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NRHH: CAN YOU GIVE OPINIONS ON THIS VIDEO?0trouble2012-10-20 10:40:19
Well , I'm trying to major in Psychology and a college assignment I supposed to evaluate this guy who has posted a video that describes how you feel suicidal , so I can give advice on how you should evaluate this child and try to give some kind of advice that we will make you feel better. It's just a role , but I need inspiration to start writing .... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please watch the video , is very short : / watch? v = jfu1FIHy1 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance .
Please give me your opinions, do I have reason to wait for her or should I move on?1angiie2012-10-10 04:08:03
Genuinely love their honest opinions with it. MedlinePlus A few weeks ago my bipolar / depressed girlfriend broke up with me, he said he did not feel the same for me (I was going through a depression, told me a few weeks before she had no emotion, no feelings for me), I needed be alone, he needed space and time for me, I felt her bound (After a misunderstanding, she thought I was breaking up with her during her visit to his friends instead of me, thought I did not want to see your friends and only I cared and that I wanted to break. course, did not mean that at all, I just wanted her to be happy. Following that depression was a little) and she was not ready for a relationship again (Ex before me cheated on her birthday, he treated her terribly, and keyed your car and roofied her after breakup. Essentially it was my job to give you confidence in the relationship again, not dated for six months before me) MedlinePlus A few bits of information MedlinePlus -I said something to upset / bother about condoms (she was afraid of getting pregnant, but I do joke around a lot) She, I, too, sex is a big deal and I should not of said what said. I pressed the wrong button and broke a little confidence in me. Day she broke up with me over text, would not let me call her about it. MedlinePlus He always felt like we were going too fast and were too severe. (Dated for less than three months, exchanged I love yous, each said he wanted to be with anyone but each other, told each other when married right time to marry each other) MedlinePlus I treated her well, always congratulated him and made him happy, I treated her like a boyfriend never had. We talked all day and video chat almost every night when we got home. MedlinePlus I was heartbroken after the breakup, she felt empty and hopeless. I cried and cried. Then all that excitement quickly turned to anger for a split second, I finally blocked my number, facebook and twitter (post break) after somehow heard me vent about me and her (I said some half nice things, not meant it, was really emotional). MedlinePlus She's also been tweeting about how not to be in relationships that change and what not. MedlinePlus I gave him the space and time 2 weeks ago asked and apologized for it through facebook letter and sent a friend request again. accepted the apology, but she said she needed time and space, because I was still the main source of their anxiety. MedlinePlus In addition to all that his friends told me that she broke up with me because I was drowning, I needed slow and heavy on me and I was going too fast. MedlinePlus Today her friend texted me that she, my ex, getting your anxiety attacks again, and that's worse than ever, is uncomfortable and "dangerous" because I tried to talk to her recently when actually I havent myself initially contacted her for the last three weeks, on top of that apology. It was, in fact, I sent a message last week about coexistence between mutual friends. MedlinePlus Shes told me plenty of times that she still wants to be friends, even told one of my friends that she had every intention of being friends with me again and go out with me again soon. MedlinePlus Im confused, how I can become anxious when someone broke up with me for basically getting too serious? Are you still interested in me? Do you still have feelings for me? Were you scared of me breaking up with her? Are you being irrational because of their anxiety and depression (symptom known) or MedlinePlus is real? Do I have reason to hope for it? I know you want to wait because I've never met anyone I know that is so perfect for me. I really care about this girl and do not want to leave, regardless of these problems. Should I wait, be patient and all the support I can be of further or should I carry on as if she asked me? What should I do? Any help or comment helps =)
Where can I find an educational video?3Destinie2017-11-09 05:23:21
I'm studying Highers ( A Levels ) Where I can find a good video / slides to help me study ? I'm doing Human Biology and Psychology .
