Please comment on this short essay. 10 points will be given to the best answer!?

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Please comment short essay for a summer research program. I will vote for the best comment, though all comments are welcome! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is the message: SROP aims to create access to education for students with diverse experiences and perspectives. Please describe your personal and academic goals. What is your motivation for seeking a research experience? SROP How can help you move towards your goals? Tell us about extracurricular activities for the recognition of their achievements. Limit your response to 250 words. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bicultural am a woman, I see two different worlds. I was a mentor for a program that helped freshmen from historically underrepresented background to suit the academic and cultural life in my university. I'm currently making the first chapter of a Latino-oriented fraternity in my college campus. Now, I want to do some research on stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, eyewitness testimony of children and healthy eating behaviors among Latinos. I remember the feeling of ecstasy I experienced when learning how social psychology experiments, helps us to understand the complexity of these issues. This caused my goal to become an experimental social psychologist to do these investigations. Finding the motivation to achieve my career goal, I set mini-goals and achieving them. For example, I took an independent study class to improve my writing skills after my psychology advisor informed me that my poor writing skills may prevent me from going to college and become an experimental psychologist. I am currently doing an internship now, in collaboration with the research of Professor Greenley in promoting adherence among children with chronic illnesses. Now, I have the intention to participate in the SROP program, another milestone for my career. The SROP program help me to continue doing what I do: get experience in research about my research interests, become a better candidate for college, and essentially become an experimental social psychologist.
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beautifull brought tears to my eyes: D
Answer2joshkiaAnswered at 2012-10-05 21:55:06
Good work ! "I am a bicultural woman , I see two different worlds ." good line , and you did a good job with the paragraph as a whole . Good luck with everything !
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