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How do I get a job in the social service/non-profit field?1helpme2012-11-06 05:14:02
I want a job in the field of social services / non-profit . Work can be babysitter , counselor , supervisor at night , or the assistant ? ? ? I expect a pay cut from my current job , but the only thing I care about is that you pay at least $ 10/hr , 40hrs a week and offers benefits . I have a degree , but not in psychology , social work or so I have plans to go back to school in a year or two . I have no related work experience. I have volunteer experience with seniors , youth, children , the homeless and people with the disease . I've looked in newspapers and online. I sent resumes to 11 different places . Only a few have responded . Except for one to say that I have no experience or education . Where to look for work ? What I say in my CL , resume or interview show I really want this job , and I can jump etc. Can fields without education or work experience ?
Is a criminal justice degree considered a social service field?0Briana2012-10-14 15:42:44
I would like to apply for a position of case manager through a Texas MHMR . You must have a bachelor's or master's degree in psychology from social services or related field . I have bachelors in criminal justice that would be considered a related field , or in the social service area ? Also required to be accredited as QMHP and have been certified nursing assistant for almost a year I would credentials ?
Are there any non-profit/social svc orgs in southwest Ohio that are looking for summer interns or workers?0Chemistry2012-10-08 01:31:44
I graduate this June with a degree in women's studies and minor in Psychology . I'm going to graduate school in late September , but I wanted to work in social services nonprofit or for the summer . I live in Dayton , but I am willing to travel south to cincy and north to Columbus. Any idea where to look or used . I have tried monster and and stuff, but nothing really .
How can I be noticed in the Human Service field without the work experience?2Ebone2012-10-09 04:12:02
Hi, I'm fairly new to the Tampa Fl, area. I've lived here for almost six months and I am looking for an opportunity to start a career as a child / family counselor at a nonprofit organization. While I have the much needed experience that many organizations require, I have the dedication, passion and drive to make a difference in the lives of others. I have also education, a 4yr degree in Education / Psychology, as well as my own life experiences to support me. MedlinePlus I'm well aware of that prior experience is an important factor when it comes to social worker positions because there will never be a day of repetitive procedure, each case is different and so are the needs of each individual. I am willing to learn all hands on if given a chance. I firmly believe that when a person has a passion to do something, the individual achieve whatever he / she intends to do and will do an amazing job on it, with or without experience. There is a difference between a job and a passion, and it shows through the work. The real rewards of a career in the field of human services is being able to help others who need help and guidance. By helping these people excel not only are we starting a new cycle of progress, but we are also giving our communities, and this is exactly what I want to be part of it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem seems to be running into lately is that I am not getting any response to the posts I've been applying to. I think it might be due to the fact that I have no experience of previous case management on my resume. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If anyone can offer any advice, guidance or tips of things I can do to get noticed and stand out, please share. All answers are greatly appreciated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Serious advice or comments please! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance!
Social Service Worker or RPN?2Naoto2012-10-01 11:31:03
Hi all . I just finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology and now I want to go to college for a degree program . I'm thinking of social service workers and certified nursing assistant . I really do not know which one to choose 'm considering factors such as the availability of jobs , salary etc. Does anyone have any information ? I live in Canada . thanks
What is the difference between social worker vs. social service worker with a masters degree?0wani2012-11-03 22:30:05
just needed to ask for a friend. maybe you can help me with this and tell me what they do to help peole, she is going for her psychology soon and i was just wanting to ask this first. thank guys ps, she wants to work in the hospitle for this kind of job.
Non Social Service, BA Psychology degree jobs out there?2Moira2012-10-08 05:19:02
I have a BA in Psychology , have been working in social services jobs guy for over 12 years . I am wanting to start a new career in jobs unrelated to social services for children and their families , including teaching jobs . MedlinePlus I'm trying to avoid going back to school to learn a new field . Just curious to know if anyone out there has BA in Psychology but working in the private sector . Any advice or suggestions? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So far , a field assistant in the legal, human resources , and judicial notice of interest appear . If any of you work in those fields , mind sharing your experiences? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Which job would you prefer, mental health counselor for a social service program or school counselor?1mrsjones2012-10-23 09:04:03
I'm thinking of getting a master's degree in psychology from either or counseling . I graduated in December with a degree in Psychology . I wonder what's a better route , social service counselor for mental health or school counselor ? Counselor think less because they work less but I wonder how much stress you experience any ?
What's a better field for my master's education or social work and why?0zavaleta2012-10-24 11:52:09
I want something that is safe . In fact , I like both . in a year and a half I do with my degree. I'm a sociology major and psychology minor religion . I like education and social work . I want to know what field you prefer and why? Thank you.
Social Work or Nursing.. or anything within the medical field?2lattane2012-11-04 18:35:02
After this semester , I will be a junior in college . Right now I'm majoring in Social Work . At first , I was in this field since my plan was to be a counselor . I planned to get my Masters and my clinical license to counsel people . Lately , I've been doubting that decision because I do not feel the drive or passion to advise people. I do not like psychology and psychotherapy methods . It just does not sound appealing to me . I want to be in some kind of professional help . I've always liked the sciences - especially the human body and the study of disease. I was considering nursing because you get to treat and care for a diverse group of people , you get to spend time with people as they heal or pass away, and you have to be directly involved in solving problems . I'm a little tired of the needles and blood and terror to mess up in some way that could harm the patient , but I guess that helps nursing school that I can trust and get more to see any blood and other fluids the case body . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestions ? Should I look into other fields ?
How to get into social work with bachelor's degree in a different field?0sabu2012-10-16 15:12:42
I have 22 years and I am graduating in December with my bachelor of science in family and consumer . My concentration is in Interior Design . I can not change over - I've been at the University 5 long years and have absolutely no intention of taking a step back and take longer to graduate MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I have taken classes in adolescent psychology , family development and child health , family economics , etc , plus all my interior design courses . What else should I do to get a position as a social worker or an adoption agency ? (USA)
Where can i find a non-profit job in L.A?0mole2012-11-01 20:25:50
interested in innovation; dealign with homeless, with ex-offenders, or people who want to adjust their lives. Have implemented holisitc life-skills program in 3 other countries, have MA and BA, but only Associates in Psychology, although much experience in counseling and program planning. Am in progress of acheiving PhD in Clincial Psychology. Posess great written and verbal skills.

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