How do you feel about this article? What area(s) of psychology is it? related questions

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How do you feel about this article? What area(s) of psychology is it?0new2012-10-03 13:49:33
Read an article entitled , " Four - Year Longitudinal Course of Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Spectrum Disorders : The course and outcome of Bipolar Youth ( COBY ) Study " , and tell me how to find it.
Article in psychology journal by APA?20---------------------------------2018-09-30 02:48:03
I'm having a little trouble to find an article that I find interesting . I have to analyze and write an article to be of a psychological journal published by the APA . The item must be of an experiment that took place at any time between 2006 and 2008 . There are a variety of topics from Dreaming , abnormal psychology , even humanistic psychology and development . Not sure what to choose , but I think I 'm leaning more towards development. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But the real problem is that I have to get this online article by APA and see that sometimes I have to pay to retrieve it. My friend already has an article and told me I had to pay for it . MedlinePlus Does anyone have any other ideas on how to get a psychology journal that will give me plenty of other " experiment " of articles published by the APA ? MedlinePlus I'm frustrated ! MedlinePlus - Thanks
A good Psychology article?2rach2017-05-02 00:07:35
Every month , in my psychology class , we report a psychology article and write about it . Only a select few have to submit the article to the class , and I was elected . I've found some articles, one speaking of coeducation versus single sex education ( article) , but I want to try to find an article that best can speak , and perhaps one that includes "new information " which may be a surprise for some people . There may be a short article though. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been looking through many websites like apa psychology , psychology today, science every day , and every time I think I found a good article you write is either very short , extremely long , or not only an "article " ( ex. This is psychotherapy ... ) . So , can anyone help me find an article ? I do not want to agree with the article on education , because I really wanted one that had " new information . " Possibly something that many people can not form an opinion before reading the article. Any help would be great!
Can someone please put these in APA format?? they are citations for this article im reading for psychology?2reba2017-11-04 03:38:12
is really kicking my **** to try to put them in this format and I can not load my powerpoints : ! ( ITL alot guys PLEASE HELP MY DESPERATE MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus McCarley , JS , Vais , MJ , Pringle , H. Kramer , AF , Irwin , DE, and MedlinePlus Strayer , D. L. (2004). Conversation disrupts change detection in complex MedlinePlus traffic scenes . Human Factors , 46, 424-436 . MedlinePlus McEvoy , SP , Stevenson , MR , McCartt , AT, Woodward , M. , MedlinePlus Haworth , C. Palamara , P., et al. (2005). The role of mobile phones in motor MedlinePlus vehicle crashes resulting in hospital attendance : A case-crossover study . British Journal of Medicine , 331, 428-434 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus McKnight, J. A., & McKnight , A. S. (1993). The effect of cell phone use in the driver's attention . Accident Analysis & Prevention, 25, 259-265 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Michon , J. A. (1979). Dealing with danger (Traffic Safety Research MedlinePlus Center, Report No. VK -79 to 1 ) . State University of Groningen , MedlinePlus Netherlands. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Michon , J. A. (1985). A critical review of the models of driver behavior : What MedlinePlus do know , what should we do ? In L. Evans & R. C. Schwing ( Eds. ) , Human behavior and traffic safety . New York : Plenum .
I feel so dumb in college, I feel like I will never amount to what I want to be. Has anyone ever felt this?0Belynda2012-10-11 17:47:12
Let me tell you the situation I find myself came from a very poor family and chaotic. Because this environment that had behavioral and emotional problems and was educated at home by sophomore in senior year in HS. Never for AP classes, mostly took "assisted" math and science classes during the first year. With the help of tutors who looked at the verbal / written the SAT and even gathered just below average on the math section. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I went to a community college and came out with a 3.8 GPA AA in Social Sciences, and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Still in college just took Human Biology (General Bio for the human body-just a class), Basic Algebra, Mathematics businesses, and Algebra II. I've never taken anything higher than Algebra II, I have never taken anything higher than ever Basic Biology, I took a course in Physics or Chemistry. Instead, I had a lot of sociology and psychology courses. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm at a public university and now my first semester here hit me hard. My GPA dropped to 2.5. I could not keep up with the kids here (mind you this is the best university in the state in my region of the country). The kids here did all his work like a breeze, all while maintaining a social life and some even were drug users and was better than me. I could not compete. Which officially established the Clinical Psychology and decided I want to become a therapist. But I feel castrated here most kids here are either engineers, or go to medical school with psych titles, most of them are dual specialization, most of them are much more versed than I in fact and have better learning skills. I feel dumb as a rock. Forget about being a psychiatrist, do not even have basic math and science requirements and I am a junior in college. I am not a medical school material. I get super anxious before an exam and lose a lot of sleep. When I get a bad grade fall deep into depression. For graduate school, I have 1 year and a half to get my GPA up from 3.0 to 3.5, and although I got a job in a psychiatric hospital, I have fear of death as a psychologist I will not be able to earn enough money to support my family in the future. I feel like the burden will be on my future wife. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All because I never took math or science courses. I feel so stupid and useless. And forget speeding through college. Other children of 4-6 classes, take a minimum of 3 and fight here. I feel like a failure. Has anyone ever felt like that? How I can get rid of him and be optimistic?
