Can you create an advising website with just a bachelor degree in psychology?

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say that a person only has a degree in psychology , decided to create a website which will give psychological advises that people , maybe later he or she can charge for the service. be allowed to do that ?
Answer1lisa centenoAnswered at 2012-11-05 07:56:33
I would advise against this. You cannot call yourself a psychologist in any state in the United States without a doctorate and a license. The titles of "counselor," "therapist," and "psychotherapist" may also be restricted depending upon the state. If you call yourself one of these titles and you do not have the credentials to back it up, you can be charged with providing services without a license.
Also, most mental health providers have malpractice insurance. If you give any bad advice and something horrible happens, you may be legally responsible. My malpractice insurance covers up to a $3 million law suit and I hope that I never have to use it. However, given my line of work, I know that I need it as a precaution.
As a person with a bachelor's degree in psychology, you should be following the APA's code of ethics. In the code of ethics, it states that you are not supposed to be practicing outside the scope of your training. Giving psychological advice is outside of the training of a person with a BA or BS.
Last note, if you are ever considering furthering your education (getting a Master's or Doctorate) and it gets out that you did this, you could be in trouble. Graduate program look highly upon ethical behavior and this is not ethical behavior.

Think of it this way. It's as if a pre-med student opened a website in which he recommended medications and medical regimens to ailing patients. Its dangerous. There's a reason why medical professions are regulated. Its to protect the public.
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