Pre-med reqs?? Any advice would be nice:)!!?

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I know the biology , chemistry , physics and I need. What other pre - reqs need though? Do I have to take any psychology , sociology , philosophy , history generators ed type classes to complete the pre-med or biology degree ? Also what is usually required math ? Sometimes I hear the math is not needed at all , and other sites say you need calculus or statistics ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Right now I'm at a community college and say that my counselor knows nothing basic pre-med , so I'm on my own until next semester when I move to the University I want to go . I am enrolled in Anatomy 1 with a lab , sociology , philosophy , psychology , and history 2. Primarily these because I signed was to go into the nursing program , but now I'm thinking about trying to get into medical school ... so I even need all those classes ? ? ?
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