Honest Answers....Is getting a degree in Psychology a waste of time and schooling?

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I 'll be getting my associates in December , and as they say everything to your mind made ​​up on what career you want to take . I like the advice , but I've been reading a lot of psychology and I have to say ..... I am not at all satisfied with the information I have been seeing wage ! I've heard many people say that this field is really a waste , but do you guys think there is some truth in this ... honestly ? !
Answer1READ ME!! NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Answered at 2012-10-25 04:06:53
OK - I can handle this for you . I am currently a graduate student in psychology at the University of Texas . In other words : I and I have my B.A. grade and now I'm going for my master's or MA . Part of the reason I came back was for me to demand a higher salary and have more opportunites that with only a bachelor's degree . An associate degree in psychology is worthless , sorry . Even with a BA best thing you do in the labor market is perhaps a social worker at the government level , or county probably , as for those seeking social assistance and others. Or maybe working in a hospital mental status . MedlinePlus With a master's degree may advise you , and even do therapy , and also work as a counselor at a private hospital in psychology . Of course , all the way to a PhD will make you a psychologist and command the highest salary , but we're talking at least six years of school for you . MedlinePlus I will not lie : in terms of " bang for your buck " - by that I mean the salary is sending versus time in school , not the best psychedelic field. It is a field to enter because we love him and want to work with people. If you want to make money purely to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business or Information .
Answer2YOULANDAAnswered at 2012-11-04 10:16:10
I do not think of counseling as a waist of time nor do I think of it in a way of making a lot of money. I am very interested in becoming a counselor as well.
if you are looking for something that has a lot of money behind it....look into becoming a community support worker, you will use your psychology degree, you will be helping people that need assistance, both physically and mentally challenged. You can go into behaviour management, also you can use your degree in Psychology and has great money in it.
getting a degree in Psychology opens a lot of doors for you.

good luck
Answer3NikeaAnswered at 2012-11-05 21:51:04
you say you like counseling. But does it have to be in psychology? What else do you like? How about a financial adviser, or career counselor, or a corporate ... something.
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