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I'm trying to write a book and want to avoid plagiarism....?0Com 1552012-10-20 01:39:28
I'm thinking of trying to write a " how to " book that is based on a 5 " how to" books on different topics and simply combining in one book . Of course , the examples and will of my personal experiences , but the "ideas " will of the other books . For example , a MedlinePlus How-To book on the cyclical ketogenic diet books on other diets combined with ERC , an exercise book , and a book on psychology . MedlinePlus What do I have to do to avoid plagiarism , if I have to use or modify a program step by step from one or more of the books ? Reference is made to the books will be enough ? or I have to pay the other authors also once you make money with the book ?
Trying to write a book, need a psychologist to answer this?0Braelyn2012-10-06 01:04:17
I " m trying to write a realistic story but am having trouble . Want the main character to be in his last year and is majoring in Psychology . My question is , do you take your clinicals during your degree or going to their doctrine ? Can you teach about body language when you are getting your degree ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Could I write a book on animal behavior without a PhD or a masters degree?3Bernadet2012-10-19 08:42:03
I have 26 years of age. I recently graduated with my degree in psychology , specializing in biology . I am currently working as a researcher in a neuroscience lab and volunteering in a zoo . I can not get into graduate school because I had a low GPA of 2.5 degree , please do not laugh . I would write a book or publish articles on animal behavior so you can advance my career . Could you do that with just a BA? I feel I am a good writer and know a lot about this field .
Bachelors in psychology good enough credentials to write a book on borderline personality disorder?11gavial2018-10-22 03:07:18
I have a degree in psychology and was wondering if I have the credentials to write a book on borderline personality disorder , but I've never worked with a BPD person . I've done a lot of research credible though.
I am accused of plagiarism and it was an honest mistake. What should I do?2Ni!@#$%^&a2012-10-26 09:45:48
My professor of psychology , to my surprise , I got a zero on my final written work and plagiarism cited as the reason. I have included citations in the text and a complete reference page and methodical , but - I forget to use quotes . I received in all my assignments and tests and have perfect attendance . I'm learning APA format and was an honest mistake . I tried to reason , but she did not move . This will affect my grade , even if I continue to get perfect results . Is it a good idea to go to Judicial Affairs ?
Transferring Home to Avoid Debt?0Dr2012-10-09 13:51:40
Okay, so I'm a college freshman, currently attending my best public university status. The school is a good fit for me academically and the city is amazing. My problem is that if I stay here, I will be graduating with a minimum of $ 20K in federal loan debt. My original plan was to have my degree in psychology here and then go to college in my hometown for the master's degree, so I could be a kind of counselor / therapist. But now I'm starting to consider the option of moving back home to get my bachelor's and master both there at a cheaper cost. I imagine the money you save can go towards the rent of my parents (I'm going to be living with them), travel, and especially get a car because they do not have one. My parents have never been good with money, so I feel like I have to go home and help. My mom wants me to stay here, as it is much more prestigious than the hometown school, but do not know if it's worth the prestige of debt. I will definitely finish my year and compare aid packages in the summer, but how do you like it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Given what I do, I transferred home to save money and graduate with less debt? Or should I stay with the best "fit" college and graduate with debts? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would not mind coming home if it meant being closer to my family and to help them financially. Also, I have dealt with some very bad nostalgic over the year to date. I know I can beat that, but another thing to consider ... I just need some advice as to what is the best decision. Also, my credits will transfer easily and school homecoming is not selective at all, although it is a program of honor. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you!
As a senior in college, will freshmen avoid me, help please.?0Rorj2012-11-02 08:26:02
Here's the thing , I took all my courses in psychology ( my specialty ) freshman to junior year , and now I'm done with almost all of them , I have left some elective courses to graduate level and 100 or 200 art and science classes that are mandatory for all students . The problem now is that most people in my classes are freshmen . So I was wondering if I tell my colleagues that I am a freshman , I was going to avoid or something. MedlinePlus PS I have devoted all my time to my studies I have not even made ​​many friends , so I scratch my underclassmen friends list potential . I will not be 21 until a couple of weeks after my graduation , so I will not be hitting the bars with other seniors and youth to graduate school . MedlinePlus
I avoid writing essays because they make me feel so anxious.?2Adrean2012-10-27 18:17:03
I feel like I'm almost afraid to demolish them and my life . I have always been brilliant , I slid through school and did very well in the leaving cert despite not really study much , despite all along teachers said I was very smart , but lazy, had extremely poor concentration and my work was inconsistent. In elementary school early that day dream all day and I never finished my work , but everyone else. He used to take hours to do my homework and I would like to have someone standing literally over my shoulder making sure I was doing and no mess . For my first two years in college I was fine and although I hated tests that make them and I always got a good result . In my third year I had two 10,000 dissertations to do and I could not handle it at all. I sat in the library for hours every day for months and could not write a word and then I stopped sleeping and was always anxious. Finally I went to a psychologist and was diagnosed with major depression with anxiety symptoms. Im on antidepressants about a year and a half now and I 'm feeling down and I hardly feel anxious and my dream is better but still not great and I have to take pills to sleep a lot of times . Im in college and try to make one of the lectures again, but im finding it so difficult to know that I'm okay abel to do and can do well, but I 'm so anxious about it and avoid it like im afraid . What the hell is wrong with me and I 'm the only one who has felt this way? What I can do to fix it .
