Please Proof-Read my short essay?

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I'm not good at grammar or punctuation so please proof read this. I would greatly appreciate it! MedlinePlus I have not written the end, however, any advice on how I should write would be greatly appreciated too! MedlinePlus :) here is my short essay: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Music Therapist MedlinePlus The race that interested me was the music therapy because I love all kinds of music and I have the desire to help people. I like the fact that music has the power to help people in need. Unlike traditional therapy, music therapy can be prescribed to anyone. It can help people, young and old, and people with disabilities. Even patients who are deaf can attend music therapy. What really surprised me was that a woman who gives birth to three children took no painkillers, but listened to music for pain relief MedlinePlus. The duty of a music therapist is to maintain mental health, emotional and spiritual support to the patient. They determine what to do based on the patient's medical history and talking with family members to get a good idea of ​​what to do to help the patient. Each patient likes and reacts to different types of music. The therapist also allows the patient to play a musical instrument with music. Holding the instrument correctly is considered a big step and success. They also allow some patients to create their own music. For someone to become a music therapist must have a bachelor's degree. Some courses recommended for someone looking to become a music therapist include music theory, psychology and human development. The salary of a music therapist hovers around $ 39,930 a year. The average salary hourly earnings of $ 19.20. The picture is rather stable labor in 2008 was about 23,280. Employment statistics say that the rate of growth of music therapists from 2008-2018 will a14.60% growth rate. Some public schools in North Carolina, as Swansboro High School offers courses related to music therapy and music theory and AP psychology. There are three schools of music theory in North Carolina that are East Carolina University, Appalachian State University and Queens University of Charlotte. Appalachian State University is the largest music school of therapy in North Carolina. In 2009, 13 students graduated with a music therapy degree ASU. There are an estimated 450 music therapists currently working in North Carolina.

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