Medical School- Will I get in with this GPA? ?

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I am currently a sophomore enrolled in a decent college . I am currently 16 years ( from 17 to a few weeks ) . I want to apply to medical school , but I worry that I can not go I will graduate from my university in 2011 with a psychology . This will make me go to school 19 doctors ( I hope) . My last year I messed up my GPA really bad ! I have a D + in Calculus 1, Calculus B - 2, C in Gen Chem 1, C in Gen Chem 2, A -in Gen Chem 1 Lab , C + in Gen Chem 2 Lab , University Coposition B + 1, B in College Composition 2, A in Bio Lab 1 , B 2 in Bio Lab, Bio in B- 1, C + in Bio 2 . I am taking organic chemistry today and you'll be getting an A - in this class and hopefully next semester of organic chemistry 2 I can get an A! I am so smart I had some personal problems last year, and I think I can get above a 30 on my MCAT . My only problem is that even if I get As in Physics and Ochem I will have a low science GPA (3.0) and my real GPA is probably best going to reach (3.4 ... maybe ) . I have really wanted to become a doctor more than anything , I like helping people and since I was very young I dreamed of her . Do I have a chance to get into a medical school in the United States? (Not the Caribbean ) What I can do to help my chances ? I volunteer and I shaded many doctors . Please help !
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It totally depends on you that what you want to do in your life no one give you better choice.The better place for you to discus with people and know about your passion.
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