When do I put a 0 in front of the . , when reporting statistics in a research report (APA format)? related questions

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When do I put a 0 in front of the . , when reporting statistics in a research report (APA format)?0Zawar2012-11-02 20:01:41
I am a little confused as to when to put .5, and when to put 0.5 into my undergraduate psychology dissertation. I have read different things about this, with some sources saying that you do not put a 0 in front of the period with p-values, some saying that you do it with correlation coefficients, some that you only put the 0 with means, some saying that you do not put a 0 with negative numbers. Does anyone know for sure when to put a 0, and when not?
MLA format or APA format for psychology research paper?19Sharoze2018-07-20 18:20:49
I am writing a research paper over a psychologist for my college psychology class; should I be using an MLA format to cite my sources or an APA format? My teacher did not specify which one to use.
Ideas for psychology research report?0Marlyne2012-11-04 19:40:43
I am trying to come up with some ideas for my next psychology research report and I can't seem to come up with anything that interesting, so I'm looking for some suggestions. I want it to have 2 independent variables or 1 independent variable and 1 quasi-independent variable. I am most interested in child psychology and cognitive/clinical psychology. Some ideas I had were researching something dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or children and self esteem and eating disorders or something. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Help me write a research report on cognitive psychology.?1christine longworth2012-10-11 09:19:03
I write about eyewitness testimony.i need a hypothesis , abstract method and conclusion.
Career Research Report - Child Psychologist.?2Brandz2012-10-19 15:50:03
I'm doing a research report on the race and would like to be a psychologist when I'm older . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would like to specialize in adolescents , there is a specific name for that field ? There are all sorts of terms such as psychology or clinical development . I really do not understand . I just know that I like to work with adolescents . What courses should I take in high school and college ? What five duties would be common to this work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How many years of college should I take and what would be the best measure to get it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What is the entry level position I would start in and I'll be able to move ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you have a name of a school or company that could give me more information about this job , it would be helpful .
Psychology research papers for resach hypotheses and APA resarch report?1said2012-10-26 05:06:02
Psychology research for hypothesis resach and Resarch APA report ?
Should I report research results in my essay as numerical or spell them out? (72% or seventy two percent?)?0mustang2012-10-25 09:55:45
their psychology for an essay , APA style .
I am going back to school: should I try my hand in social work, counseling psychology, or court reporting?1 Ya Love Tang screen name -2012-10-10 17:02:03
I have my degree in psychology , but not much I can do if I do not go to school . I'm interested in the above but also know shorthand court does not require a degree . I'm not really interested in using the "psychology " aspect of my career as much as I am interested in the previous races . Which of them will probably give me the most money for my time and effort? I have a lot of loans at the moment and want to go back to school with a minimum credit this time. Do you have any experience with the works listed above ?
How do you write an APA report???2madalyn2012-10-21 05:48:56
I'm in high school taking college courses , and for my psychology class , we have to write a report summarizing an article she gave us . I'm not really good at writing reports , so I need a cover right? and then I need to have my pages with the title before her? and I do not know .. i need all the help I can get ..........
Shall I report her to RSPCA?1jihb2012-11-04 23:40:02
I am a psychology student and also studied counselling.I alcohol and drugs have a friend whose girlfriend has severe alcoholic problems.Her father was an alcoholic and his mother married someone and they don `t get well.She not near her sister because his sister is sick of alcohol. I've visited to help her out and my friend.She was so drunk.She refused assistance but convinced me her.I have led to hospital appointments, emergency services, alcohol equipment ... but nothing worked because she was so drunk to start with the detoxification program. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The point is that she has a dog that was 9 months old at the time.She used to his own emotional needs.She dog doesn `t train doesn` t dog.She care dog food dog properly.No sometimes nothing. The smelly.But was so dirty and she is a lovely little white west highland terrier. MedlinePlus I was so worried about the dog, and I'm a huge animal lover and I have two dogs myself.When she refused treatment RSPCA called because he was drunk the night and sleep all day.There was no one to look after the dog.They said come and investigate.In Meanwhile, she had abandoned the property, as it broke with boyfriend.Her sister called me and asked me to host a couple of days cause he was going on vacation and the landlord don `t accept the MedlinePlus dog. So I brought my dog ​​and stayed 2 weeks.First home.She time in his life, that dog had a good time, I took it out of the park every day, bathed and gave me candy. MedlinePlus Then I found out that she was still drinking when I went to work.One day I saw her in the park, selling your iPhone for £ 15 to buy drinks.Then called boyfriend.He still loves her and paid money for private use clinic.She remained there for a month and I looked after her dog.I rspca have also reported that the dog is well and stay with me.She is out of the clinic and now she has started drinking the day after.She still in its boyfriends flat and the dog is with her.But I hear every day that she drinks all time.Dog is in bed all day.She pees in bed and the house smells and her boyfriend alcohol.She daily struggle drink and she doesn `t want to improve. MedlinePlus I don `t know what to do.I am loving about it quickly as I have spent my last three months to help your recover.She knows he has to get its act together as it does not have to stay if your BF mandrels After all, if you really cared about the dog, he would take care of the dog. MedlinePlus she walks the dog just after 11 pm for their own pleasure.Shall tell you again, could take the dog away from her this time. If I can inform her I know she knows I `ve informed and I will risk ruin my friendship with her boyfriend. Because he is your enabler.He loves her so much that he is afraid to leave him.He gives money, he offers, so she continues drinking.Maybe if faced with the loss of his dog, could realize the severity of the situation. I love that dog. She is so sweet. I want that dog to live in a family environment itself, not with someone who don `t take care of her left properly.Shall worriying about how bad it will be if you lose your dog, or just care about the dog? MedlinePlus I have warned many times to take care of your dog properly
Can you anonymously report rape?1Mary Mac2012-10-12 02:39:04
There is so much to this story , but I 'm going to have to do it as soon as possible . I have a friend who is now 18 and recently told me that she had sex with a man who is a registered sex offender and is manipulated to have sex with him , blah blah blah . Here's the thing . I know who the guy personally . I know he 's gone to college and taken basic courses in psychology and this girl of 17 who came with a little mentally unstable because she was a victim of child sexual abuse in the past. He knows. What he did was manipulated to think that if he had sex with him , his fear of sex is gone and did it several times with what he told me . She ended up falling in love with the guy who thought they were going to be together forever and the day he turned 18 , he says , " we have to stop doing this." WTF ! ! ? ? ? I am very angry and I talked with the girl , but she does not want to report it for the sake of his reputation and his family and other things . The sex offender knows all the details of his own brother taking advantage of it (which was never informed by what she does not want to weather ) . I have really wanted to rip these guys f * & * in the head or at least report it , but I wonder if there is anyway I could report it anonymously ? My concern is that there are other girls out there that are doing this.
Should I report this to the SSI fraud department?0aljelica2012-10-21 09:21:07
My husband and I are getting a divorce . And , he receives SSI money on 550.00 per month . However, his mom and dad gave about $ 150 under the table every week when I went to go visit . In addition , they are paying for their college loans , which is 700.00 per month . I want his mom and dad to be the one in trouble , you do not need my future ex-husband . Because caused me emotional distress and I have major depression and symptoms of PTSD . Should I inform the department of social security fraud ?

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