Does the real psychology learning start in graduate school?

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Ok . I am a 2nd year undergraduate taking a double degree course , which is part of BA in psychology and business part . The truth is I'm a bit lost .. Sometimes you just want to drop the business degree and pursue psych teachers all the way . I love psychology , I find interesting . but the thing is that sometimes I just keep these thoughts of how I 'm losing money and time in college learning these things I know I could find in the library or even wikipedia and learn for myself , without having to go to the school. : ( But I know that 's not entirely true ... the problem with me is that I'm too worried about the future - if I'd end up , career , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Eh, other psych majors , ever felt like that? MedlinePlus I mean , what are you learning now ? MedlinePlus Is this normal ? and that the true initial learning psychology in college ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus because sometimes I feel that my university is going too fast ( we are trisemester system , by the way) , and do not forget the lessons , but I understand them .

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