Help with a career plan?

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Alan Burt
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I'm caught between being a psychiatric nurse,
and a youth or social justice / juvenile worker /psychosocial / rehab

The problem I find with the nursing is that a job might be hard to come by, if not, it is still a fairly hard program to complete. And all of that studying over 4 years just to wipe a$$? I don't know. I may be going into the job for the wrong reasons.

I am all for criminology, psychology, mental disorders, and people with problems, which If why I considered both of these options in the first place. I know I would do good in the youth/social services field but the problem there is money.


Psych nursing: May not even like it, may be too difficult for my standards but am willing to push it. Will it be worth it ?

Youth justice, etc: Will probably love it, but be broke on the side.

Any other career suggestions?
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The issue I find with the nursing is that a vocation may be difficult to find, if not, it is as yet a genuinely hard program to finish. And the greater part of that concentrate more than 4 years just to wipe a$$? I don't have a clue. I might go into the employment for the wrong reasons. Dissertation Help  

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