In an APA paper, do you have to cite your sources IN THE PAPER or just your quotes? related questions

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In an APA paper, do you have to cite your sources IN THE PAPER or just your quotes?0horse2012-11-04 04:14:22
It's not a research paper, it's a case study for a psychology class. i dont mean the works cited page...i mean within the paper
I'm writing a paper on a topic in psychology. I'm only using one source though. How do I cite?0shantay2012-10-12 11:37:06
Should I continue to use parentheses after each idea borrowed APA style ? That would fill two pages with quotations of himself over and over and over again ! Or quote only once at the beginning ? Also , do you think the following is quite respectable sites linked to its use . not a research paper . Only a document accompanying the demonstration class . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ...
I am writing a Psychology research paper on Cults. I need a title to my paper and I cannot think of anything!?0BaBa2012-11-05 07:38:01
The original title I was going to work with was The Underlying Causes of Involvement with Cults, but I really don't think it fits. It is written in APA format so here are some of my subheadings... -What is a Cult? -Young Adults and Cults -Stages of Cult Affiliation -Commitments and Persuasion (foot-in-door-phenomenon, persuasive elements, deindividuation) -History and Examples of Cults -Disaffiliation of Cults I don't know if it is because it is the end of the semester, but I am really cannot put together a title that I like. Thanks in advance!
Writing a paper02017-09-24 10:21:09
Writing a paper in APA format very hard thing and only expert writer can do that as this is not very commonly used writing format for most f the assignment works. The only best and cheap writing service is assignmentmasters blog for writing good and unique articles in APA format. 
Psychology paper help!?`?0TJen2012-11-05 08:24:02
im writing an article for developmental psychology and I have to discuss the programs available for children who are advanced academically in schools? What are and need details ? help thanks !
Psychology paper help please?0Sophie Kinta2012-10-24 06:17:13
Im writing a review website for my psychology class . For each site we need: MedlinePlus The name MedlinePlus MedlinePlus information Descipción somewhat weak / dislike MedlinePlus something unique / like and link to MedlinePlus psychology MedlinePlus I decided to but idk how to start my article . can someone please help me?
Can you help me with corrections on a paper.?1titus2012-10-10 11:50:03
This is a scholarship application. I was asked to write a 250-word essay answering the following questions. 1. How the scholarship help? 2. Why choose a beneficiary committee? 3. What goals do you have for yourself? 4. What sets you apart from other students? 5. What makes you deserving of this scholarship? MedlinePlus here is my essay. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It will help me for allowing me to attend college. My parents fully support me in financing my college education, but unfortunately all we can do is not enough for what I should apply for scholarships to attend. The scholarship allowed me to achieve all my goals I have for my life. MedlinePlus The committee should choose me as the recipient for this scholarship because I am very motivated and will put the money to good use. I have a plan for my college education and realistic perspective on how much money will be needed. I am a very hard worker and I'll put my school work before all other activities. MedlinePlus My goals include specialization in psychology and get my Masters. If necessary, I will attend graduate school for as long as needed. I will use this title to get a job as a psychologist and researcher in the field of psychology. After taking a job in one of these positions I will start paying all my college loans. MedlinePlus What sets me apart from other students is my creative ability in music. I write my own songs and perform them. He also participated in school clubs such as the Drama Club and the Spanish Club. Currently I am involved musical this year, drama club, "Into the Woods", and has also participated in recent years musical "Little Shop of Horrors". MedlinePlus I deserve this scholarship because I'll put it to good use and appreciate it for what it's worth. I have a strong desire to continue my education and the drive to achieve if allowed to be discussed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus yahoo answers became a block of text, but I think you can tell where the paragraph breaks. MedlinePlus suggestions?
Could someone help proofread my paper?5ATP2012-10-04 05:51:03
Is there a mistake that I missed, or anything you think I should change? I'm not the best writer, so all suggestions are welcome. MedlinePlus It shows that paragraphs are indented though. MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Autumn ****** of ***********, Iowa, has been accepted as the new child psychologist Sunshine Psychology Clinic. Fall often recalls a favorite quote by Tori Amos: "Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze too much, but you have to get into their own wounds to discover where your fears. Once the bleeding starts, cleaning can begin. "" It's like saying that we should accept ourselves for who we are before we can understand how to help ourselves to improve. want to help children to see that they are wonderful people, no matter what has happened in the past, "he says. Sunshine Psychology Clinic psychologist welcomes new son, Autumn ******, a wonderful addition to the team of psychology. His skills, experience and passion for helping children show that she is perfect for the office of child psychologist. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, ****** Autumn is 24 years. He is happily married to a renowned engineer and has two small children. In his spare time, Autumn enjoys photography, reading and crafts. She owns her own photography studio and likes to spend time there photo editing. Autumn loves spending time with his family. Some of his favorite activities to do include cooking together and taking walks to the park. Autumn and her family also enjoy visiting Cordova Dragway Park in Cordova, Illinois. "Occasionally you get to see my husband his career IROC-Z Camaro. Kids love to see their father on drag strip," said Autumn. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Equally important, the fall graduated from High School in 2008 ***********. She recently graduated with a degree in psychology with an emphasis in child development from Kaplan University and has studied in clinical and counseling psychology. She completed an internship in the mental health department of the University of Iowa Fall also earned a doctoral degree and has passed the examination difficult EPPP (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology) required for licensure. All your hard work finally paid off, because now is a licensed psychologist and holds a doctorate in psychology. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In the past, the fall has been praised for his many accomplishments. He was awarded the prize for Mathematics and the All-American award of achieving U.S. Academy. She has continuously served as a guest speaker and has lectured to students in many schools in eastern Iowa to educate them about teen pregnancy. He has also served as a representative of United Action for Youth to give a speech on the importance of supporting local clubs and programs for adolescents succeed beyond. Autumn has always worked as a nanny and child care for families. Her volunteer experience includes, but not limited to, tutoring elementary students, dance training and youthful joy, and provide free meals to children in need during the summer. Although autumn has helped so many people in her community, she never expects anything in return. "I like to be there to make a difference in the lives of many." She shared. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As a result of their experiences of care and education, along with his passion for helping the needy, Autumn ****** make a great addition to our team. She has touched many lives, and affect many more. Autumn will be working in the Sunshine Psychology Clinic as the new child psychologist. She will be handling all of our juvenile cases to provide help, support and love to children who are struggling with problems at home or in their lives. She wants to emphasize the importance of maintaining an entire family. Parents find their children once trouble coping with their negative feelings, so they can be kids happy, vibrant once again.
