Does Depression/Anxiety/Fear/Panic condition create the feeling of Physical symptoms as well? related questions

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Does Depression/Anxiety/Fear/Panic condition create the feeling of Physical symptoms as well?0hsanetha2012-11-03 10:59:32
I have been ill with depression and anxiety for many years and i suffer a lot with a lot of physical complications such as shiverng , dizziness, nervousness, palpitations, breathing problems , fear of walking due to been nervous, feelings of fear and weakness in my face , pains in my chest and limbs Can you advice me on some treatment Thanks
What are symptoms of a recovery panic attack, anxiety,depression?0licia2012-10-10 22:48:02
In recent months I have had a lot of changes in my husband's layoff , loss of a home, move to another state , starting a new job , and after a car accident just great. Just after the car accident that was fine , but a month later I started with a panic attack . I thought I was dying I rushed to the emergency room and they took blood tests , examined my chest , blood pressure and the doctor said it was normal . The doctor said it was a panic attack and depression. After that I was not able to go to work for 2 weeks. I could not swallow the food I thought I was going to drown , after I could not sleep . I was afraid to sleep . And finally , my head felt like it was clogged along with all my ears . I could not see anyone who was not able to talk much and I was very pale . I lost weight rapidly.After lil therapy and other things like meditation , yoga , herbal remedies I'm feeling much better . I can socialize , I am able to eat even though I have no appetite . I am able to work . But when I'm alone , I still feel dizzy , as if my body is ready to quit , I still feel like I'm dying , but I do not feel my heart racing more . Even thought I physically look better , feel inside me chest tightness and severe burning , but not there. I do not know if that's part of the feeling of anxiety but I think all day every day . Only sleeping makes me feel better when I think about my body is ready to quit. As soon as I wake up these symptoms are these symptoms persists inside.Are normal after my body has gone ?
Are there other medical conditions that create similar symptoms to those of depression and anxiety?0Nels2012-11-02 22:22:35
I am doing a little research. I have found a considerable amount of overlap in symptoms that are typically diagnosed as depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. I have looked into Epstein-Bar Virus, PTSD, Anemia, ADHD, Thyroid, and Sleep Apnea. It is amazing how much the symptoms overlap. I'd like to know if there are other conditions that cause or mimic symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. I would be interested in doing further research.
Physical symptoms of depression/anxiety?0yessenia2012-11-05 02:01:46
I'm Bipolar II. My father recently lost his job back in November and now we have no insurance, so I've temporarily gone off meds and stopped seeing my therapist. I was fine for awhile, but now I'm in a... really debilitating depression. One of the symptoms of my anxiety/depression is an unrelenting sick feeling in my stomach. I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas for how to relieve it a bit? Even just temporarily. And also... if you have anything that might cheer me up a bit? Like, I found this cute little comic about depression (I can post the link if you guys ask for it) and it's the only thing that's really made the sick feeling go away. I'm really struggling without my therapist and medication. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I'm scared I'll spend it miserable. (Please don't be judgmental. If you've been depressed you'll understand that it is only a choice to an extent. Sometimes, thoughts/emotions can not be repressed.) Thank you all! And happy holidays. :)
Has anyone had physical symptoms of anxiety and depression after miscarriage?0cheerlovee2012-10-23 22:30:44
Before my miscarriage at 6 weeks , I had a "feeling " that something was wrong . Just after the miscarriage, I put my feelings in the background. After my first cycle , I started to feel sore in the feet and arms , numbness and tingling physically , lost interest in things, spasms and had thought I was dying of a disease . A complete blood count and electrolyte profile were made ( nothing ) and the doctor told me I was suffering from anxiety and depression , and now I'm looking for advice . Do physical symptoms come first , even before he knew of his depression ? I guess I feel that it was "right" about the miscarriage , so it must be "right" that something is really wrong physically.
Are these symptoms normal with anxiety/panic?0Jayde2012-11-05 02:38:34
-Feel like i'm going crazy or insane. Blurry jumpy vision, sometimes double vision that changes with position.-Always sweating hands.-Derealization.-Twitching.-Increas… and decrease in apetite.-Thinking like i'm having a heart attack and dying.-Shortness of breath.-Feel that everything is surreal and fake.-foghead.Extreme eye floaters when I look at the sky, sometimes in a white wall and tv.-Don't want to go out anywere.-Fatigue-A little depression.-Ears make weird noise like water stuck in my ears(wind noise)
What are symptoms of panic disorders and anxiety? HELP!!?0rach2012-10-14 14:24:10
I think I might have a panic disorder or something. And what are the symptoms of depression ? I'm pretty sore, pretty sure I'm depressed. Help please! !
Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, what meds?3solexgirl122012-10-27 13:37:45
First of all , do not have insurance , so therarpy PhD or a long day outside testin doctor is out . I suffer from general anxiety attacks panic that led to the maximum avoidance behavior . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have curiosity about what medications work best wok for me . I might be suffering from depression , not sure . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm looking for a drug or drugs that do the following . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. No weight gain as I have heard most of this nature do drugs . MedlinePlus 2. No cause severe addiction or withdrawls present serious suspension. MedlinePlus 3. I like sex , so they must have sexual side affects limit MedlinePlus 4. I do not want a drug like cociane jumping up , I heard some do in attempts to reduce depression . No, thanks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The only medicine I've had before is Xanax , and has had only three times a month , when the full blown panic sets in. I need a drug that basically releives panic symptoms , depression and leviates axniet , without attachment , without weight gain , no sexual side affects . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help please?
Can I qualify for SSI after 10 years of anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia &depression (since I was 14)?0someone :D2012-10-27 11:14:54
I have 24 years now . When I was 14 (in 2000) he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for suicide attempts / feelings , severe attacks depression , anxiety and panic . I could not finish high school because of this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since then I have tried from time to time by the same things , and agoraphobia and PTSD ( child abuse ) . I have yet constant general anxiety and panic attacks , agoraphobia some, and depression and suicidal feelings are intermittent . I am currently being treated , but they have no record of 10 years of continuous treatment (only here and there ) , but have also been to many medications. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus IMPORTANT : I've only worked four days in my life , I'm not sure how this affects my eligibility for SSI . I left work after 3 days and the other after 1 day due to panic attacks . I do not feel I am able to work because I can not leave my house or go to town without my boyfriend, who has been supporting me financially the past 8 years. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not drive and do not have a driver's license . When I'm out of my house , spontaneously panic and feel he must escape and return to my house , and I have physical pain and symptoms caused by panic . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just wanted someone with experience to give me your honest opinion about my chances and if I go to the Stage judge / lawyer if I am denied . Thank you.
Someone help me with this psychology question.. about anxiety panic attcks,est possibly depression..?? help?0Nedra2012-11-02 07:47:00
Melody, eleven years old, had been looking forward to Saturday for what seemed like an eternity. She was going with her parents to the circus. On the way to the circus, her dad stopped at a 7 Eleven store to pick up some Kleenex because Melody had a slight sneeze. While entering the store, her dad interrupted a robbery and was shot several times and killed by the robbers. Melody watched with helpless horror as the entire episode unfolded. Twenty years later, Melody is a news reporter on the violent crimes city beat. She has trouble sleeping and hates celebrations like the Fourth of July. She consistently avoids convenience stores and suffers bouts of anxiety and panic attacks when she visits any type of retail store. She also hates the zoo and programs like Animal Planet. What might be afflicting Melody (there are most likely several issues) and what might she do to relieve some of her symptoms? im doing a 2 page paper on this question but im confused .. thank u
Any woman faced problems with period while having anxiety or depression or panic attacks?0Mayl2012-11-01 23:47:59
I suffer from all of these disorders for 4 years.. and since I faced them I start having missing period.. late period.. Poly cystics ovarian syndrom ... each time I got to the doctor I found my prolactin level is high ( milk hormone ) although I am not preganant or having a child.. anyway I am virgin and not even married.. now my anxiety are getting worst once I know that I am a PCOS victim :( does anyone of you who has anxiety or OCD or depression or panic disorder.. or any mental disorder face late periods..or PCOS? what is the reason..? is it hormone imbalanced or something else? can anxiety or any other mental disorder rise up the prolactin level? the reason why i have PCOS because of high prolactin ... I want to know if that is all from my anxiety.. bcuz once i face anxiety my life changed complitly and always have to go to check my hormones level.. hope you can tell me about you? which hormons can be affected by anxiety ( stress or worries )? if I quit anxiety does the hormones went down normally or.. i should take medicines? the problem that each time I take dostenex ( pills for high prolactin ) my anxiety went worst and i feel bad symptoms.. even the birth pills makes me panic ... I hate to take pills make my period go fine.. my doctor told me maybe i should do brain MRI to check the gland .. but every thing was fine.. he thought that i have brain tumor.. that cause high prolactin.. how long is it normal for period to be late? I have been in paniciong mood for 1 month like every day.. and now my period won't come... is that the reason.. ? any idea? please help... i am afraid now my period is late for 5 days .. and I have sting pains in my ovaries through 5 days,.. but no bleeding.. i am afraid that it could be cystics again :( i had a surgery first for them and later they gave me medicines to get rid of them .. very disappointed.. thanks for help
Question for sufferers of depression/anxiety only! When you have anxiety, etc. what are your symptoms?0Evelina2012-10-27 07:14:37
For me, I usually feel lost inside my head (I know it sounds weird , but it's the only way I can explain it. ) I feel disconnected from my external environment and that my head is clouded with thoughts . This tends to make me feel alone and almost mentally handicapped in the sense that I can not concentrate or achieve motivation. Are these symptoms of what you go through every day ? What are you going through ?

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