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Is a masters in industrial/organization psychology worth it?0kaylarae2012-10-26 02:39:09
I'm trying to decide what to get my bachelors degree in. accounting and information technology are good options for payment and demand , but I'm more interested in learning about the people and ideas that things . I'm not sure if I should major in accounting , computer science, or psychology . Not to be a psychologist , because I do not want my patients stalking me and my girlfriend and stuff like crazy. So I'd like to do psychology I / O , rather than counseling. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm more concerned about payment and demand , and I wonder if I'll have to get a PhD to be relevant . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want a career with a good salary and demand could safely raise a family and have some money left over for my interests and good causes .
The income of industrial/ organization for psychology?0Jiovanni2012-11-05 18:59:15
i am studying psychology in college and i'm planing to get a masters degree in industrial/ organizational psychology. How much annually does someone in this profession usually make?
What can you do with a masters in industrial-organizational psychology?1Riva2012-10-03 14:00:04
Besides being ... the obvious , an IO psychologist . And yes I know there are more options with a PhD , but I'm just thinking about having only one master . What specific races I will be able to request ?
Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology question?0Marieke2012-10-21 13:09:47
I am looking for a Master in E / S Psych . I really like the end result of what a psychologist I / O makes a living , but I am concerned about some of the required curriculum . I understand that this type of program is largely based around research methods and statistical analysis , however , math is not my forte . Luckily , I'm better at statistics than other types of mathematics (such as calculus) , but I have yet to really work at it . Because the classes you have to take and for the job at hand , is that going to be a very difficult task or one reachable ( with obvious effort and considerable) ?
What are some OTHER jobs that I can get with my Masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology?1Marcus D2012-10-06 21:15:04
I have worked in human resources for a Fortune 500 company for three years , and then more recently got a consulting job - and you like it! Believe it or not , I do not think I would be in a "business" or "executive" type environment ! I'm more relaxed and I'm also someone who knows there's more to life than working behind a desk all day , or help solve human resources problems of other peoples or managment ......... What I can do? ? ? ?
Which schools have masters degree programs in industrial and organizational psychology?0mrs.chicken2012-10-22 07:13:28
What schools have master's programs in industrial and organizational psychology ?
Should I get a masters in industrial organizational psychology or master of library science (librarian)?0Cinna2012-11-02 07:40:51
Has anyone actually done one of these careers? Does it pay well and is it rewarding? Opinions please! :-)
Is a masters in psychology worth it?0laur2012-11-05 12:21:07
be easy or difficult to find a job with a masters and wage is worth it ?
Good grad schools that offer Masters degrees in industrial-organizational psychology?0brianna mattson2012-10-26 03:07:48
I can not find a lot of schools that offer degrees in industrial-organizational psychology , but it is something that I might be interested . I can find a few, but they are pretty random and not all schools have the best academic reputation .
If you have a Masters in pharmacy and a bachelors in psychology, you're worth more?0Wei Yang 尐 ゛ ___ 2012-10-27 16:20:47
Which means you earn more money because they have more education .
If you have a Masters in pharmacy and a bachelors in psychology, you're worth more?0Autumn Winchester2012-10-19 16:13:10
Which means you earn more money because they have more education .
What can I do with a Masters Degree In Industrial Management Technology?1kulwa2012-10-11 09:55:04
I have a BS in Comp Sci , but with the way things are now in the technology industry and jobs are out shiped am considering a masters degree . I was initially thinking of going for a second in bs information systems because it gives me a bit of business savvy as well, but I think that far ahead now a master probably better. I came across this program and still do but look in Industrial Management or Industrial Technology with a management system and quality control concentration . basically combines management skills with technical skills as statistical quality control , project management , cost analysis, engineering, industrial psychology , Chance and statistical design of experiments and reach also take 3-4 corses MBA . It's very interesting , but I'm not sure what I can do with him or her only fits your manufacturing environment only?

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