, including the book Walden II, which is a fictional account of a community run by his behaviorist principles. He became one of the leaders of behaviorism and his work contributed immensely to experimental psychology. He also invented the 'Skinner box,' in which a rat learns to obtain food by pressing a lever. B.F. Skinner also invented the "baby tender." It is important to note that the baby tender is not the same as the "Skinner box," which was used in Skinner's experimental research. He created the enclosed heated crib with a plexiglass window in response to his wife's request for a safer alternative to traditional cribs. B.F. Skinner is famous for his research on operant conditioning and negative reinforcement. He developed a device called the "cumulative recorder," which showed rates of responding as a sloped line. Using this device, he found that behavior did not depend on the preceding stimulus as Watson and Pavlov maintained. Instead, Skinner found that behaviors were dependent upon what happens after the response. Skinner called this operant behavior. Skinner's observation of the effectiveness of incremental training of animals led him to formulate the principles of programmed instruction for human students. For over two decades skinner worked on his book Verbal Behavior. In a fundamental sense, it was an intensive analysis of 'man thinking' and social behaviour. It extended his behaviourist position to the most difficult domains of human activity and aroused considerable controversy. The book is almost entirely theoretical, involving little experimental research in the work itself. Skinner received numerous awards in his life time. He received the National Medal of Science from President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968. The National Medal of Science is an honor bestowed by the President of the science and engineering who have made important contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of behavioral and social sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics. Three years later, he received the Gold Medal of the American Psychological Foundation, in which was given to recognize life achievement in and enduring contributions to psychology. In 1972 he was given the Humanist of the Year Award of the American Humanist Association. This award was established to recognize a person of national or international reputation who, through the application of humanist values, has made a significant contribution to the improvement of the human condition. Just eight days before his death, he received the first Citation for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology by the American Psychological Association in 1990. B.F.Skinner was was a highly influential American psychologist,author, inventor, advocate for social reform. Skinner gave a new aspect to behavorism that has outstanding contribution to psycholgy and humanity as a whole. B.F.Skinner has and will always be one of the most brilliant American psychologist and an influential exponent of behaviourism.
What are my college admission chances?2help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012-11-03 12:16:03
Hi guys , MedlinePlus I was wondering what my chances are for admission in universities will be applying. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Statistics : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GPA 3.76 UW MedlinePlus GPA 3.82 MedlinePlus AP Psychology (5) , ( last year it will be AP STAT , ECON AP , Honors , Spanish 4) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ACT 32 ( E -32, M -28 , R -32, S -34) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus EC : 2 football cards , 2 cards football , youth soccer coach ( volunteer) MedlinePlus ----- MedlinePlus Shall apply : MedlinePlus University of Wisconsin- Madison MedlinePlus University of Washington - Seattle MedlinePlus University of Michigan UCLA MedlinePlus UCSD MedlinePlus University of Arizona MedlinePlus Chapman University MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Appreciate it !
College Admission Likelihood?0Milind2012-11-02 23:05:10
Hi everyone...I am going to be a senior this year, and I'm kind of super lost about college admissions. I have presented all of my stats here, and anything would be helpful. I just want to know, what types of schools//programs do you think I could get into, get interviews for, etc... (I want to be a doctor) so I'm thinking of applying to programs, but I know they are very competitive to get into. ACT: 32 GPA: 4.33 Class Rank: We recently got rid of the system, but i know I am at least in the top 6-7% of 700 students APs: AP Chemistry AP Eng Lang AP US Gov Senior Year: AP Calc BC AP Environmental Science AP Spanish AP Psychology AP Biology Extra Curr: Volunteer at my local hospital and library for 3 years, (over 200 hours of service) Speech Team for 2 years, i place 5th at a novice tournament Spirits Color Guard Team for one year Multicultural Club 4 years, Im also a leader for 2 years Rotary Interact for 3 years (at least 30-50 hours from that) Class Council for 2 years Track and Field-2 years, (and senior year) Other: National Honor Society for two years Spanish Honor Society for 2.5 Years Mini Medical School AP Scholar Excellence in Education Award Illinois State Scholar I have been dancing jazz/Hip Hip/Ballet Dancer for 5 years outside of school FOGANA dance competition--- 3rd place at nationals I am on my school newspaper's staff as a Staff Writer/Correspondent I also plan on, this summer, while on vacation in India, doing some research at a local college/volunteering/shadowing doctors here in the US Would you guys recommend doing anything this summer? Like start on apps, essays, any adivce in general for my senior year? Thank you SO much in advance!! :))
College chances for admission??0Neil2012-10-24 11:27:00
Hi . MedlinePlus Unweighted GPA : 3.5 MedlinePlus I do not know how to calculate weighted MedlinePlus i took 3 AP junior year , and 1 year sophmore MedlinePlus Got A 's in all but one . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus AP RESULTS : All 3 except 5 in psychology MedlinePlus 2080 SAT MedlinePlus Extra curricular : Red Cross volunteers , FBLA club , volunteered at the library , volunteer at church , Wrestling 1 year, about 150-200 hours of volunteer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are my chances of UCLA , UCSD , UCB , Pepperdine , USC , NYU , and Occidental College ?
Elligibility for admission in canadian music college ?1AIRA2012-10-26 04:31:59
I am an Indian landing in Canada with a PR ( permanent resident ) status soon later this year. MedlinePlus I need to know what is a basic requirement to apply to music schools there for a basic MedlinePlus undergraduate course . I do not want to start over from school wid I have no musical background . I am a psychology graduate . but I am a self-taught guitarist and am learning music from 6 months , no links, please. i know about the admission criteria which r shown on the website of the university . all I need to know is I can get into a university with only clean the auditions ?

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