Wanting to become a Book Author..Help Please?

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Lori Goclowski
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I enjoy writing,I have been writing since I was in grade 10 *age 14* (now a high-school graduate and 17)

I want to become a author..My idols are J.K Rowling and Sharon Osbourne

I still have a lot of kinks to work out in my writing.I don't think i'm the best writer,I don't think i'm better then J.K Rowling but I do think i'm a alright writer..i can improve,I know I need to improve on my writing,I'm more then happy for people to suggest on ways for me to improve

How would I get my stories published?
Would I have to get a publishing agent?
Would it be easier to go self published?
Is there any good publishing agent's out there?

(here's a bit of one of my story)

It all started on a cold winter’s night, it was raining heavily forcing her to pull her jacket tighter around her body. She let a sigh slip from her nearly purple lips. The rain was patting onto her body. Clarissa was a female that found it hard in the work force and found it hard to pay for her studying. She took up a new job which was quite dangerous; she had been working as a stripper at Hollywood Showgirls on the Gold Coast.

Clarissa was slowly working towards her dream to be part of the police force. She had always wanted to work as a Police Officer. She had dreams when she was little and hoped that nothing would get in her way. She had been working as a police volunteer since she was eighteen and found it quite interesting but now she wanted to work full time with them but she had to first finish her study and pass the police course. Clarissa was a very unique and quiet student. She once went to university to study psychology but had found it hard, so she was now learning how to join the police force. It was her dream job to follow in her family footsteps; Her dad was a senior Sergeant and had been four years; His dad was superintendent; His dad was commissioner.

Clarissa didn’t mind working as a stripper, it helped pay her bills and helped pay for her studies. Her father wasn’t pleased about it, but he knew she needed the money. He did beg her to allow him to pay for everything but Clarissa wasn’t a “daddy’s girl”, she didn’t want him to pay for everything. She had to learn how to do things on her own.


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