Psychology help? need help in how this article plays a role in societal and human needs?0~*i*LiK3*iT*hOt*~ 2012-10-15 06:32:12
in the artice not understand how this article has a role in the social and human needs ... please help
How can I find an article from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology ?4tren52017-05-02 00:08:10
I desperately need this article for research
PSYCHOLOGY HELP!!! i dont understand how this article apply to societal and human needs?73bebe2018-08-03 03:09:16 my teacher wants to know what this article is addressing social needs and human ... I do not understand how to do it?
Can anyone summarize this article for me?0Erin2012-10-08 13:36:27
Why do we laugh at MedlinePlus Laughter is more complicated - and strange - I could think MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus WebMD Feature Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Whether your child's laughter or screams enthusiastic studio audience of a talk show, heard laughter every day. Nothing could be more common. But just because it is common does not make it less strange laugh. MedlinePlus For example, next time you're at the movies enjoying some blockbuster comedy, hard to hear the laughter all around. Why are all these foreigners, together, exploding in Weird Tales, panting, grunting noises? Their laughter may stop suddenly seem familiar, and more like the chatter of birds or inhuman shrieks of monkeys at the zoo. MedlinePlus Once you start looking into laughter as behavior, can lead to some strange questions. Why do we do it? Make animals laugh? Why expect any decent James Bond villain cackle diabolically to reveal his plan for world domination? What's so funny? MedlinePlus To answer these and other mysteries of laughter, WebMD delved into the world of research surprisingly contentious laughter. MedlinePlus Why do we laugh? MedlinePlus The answer may seem obvious: We laugh when we see something funny. However, the obvious answer is not correct, at least most of the time. MedlinePlus "Most laughter is not a response to jokes or humor," says Robert R. Provine, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Provine should know. Has conducted a series of studies of laughter and author of Laughter: a scientific investigation. One of his central arguments is that humor and laughter are not inseparable. MedlinePlus Provine did a study of laughter in nature - that he and some graduate students half-heard conversations in public places and notes as. And in a survey of 1,200 "laugh episodes", he realized that only 10% -20% of the laughs were generated by something like a joke. MedlinePlus The other 80% -90% of the comments received were boring a laugh are not jokes like, "I'll see you later" and "It was nice meeting you, too." Why are you laughing? Provine argues that it has to do with the evolutionary development of laughter. In humans, laughter predates speech perhaps millions of years. Before our human ancestors could talk to each other, the laughter was a simpler method of communication, tells WebMD. MedlinePlus It is also instinctive. "Babies laugh almost from birth," says Steve Wilson, MA, CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist. "In fact, people who are born blind and deaf still laugh. So we know that it is a learned behavior. Humans are wired for laughter." But perhaps because laughter is so old, it is much less precise than language. MedlinePlus "Laughter is not under our conscious control," says Provine. "We do not choose to laugh in the same way we choose to speak." If you've ever had a laughing fit unwelcome - at a conference, during a high school game, or at a funeral, for example, - you know that laughter can not always tame MedlinePlus. MedlinePlus Laughter is contagious MedlinePlus The cynical answer is that comedies are so stupid and without grace we need to be told that jokes are. But this makes no sense. Why listen to others make us laugh more likely that we laugh? MedlinePlus Everyone has experienced this on a small scale. Seeing someone in hysteria - even if you do not know who the person is or why he's laughing - you can laugh too. Why? MedlinePlus The answer lies in the evolutionary function of laughter. Laughter is social, not a solitary activity, Provine says MedlinePlus. "We laugh about 30 times more than when we are with other people we do when we're alone," says Provine. MedlinePlus We may assume that the "purpose" of laughter is to express - to let people know that you think something is funny. But according to a 2005 article published in the Quarterly Review of Biology, the main function of laughter can not be self-expression. Instead, the purpose of laughter could be to provoke positive feelings in others. When you laugh, people around you can start laughing in response. Soon, the whole group is happy and relaxed. Laughter can relieve tension and promote a sense of group unity. This may have been particularly important for small groups of early humans. MedlinePlus In some cases, laughter can actually literally become contagious. History is peppered with stories of laughter epidemics. In 1962, in the African country is now Tanzania, three school girls began to laugh uncontrollably. Within months, approximately two thirds of the students at the school had the symptoms, and the school closed. The spread of infection, and eventually affected about a thousand people in neighboring Tanzania and Uganda. There were no lasting effects, but it shows how people can be sensitive to view
Peer Reviewed Research Article?0jiandan2012-11-03 14:52:06
My Psychology professor needs me to write a summary paper for any 'peer reviewed research article' relating to psychology. However, I am having trouble finding one. Can someone give me some specific examples? I am contemplating using this sample article,… but I think my professor would get mad because its only a sample article :-p Useful help will be greatly appreciated.
Where can I find a good article on dog depression....?1LaDonna2012-10-16 17:22:02
I need an article about dog depression indicating what symptoms and what you can get depression if left untreated . I think my dog may suffer from depression , and I'm not sure what would happen if nothing is done about it ....
What questions to ask for an article featuring a person?0Rolis2012-10-13 13:27:10
I am commissioned to write an article about a teacher in our university . As a graduate of our university , which will be presented as a student under the characteristic of Psychology journal. She is a psychiatrist and now she 's teaching courses in the program of our university BS Psychology . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , what questions should I ask ? I know there are appropriate questions that can get me the kind of response to my article . I just do not know where to start . I hope you can help me .

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