Can someone help me on my research paper?1Kalil2012-10-08 08:12:04
I have to write an article about my college page 8-10 to morality and ethics . My specialty was originally going to be the interior design , but it is probably impossible to write an 8-page document on the interior design has the moral and ethical . So what connects to Psychology ... Anyone want to help me? I can not think anything.Or could only write to me ! hahaha ;)
Need help writing a paper?2DIV2017-11-04 03:40:07
I'm taking a psychology class and I'm writing an article about APA style interracial friendships in adolescents and need some help . I know they say to write the summary of his past , but I need some help . How should I start the introduction of paper ? please help MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks in advance
NEED HELP WITH ENGLISH PAPER?0gianina2012-11-02 20:31:09
PLEASE help me finish this...APA style. Mostly need help with the discussion and conclusion.... Introduction Rather it is rap or rock people like music in one way or another. From listening to Barney when we’re young, to growing up and listening to rap songs that portray women in negative way, talking about killing their own brothers over drugs, and other illegal acts. The fact that we go from one completely different genre of music to the extreme opposite is perplexing. Is it due to the fact that, music is nothing more than a phase changing due to our maturity? What are the most popular genre to each age group and how come it varies? I will be looking at the most popular and, least popular genres of music according to age and, asking why is it that each age group likes the music they like. Literature Review When the listener is listening to classical music, their heart rate slows down, when the listener is listing to heavy metal their heart rate is faster along with the rate of breathing, our overall cardiovascular health, according to B David Ferrel (Ranked #6 expert in Psychology &Psychiatry), “elements of music are related to the role it plays on the human psyche”. This research is according to age, culture, what that person has been exposed to. Christine G. White submitted a thesis to the faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic and State University on the subject of music preference stating that “As people age, they move through different social settings in which different kinds of culture, including musical opinion will change.” Christine also goes on to say that isolation, usually leads to a negative judgment of music no matter the age of the person. Method A musical survey with questions both personal and opinionated about musical genre preference and age is the procedure used in the survey. There is a total of ten surveys, and they were taken to my work place and given to a group of co-works ages ranging from categories nine to fifteen, to, forty-one to fifty years old and asked to rate the different genres of music according to a zero to five scale, (zero being, don’t like that genre at all, to five being loves that specific genre.) Genres of music include assorted rock, Jazz, International, assortment of Country, Opera and many others. Results A survey collected from the age range of nine to fifteen rated pop, and alternative as the top favorite, giving them a five out of five. Metal gets a total of four points out of five and, all other genres with a score of two and under most all being zero. Three surveys with age group of nineteen to twenty-five choose soft rock as a favorite with a accumulative of fourteen out of fifteen possible points. This is followed by oldies (1950-70) with 13 points, country, and alternative at 12. The least liked genre of this age group is texmex with only three points. Another, three surveys age group from twenty-six to thirty chooses alternative as their favorite genre giving it a total of fourteen out of fifteen points. International and metal come in second with twelve points. Lastly, rockabilly, texmex, and, religious come in as the least favorite genre with only one point. Two survey’s collected from age group of thirty-one to forty say’s that classic rock, metal, and oldies (1950-70) is their favorite genre, giving it a ten out of ten total points. The least favorite genre picked by this age group includes reggae, religious, texmex, and rockabilly giving each one a two out of ten points. The last age range surveyed was forty-one to fifty with only one collected. This age group chooses classic rock as their favorite genre and folk, blues, international, and indie as their least favorite giving a zero to each category. Discussion It seems both authors are correct in saying that music preference is different among different age group because as people grow up it depends on how they form their personalities. This how people come to enjoy the music they enjoy. I think as a person ages their surrounds and social groups have the biggest role in what music people enjoy. Speculations and inferentially... Conclusion
Psychology paper?1billy help me (asap) plz2012-10-16 03:12:03
I have been assigned to write an article about something in psychology .. I decided to do the stages of sleep .. we have to write APA style and MLA only know .. I was wondering if someone could help me figure out how to write it . It is a research paper , and he gave no guidelines . thanks

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