Wanting to get into song writing. I'm a freshman in college. HELP!?

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Right. I'll make this as simple as possible. I am currently a freshman in college. I'm majoring in psychology to become a child life specialist with children with cancer. I wanted less in journalism because I love writing and always (I'm terrible with spelling and grammar, though, lol). Years ago, I got to write poems and post them online, and even got a few published! After that, I loved it always comes with different creative things! Well, here recently I was inspired by Jana Kramer after reading her story in a national magazine. That's when I realized I really want to do something with writing on the side. But here's the amazing part of all this; MedlinePlus I never knew my biological father. It was when I was a few months old. It was not until she turned 18 that I first had a conversation with him and learned the full story. My life was like Kelly Pickler "I Wonder" song .. I was so confused for so long and then it all made sense! Man! What weight lifted off my shoulders! I finally knew and had a wonderful peace that never had! So, here I go with my creative and I actually wrote a song this time instead of a poem! I loved every second of writing it, because it was like I was all written in a big paragraph I was singing in my mind! I had always kept diaries and wanted to put my feelings on paper. I immediately fell in love with song writing! Now, I have no idea if I'm good at it, do not even know what I'm doing. So, here is where I am asking for help. Can someone please let me know of a website where I can post what I wrote to get some kind of response? Just want to see if I can and should change my major if I have a future in this! :) Thanks!

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