I want to apply for a human resources assistant position, not sure if I have relevant experience? related questions

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I want to apply for a human resources assistant position, not sure if I have relevant experience?0 집합 단수명사 2012-10-22 10:50:07
I have a degree in psychology wa Spanish minors, and I've been in retail as a sales agent for about three years . I also was an office assistant in high school for two years . Most of the requirements for the job say you should have experience in human resources , I have not . How do I relate to my letter?
How to get relevant psychology experience / qualifications / courses?1fiat2012-10-14 15:18:03
I have 16 years , with the hope of entering counseling psychology . MedlinePlus I am a student of grade A, planning to take Psychology , Biology , Mathematics and Chemistry A-levels in September , and then go to college to do a degree in Psychology or Counseling Psychology . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been looking ( without much success ) for a relevant summer job recently - MedlinePlus any suggestions ? Also, I've seen the courses but they cost a fortune - are there any good you could do short courses that are free / volunteer or affordable MedlinePlus ? MedlinePlus Any other advice welcome.
How do I get into Human resources?0Paisley2012-10-04 09:14:04
I have a degree in Psychology and was thinking of entering the field of human resources . I do not want to go for a master's degree , is too expensive and I need money . Do I need a certification , additional courses , help me ? MedlinePlus By the way , I have no experience. But that is how it all started.
Looking for a Human Resources or an Office job?0Nels2012-10-22 01:18:50
Hello , I just recently graduated from college and has a Bachelor of Arts ( major in Psychology and Anthropology ) and now it's time for me to get a real job . Also I have over 8 years of retail experience involving customer service and sales support . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now that I've finished school , I am looking for a career in an office or work in a human resources department . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Breaking into Human Resources?0Elain2012-11-04 18:27:17
I finished my master's degree in industrial/organizational psychology nearly 2 years ago and have been trying to break into HR ever since. I had an internship in testing/training for a year and became an executive recruiter 6 months ago, but I still can't find a way to apply this to an HR assistant role. Any suggestions? I'm so frustrated!
What can i do with a AA or a AS in Human Resources and a BA or BS in Psychology?0Jacqulynn2012-11-02 23:54:29
im not sure what i want to master in, but something around those line. Please help!(: No rude comments please!
How can I get into the field of Human Resources?0jey2012-11-05 14:34:02
I will graduate in a few months with a B.A. Psychology . I have no experience in the field of human resources , but I would like to continue with my future in human resources . What are some ways to get into the field ? "Most entry-level " jobs require some experience in human resources , but I have none . And I need some experience to go to graduate school for a degree in human resources .
How can a 16 year old gain experience relevant to a career in psychology/counselling?0claire test tommorrow2012-10-26 03:45:07
How can an experience of 16 years of age gain for a career in psychology / counseling ?
Is this a good major for Human Resources?1hjfgjff2012-10-07 03:34:04
I'm a freshman in college and am taking Psychology and Social Behavior was thinking maybe heading in HR after I graduated . I researched online and read that generally must have a business degree , but I heard that psychology is a very important also .
Does anybody know how can i get a degree in human resources? and is it lucrative?1Tina M.2012-10-09 19:47:02
I am interested inthis field. I have a degree in psychology and I was curious how to accomplish this ?
Human Resources v.s I/O Psychology careers?0Kasandra2012-11-02 00:52:39
Which field is better Human Resources Mangement or Industrial Organizational Psychology? from my understanding human resources is doing all the selection, training, compensation and I/O Psychology is developing these training programs, etc..which field is better in terms of job security, salary, and ease of finding employment? do you think my chances are better with traditional HR degree because it is more widely recognized?? please share your thoughts, i am trying to make a decision between both careers
Anyone know anything about getting a PHR or SPHR certification in Human Resources?2Rayna2012-10-04 13:54:02
Do you know if you have to have a degree in human resources ? Or can you get these certifications without a degree in Human Resources ? I work in Human Resources , but my degree in psychology . Am I eligible for PHR or SPHR certification in human resources , then?

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