Where should my family move to avoid the problems caused by inflation of the US Dollar?1Cortesha2012-10-19 22:42:03
Clearly, as soon and how badly the dollar is devalued to speculation , but suffice to say that we want is gone when it happens . Inflation is driving down in value every day , please do not waste your breath arguing this point , if you do not agree just move on. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus About me: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I currently a salary of 100K per year ( plus equity in the company ) for my current employer as a computer programmer (I have a BS in Computer Science and an impressive resume ) . My employer is willing to let you work remotely from outside the United States , but since work is subsidized by the government could end at any time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus About my wife : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus She has a Masters in Social Work and a BA in Psychology and currently works as a therapist makes $ 45K a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My husband and I were born and raised in the U.S. , so we both speak / read / write fluent English . None of us has a criminal record or any charge whatsoever , lawsuits or litigation against us . We have about $ 50 billion in assets , $ 90K in debt ( student loan U.S. only) and $ 30,000 in cash ( all values ​​in U.S. dollars ) . We have no children . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We have been looking in Canada , Uruguay and Costa Rica so far. Any advice is appreciated .
A friend of mine is experiencing symptoms of clinical depression. Should I suggest he seek or avoid a shrink?1Jobelle2016-07-13 23:32:59
A friend of mine is experiencing symptoms of clinical depression . Should I suggest you seek or avoid a psychiatrist ?
Do you know what book this is? Help, please :)?1dormouse2018-02-24 02:14:31
Years ago I read this young adult science fiction novel and have never forgotten the story elements ... but of course , I can not remember the title of the book . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It was a group of children who wake up in ( or made ) a room without windows or doors . They discover that if they react in certain ways to environmental stimuli (such as light or sound) that will be rewarded with a food substance like gelatin that is dispensed through a tube in space. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus They fight and try to work together and fight some more ... the book is about the psychology and behavior ... eventually the children are released and the narrator, who has resisted more conditional training , said that as soon as the other children see a traffic light change to start acting like they did in the room in response to strange lights get food ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It's driving me crazy ... thanks in advance !
What do you think of this book idea?0N-FAMILY 2012-10-27 05:51:36
- It is important to be picky, but it is also important to hide what they are demanding MedlinePlus - Nobody wants to be around someone who can see all his faults and weaknesses, and no one wants to be around someone who hates or is able to search the MedlinePlus - We all have secrets we do not want others to know about what is the best way to deal with people is to prevent courts sitting MedlinePlus - My cousin used to attract people like a magnet acting like he was blind to his faults. Its extremely rich, hardworking and good looking husband pursued for over a year that could have had any girl he wanted because she was attracted to his ambivalence and his (apparently) without prejudice nature MedlinePlus - Also remember that the point of view of other people is different from their own MedlinePlus - My friend Jessica (real name changed) has taken a lot of men to show how to discriminate and judge is MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Have clear values ​​systems, pure and distinct is another thing that makes people like you MedlinePlus - A man has to lie about the fact that his girlfriend left him because he is embarrassed others will see as weak or inferior is a proud man who values ​​honesty over MedlinePlus - An attractive woman boasts that the number of guys she is dating when that number is around 6 or 7 is a woman who values ​​sexuality more than fidelity MedlinePlus - The speech, attitude and behavior of a person is like a code that can be broken by observing and psychoanalyze them and believe it or not, most men are very good to psychoanalyze people MedlinePlus - In marriage minded men essentially value these qualities above all others: MedlinePlus -> Esteem MedlinePlus -> The clarity and peace of mind MedlinePlus -> Optimism, confidence, strength, inspiration and hope MedlinePlus -> Respect for other people, things and beliefs - Gratitude>, loyalty and devotion to ALL people that have received this kind of treatment MedlinePlus - Pacifism>, non-violence and kindness MedlinePlus -> Fidelity MedlinePlus -> Honesty, sincerity, integrity, dignity and work ethic MedlinePlus -> Transparency, clarity and expressiveness MedlinePlus - Generosity>, kindness, acceptance of people with less status or merit of them MedlinePlus -> The refusal to tolerate abuse or crime MedlinePlus -> A harmonious and sincere expression of one's sexuality, nature or function in society MedlinePlus MedlinePlus -> Also remember that relationships are more valuable when they come in degrees. Making people work and earn their friendship, their confidence, their time and attention, and they value it more and feel more important. Do not give this indiscriminately or without conditions, because that would undermine its social value MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Have philosophies pleasant in their dealings and interactions with others, and not those disharmony MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Also note that very few people seem too deep when you are judging another person MedlinePlus - Basically, always accept things on a superficial level MedlinePlus - Only someone who is trained in psychiatry or psychology (a master's or doctoral level) will deliberation and desire to delve too deeply into his consciousness so do not worry about being too complex or too impress, just avoid questionable statements or gestures that someone might interpret the wrong way

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