I'm 15 and interested in psychology! (10th grade)?

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i want a career in psychology.

although i think i am a bit young
to decided what specific area or field to go into in psychology.....

i want to know if their are any programs, or anything around Washington, D.C. for 10th graders in psychology......... (i live two hours a way from their... in around salisbury, maryland... i can go to ocean city or fruit land... probably not farther than Washington, D.C.)

not anything too hardcore, but i would like all suggestions

i'm in high school (i'm in biology honors {can't take a.p. bio. till 11h grade}, and am taking philosophy next year, along with possibly a.p. government)

P.S. i think i'm too young to do anything in psychology until i apply for college and i want to do something else

(i volunteer at my local hospital/ i live in a "small" town)
(i would prefer a winter internship!!!!!!!!!!) (i'm indian, don't celebrate christmas...)

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