Argosy University Online vs. University of Phoenix Online??? related questions

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Is Argosy University a primarily online university, like the University of Phoenix?1Blossom2012-10-20 14:52:02
I was looking at master's programs in clinical psychology and met Argosy University ... I spoke with someone from the admissions department who informed me that the classes are all online and that classes meet once a week .... this does not really appeal to me. I tried to take a look at the website of the university , said that online degrees are available ... But is that the main route for students attending Argosy to earn their degrees ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus NOT want my college degree online . Can anyone help with this?
Argosy University Online vs. University of Phoenix Online???3beeches2012-10-02 04:05:04
I want to earn a bachelor's degree in Psychology . I have to work full time during the day so it makes more sense to go to school online . Has anyone tried any of the above schools ? Which is better ? Seriously , I need help !
Im attending argosy university online to get my bachelors degree...?3Ilene2012-10-01 03:12:04
in psychology , but I have an associate degree , do I have to go for an associate degree before going for a degree ? I'm confused about how this works. I talked to a counselor when I started school , I told them I only had a high school diploma and was looking for a bachelor's degree in psychology , and never said anything about the need for an association first ... I say this because I want to go to a community college because I heard it's cheaper than argosy but I see they have a transfer program , but an association with College of Lake County and not a degree as I go for now .. .
SURVEY: Which is better...the University of Phoenix or Argosy University?1lille2012-10-22 18:33:03
I need some help here from people who have been in either program . I'm about to attend one of these fine schools through adult education online for my Masters in Psychology (I then can analyze everything better ) and I am in search of knowledge . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
I have some questions about University of Phoenix Online?1Jone2012-10-21 08:30:03
Throughout this forum , people have been hitting UoPO . I 'm not looking for that. I 'm not looking for whether or not it will be a waste of my money and will not be taken seriously . Listen . MedlinePlus I work at a residential treatment center for troubled children. Academic shift work , and I like it . Although not a career "ladder " I can go up there , I also like to work on my education not only to improve performance ($) in my career , but also to improve the entrance ( educate on child psychology and human service related things help , in my opinion ) . I know UoPO has a human services program . I have no time for school , and certainly do not have the money for gas , and I drive 45-50 minutes to work from point A to point B , then I would have to drive another 45 - 50 minutes of B to a, and then it's another 15 minutes in the opposite direction to B to get to college . Anyway , doing online everything seems much easier for me . I have the experience I need to pull it all together , it would be my job . I'm on stage doing what I do , I would enrich my life back . MedlinePlus So having heard , I would say Phoenix online is a good option for me ? I know it is not for everyone , and that people should go for the ENTIRE college experience if given the opportunity . But I'm thinking that in my case , going to college online can not be considered " taking the easy way out ." Any idea ? MedlinePlus Also, if anyone has done UoPO , I would like to know some general information about it . I heard that online courses / colleges are giving students more work than a normal school , because they assume that most people procrastinate and blow , because it is " only an online course " , you know?
University of Phoenix -Psychology SOMEONE WHO GOES OR WENT HERE ONLINE?2LOP2012-10-02 02:25:03
Here is a list of programs that have MedlinePlus Online Programs and Campus - Based MedlinePlus * Doctoral MedlinePlus MedlinePlus or PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology * Master MedlinePlus or Master of Psychology MedlinePlus or MA in Counseling - Mental Health Counseling MedlinePlus * Degree in MedlinePlus or Bachelor of Science in Psychology MedlinePlus * Associate MedlinePlus or Associate of Arts in Psychology MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I live in San Antonio tx and just opened a school near me MedlinePlus So my question is ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Are all completely online , as I do online classes for all grades or just some ? MedlinePlus 2. nobody would hire me if I took classes online classifieds or here ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Those are my two main questions .
How reputable is university of phoenix online?1Jarzine2012-11-06 05:46:02
I'm looking to take courses in psychology. Eventually getting my doctorate in psychology . How employers view degrees from the University of Phoenix online ?
Psychology degree through University of Phoenix online...?1professor kitty2012-10-02 14:17:03
I'm going back to school soon . I want to major in psychology . I am aware of the long road to go missing to make real money in this field . Money is not that important , really. Only the knowledge you gain to help others is enough. But , I was looking for some schools , and the University of Phoenix kept popping through my searches . I've talked to people from the university , and it sounds great . They even offer master's and a doctorate too. But I want to know , is this school seriously? I have asked , and of course I voted "Yes , we are this and we are that " talk . Does anyone out there have any first hand experience with this school ? No standing online degrees from traditional campus education ? Any help is appreciated . Thank you.
Opinion on University of Phoenix Online program?3christal2012-10-08 09:26:08
I'm thinking of taking courses through the University of Phoenix online program , I want to get my degree in psychology . Has anyone been through their online program ? If so what do you think ? Was it hard ? Did you learn a lot? What do you like and dislike about this program ? How was work? I work 40 hours a week and go to the gym almost every night , so I'm worried about how much free time I'm actually going to have!
Does anyone major in psychology through the University of Phoenix online?0pye2012-11-02 18:55:02
Does anyone in psychology from the University of Phoenix online ?
Could i get a job in new york if i got degree online from phoenix university?4Darius2012-10-23 12:11:02
I just signed up for the University of Phoenix online ( but I live in new york ) and did all the paperwork to get the loan and grants. my uncle and then brought it to my attention that does not believe that the University of Phoenix is accredited in New York because no state has different requirements ... ie if I were to lose my time getting my degree from there then when I go looking for a job I live in New York , I might get one! so I wanted to know if this is true and if I should just reject the entire application before processing . this is the first time in my life that I decided to go to college and I wanted to make sure you did it right cuz of money issuance . please if anyone can shed some light on this for me and explain this ... and if it is true , then what online college would be able to go to that would help me get a job in New York . I'm looking to take my associates in psychology ... please help with some information , im asking before making a big mistake !
Did you get your online psychology degree from the University of Phoenix?1tonya2012-10-01 10:39:03
Did you get your online psychology degree from the University of Phoenix ?

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