Help with my essay please.?

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This is a test for my internship application. I am having great difficulty in answering the question. Can you please comment on the content of it? Is there something I've left out? How I can improve? Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please provide a personal statement / academic explains: MedlinePlus • Their academic experiences to date, their plan for postgraduate training, and career goals as final scientific MedlinePlus social / behavioral • Your specific area of ​​interest for research and graduate studies and how the IRS can help you achieve your educational and career goals MedlinePlus • The specific knowledge and skills that you would like to participate in the SRI MedlinePlus In addition, each applicant must integrate a response to the following question in your personal statement MedlinePlus • How will
contribute to increasing the participation of underrepresented minorities in academia or in the social and behavioral sciences through your career? Encouraged to add MedlinePlus • Specific research topics of interest to you and how they relate to research potential bsos participating teacher.
MedlinePlus I get a liberal arts education at Lake Forest College to acquire basic skills, such as writing, reading and analysis is needed to do the research laboratory to help minorities. Lake Forest College students apply to get a comprehensive education through general education requirements. By taking a variety of classes to meet these requirements, acquire basic skills, such as writing courses that require a lot of writing that I can incorporate these skills to do what I want to do. MedlinePlus I hope to become informed about the process to follow and attend graduate school. There is a lack of number of minorities has gone to graduate school. Therefore, it is crucial for me to learn about the process to follow and attend graduate school. I can do to learn about the process of going to college for further participation in the mentor program Lake Forest College. The mentoring program pairs students with a student who can help with the needs of the students. My mentor is a behavior analyst, she has been helping me to provide advice on how to overcome my barrier, what steps will take, and always encouraging me in what I do. Having a relationship with my teacher and keep in touch with the Career Center of the University are also other ways that can help me gain knowledge about the process to follow and attend graduate school. At college, they can become an academic role model minorities. MedlinePlus He ultimately wants to become a psychology researcher laboratory to conduct students about stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. In particular, I want to focus on how and why they exist and how they affect minorities, as their participation in the academy. Being a minority has made me see how stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination affect participation in the academic world or the social and behavioral sciences. For example, discrimination between the neighborhoods of Chicago has an effect on how minorities are involved in their education. Neighborhoods consisting largely minority schools have limited curriculum and not necessarily less challenging education emphasizing both. Therefore, minorities lack courage or knowledge to participate in academia or in the social and behavioral sciences. Being a research lab allows me to test research hypotheses, such as the effect of discrimination in the area of ​​participation of minorities in academia. MedlinePlus I am interested in studying the specific field of social psychology research and graduate schools to see how situational factors can affect stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice that exist. It is important to know why these three issues there to help solve the potential problem of how they affect the participation of minorities in academia. It could be possible that situational factors affect the three elements. Therefore, the research interest of Professor Stagnor to see why the development and stereotypes develop and how they influence those affected by it are what I like to study. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SRI helps me achieve my educational and career goals of becoming a research laboratory for the opportunity to acquire certain skills and knowledge, and methodological skills. The four objectives of the program are designed to give students the skills and knowledge important. For example, I would be able to acquire methodological skills that I use in my future works, as my thesis or my works during my career.

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