Video Game Addiction Advice?4Izya2018-04-30 03:34:58
Hi all, MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So my boyfriend of 6.5 years only had a life-changing revelation last week. He admitted his addiction to video games, he realized how it has affected his life (problems with work, school), and decided to "quit". Has decided to enroll in a four-year college and pursue their career dreams. Therefore, I support. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a Masters second year level psychology student, and recommended either quit or take a break (several months) before attempting to re-enter the game back to life. I think gambling can become a real addiction, and should be treated as a real addiction. Knowing the personal story of my boyfriend, I know he has an addictive personality. He has had problems in the past with cigarettes and chewing snuff too. It has also been previously diagnosed with ADHD and has had bouts of depression, which I understand are factors contributing to addiction. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My problem is that when you re-enrolled in school, spoke with one of the academic advisors, and she advised him to stop playing not only to monitor and try to keep it at bay. My boyfriend has decided that its advice is more credible than mine, because he works for the academic advising center, and I'm only second year graduate student (mind you, I looked at her credentials and she is just BS and MS degrees, not actual degree or license in Psychology). He has already decided that it will begin to "practice" their game this week, after only a week without playing. I feel this is too soon, but right now my advice is not to listen. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I fear that he is preparing for failure. He will plunge back into their old environment and I'm not there to help (not live together, and even if we did I'm about to leave town for a couple of weeks and will not have reliable communication). This "consultant" not discuss strategy with him, did not try to teach skills to cope and adapt, just told him that he must learn to deal with it now, so we're not dealing with him in the fall semester. And because she has "dealt with people who have this problem before," now is the expert who knows everything my boyfriend. In my humble opinion I think that was just an addict, and since someone has told you it's okay, he's going to do. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, I guess I'm frustrated, and I'm not sure how to address the situation. Classes this semester just ended for me, I'd be in the office of a teacher asking these questions. Please do not answer rude, disrespectful and not constructive.
Death notification video for educational purposes?0Collin2012-10-13 15:15:26
I know the title makes this question seems wrong and immoral . But I'm looking for a video showing how parents react to the death of a loved one . The reason is because I am a student taking a psychology course and are studying pain and the social / mental depression. And as I've been studying this one at school , while I was struggling with my with my son MedlinePlus He has come to the assumption that I do not care because I spend more time in school than with him. MedlinePlus So I would like to find video , you can use not only for my class , but also so that I can show my son how much any parent cares about their child and how they would react to happen . So I want you to understand the death of a loved one and it would be without him here . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So is there a video showing a reaction to the death of the child's parents ? To avoid disturbing your favor ..
Is there a program i can download?? I want to watch a video online but i can't ?0bellas mom2012-10-25 15:01:58
I have to do a video clip for psychology class and keeps trying to open in Windows Media Player , but let's play ! What should I download ? ? ?
What type of video camera is good for people who are new to filmmaking?1Livie2012-10-08 11:40:03
My films his friends skateboarding friends and put their videos on YouTube . vids are really cool . anyway, I'm starting to get into shooting with my iPod Touch (which only has a maximum of 8 hours of battery life ) , but do not know how to edit videos on my PC. I also want to major in theater and minor in psychology in college . How I can do that ? and What do I do if I want to go to college ?
Does anyone have recommendations for Late Adulthood, Retirement video clips?11Todd L2018-10-21 06:38:50
I have to do a presentation on Thursday , but I use the libraries copy of the book - so although the with good clips , I can not use any of them without an activation code MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus So, does anyone know of websites offering educational clips for psychology - late adulthood - retirement . My presentation is about psychosocial change full time to retirement , how it affects people , when is the right time , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Can a psychology major or similar tell me if this video about clinical psych is true?1simrandeep2012-10-07 00:08:04 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to know if what you say is true , especially on a doctorate in psychology receiving less money than a teacher.
I'm currently doing a course on child psychology and our tutor mentioned a video that two psychologists made o2yesi2012-10-06 13:57:03
a boy named John. this was in the 1940s . MedlinePlus is about children in daycare been drinking when their mothers were in the hospital. Has anyone heard of this or know where I could see it ? MedlinePlus psychologists have called Robertson and Robertson .
Psychology Subject's online video lectures by famous professors/universities?1Teamguy2012-10-10 05:29:03
Hi guys , I am looking for some of the themes of psychology lectures online video that covers most of the base to advance the themes of the course , the classes must be of quality I have seen many out there , but I wanted more quality at conferences and can anyone tell me Where I can get some good lessons from it? UK and U.S. professor or university lectures are much recommended . ( others too noticeable) MedlinePlus If you know any quality conference the following issues then also let me know about them as well .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Sociology MedlinePlus International Law MedlinePlus International Relations MedlinePlus journalism MedlinePlus British history English ( more focus on essay writing , composition and reading comprehension summary ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks a lot :)
I want to oversee the concept art, design, plot, narrative etc. of a video game: How does that work?0kolen2012-10-08 05:00:36
I have only 15, so I do not know this kind of thing , but basically I have all this world layout in my head and I really want it to be a video game . I 've come up with some very unique and interesting concepts that I know have not been done before and I have really wanted to see my style , the story and the characters come to life in about the next decade or so . The only problem is ... What exactly I have to do for that? Who do I contact? Do I need a lot of money or connections before you can think about it ? I'm thinking of getting degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology after high school. Would it be enough or will I need training in digital media as well ? I have no plans of making video games for a living , but I want to be an artist and be the creative mind behind one . Any information would be greatly appreciated !

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