I am Australian and wonder what is the difference, if any, between college and university in the USA?

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In Australia , the university is the place where a person acquires more practical certification courses like Certificate of hairdressing, hospitality , automotive , electrical , plumbing , gardening , child care , etc. courses covering worker several months to several years. A person may qualify for admission to the university with fewer years of school (grades , eg average and sophomore level ) and fewer signs of what is required for university entrance ( upper grades and graduation high school is essential ) . University is where a degree in psychology degrees , science , education , etc. higher level of nursing and graduate studies as a PhD PhD are achieved. University is the highest academic level in Australia . The university is much less academic .
Answer1uduakAnswered at 2012-10-02 21:38:07
The closest between a university and a college in the U.S. Australian would be the community college . Many community colleges offer certificate programs as you mentioned , plus two years of study . Technically , the difference is that universities offer graduate degrees ( MA , PhD , JD , MD , etc. ) , while universities offer only associate ( two years ) or degree ( 4 years ) degrees . However, most people in the U.S. college use to refer to any type of institution . Nobody would say that overall " college " , as they would in Australia or other countries of the Commonwealth . They say they are " in college " .
Answer2kareemAnswered at 2012-10-03 01:36:58
This really is not much difference . Each school will be called what it is based on tradition, but academically , there is no distinction between the University of Moorhead and, for example , a university in Boston . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What they call a school in Australia would call a technical school .
Answer3Sophia AndersonAnswered at 2012-10-03 08:49:12
When a U.S. school called a " College " is a single school although they can offer much higher . If it is a " University " is a collection of several schools , called " schools " . When you go to a college that actually attend a college that is part of the University . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For example , my daughter was in the School of Information Technology and Engineering , which is part of a great university . This university also has a liberal arts university , Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition, universities are often the only undergraduate schools . Most schools with graduate programs are usually universities . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, there are exceptions and there are universities with graduate programs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you go for a bachelor's degree , is nice to go to a 4 year college instead of a university . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, in Canada , a "university " is something like what is called a community college " in the U.S. because they offer two-year programs and can offer university transfer in many cases. In Canada " Community Colleges " one year are schools that teach a trade. 's four -year schools in Canada are almost all called " Universities " .
Answer4dougalAnswered at 2012-10-03 09:17:36
you mean by the university as TAFE or polytechnic west ( again lol same name ) MedlinePlus ? ? ? MedlinePlus good question :)
Answer5SoleanAnswered at 2012-10-04 06:37:49
I 'm from New England in the U.S. and college here is as expensive as hell ! It cost me $ 24,000 a year to go to a school to establish (which is supposed to be cheap ! )
Answer6Jason PAnswered at 2012-10-04 10:37:57
college is the general term for college and university, but the university is the highest and where people earn bachelors, masters and doctorates . College is where you get certified in cosmotology and only takes 2 to 3 years . college takes 4 to 5 years or more , depends on how much you are looking
Answer7smileyfaceAnswered at 2012-10-06 16:00:49
I live in the U.S. , And for me , it makes no difference . Sometimes , college is a little less prestigious college ( community college, Ivy League university ) , but the way I see it , there is really a difference in the long run.
Answer8denekaAnswered at 2012-10-06 19:11:36
In the United States , college and university are used almost interchangeably . We often say : " I have planned to go to college " and then go to college . In the United States , what would be considered "college " would consider " career college " or " community college " or " vocational schools . In the U.S., there are universities in universities . For example , the University of Bumbles has a Faculty of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts . outstanding schools are also not part of a university and the College of William and Mary . Following is the University of Phoenix , which is actually a university , but it is so great that technically be called a Unviersity . Even McDonalds has a university to flip burgers , no joke , called Hamburger University .
Answer9tashaAnswered at 2012-10-07 03:34:00
In the United States , the University is a collection of colleges . A university is a university . A community / junior college is something different though. In a university / community all a student can get an associate's degree . But in a university , a student takes more , and that the principal is in one of the many colleges in the university and the student will have most of their classes in their / that a specific school , college and are specific grant him / her a degree. There are some universities which is not only a university college. In them , you can still get a bachelor's degree , but no other schools around. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Universities or colleges where students can earn bachelor's degrees and PhDs Masters awards also .
Answer10shahanaAnswered at 2012-10-08 15:30:52
in U.S. theres colleges and universities / colleges regularly . Community colleges are basically the definition of Australian universities . It's where you get certificates and associate degrees .. while an appropriate college / offers a bachelor's degree . can be studied two years at a community college and transfer to a university college appropriate / to complete his degree and save money . A lot of people like the older students , teenage mothers and people who can not afford expensive schools to attend community colleges because it is cheaper and more convenient (and many have open door admission meaning that applies enters have to take placement tests after)
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