Medical School- Will I get in with this GPA? ?

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I am currently a sophomore enrolled in a decent college . I am currently 16 years ( from 17 to a few weeks ) . I want to apply to medical school , but I worry that I can not go I will graduate from my university in 2011 with a psychology . This will make me go to school 19 doctors ( I hope) . My last year I messed up my GPA really bad ! I have a D + in Calculus 1, Calculus B - 2, C in Gen Chem 1, C in Gen Chem 2, A -in Gen Chem 1 Lab , C + in Gen Chem 2 Lab , University Coposition B + 1, B in College Composition 2, A in Bio Lab 1 , B 2 in Bio Lab, Bio in B- 1, C + in Bio 2 . I am taking organic chemistry today and you'll be getting an A - in this class and hopefully next semester of organic chemistry 2 I can get an A! I am so smart I had some personal problems last year, and I think I can get above a 30 on my MCAT . My only problem is that even if I get As in Physics and Ochem I will have a low science GPA (3.0) and my real GPA is probably best going to reach (3.4 ... maybe ) . I have really wanted to become a doctor more than anything , I like helping people and since I was very young I dreamed of her . Do I have a chance to get into a medical school in the United States? (Not the Caribbean ) What I can do to help my chances ? I volunteer and I shaded many doctors . Please help !

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