How do I get a job in the social service/non-profit field?

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I want a job in the field of social services / non-profit . Work can be babysitter , counselor , supervisor at night , or the assistant ? ? ? I expect a pay cut from my current job , but the only thing I care about is that you pay at least $ 10/hr , 40hrs a week and offers benefits . I have a degree , but not in psychology , social work or so I have plans to go back to school in a year or two . I have no related work experience. I have volunteer experience with seniors , youth, children , the homeless and people with the disease . I've looked in newspapers and online. I sent resumes to 11 different places . Only a few have responded . Except for one to say that I have no experience or education . Where to look for work ? What I say in my CL , resume or interview show I really want this job , and I can jump etc. Can fields without education or work experience ?
Answer1EmmalieAnswered at 2012-10-03 23:18:06
1) Sending out 11 resumes actually not so many do not give up yet. MedlinePlus 2) You want to highlight on your resume and cover letter to the people skills you have ( communication, leadership , problem solving , conflict resolution) . MedlinePlus 3) Want to start volunteering (try big brother / sister or similar area ) . MedlinePlus 4) Expand the areas you are looking at ( consider working gerontology - . This is a growing area ) MedlinePlus 5) You may have to consider PRN ( as needed for work) this will not have benefits , but could be the night so he could work two jobs to full-time position opens. MedlinePlus 6) Consider including in your resume that you have done things in the past , as a camp counselor , youth minister , Sunday school , tutor , mentor , etc MedlinePlus 7) Consider taking a job as an administrative assistant in an organization that would like to work on the human side of things .. once in. See if you can make some shade and training and meet the people who do the hiring . Volunteering in the organization and when an entry level position opens ... apply. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You can enter the field with little or no experience , but it will take longer and you will begin to lower ( both in position and pay probably. ) . DA
Answer2judsonAnswered at 2012-11-06 05:14:02
Try this site is is specifically for Non Profits…
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