Psychology: True or False?

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I'm having a little trouble with my Psych HW, so if any of you could help, that would be great! I think I know some of these, but i mostly guessed, so please tell me if i'm wrong on any of them.

__true___ 1. In recent years, psychology has flourished more in North America than in countries such as China.

__true___ 2. The primary research tool of the first psychologists was the experiment.

__true___ 3. The subject matter of psychology has changed over the history of the field.

__false___ 4. Every psychological event is simultaneously a biological event.

__true___ 5. Today, most psychologists work within the behavioral perspective.

__false___ 6. The major perspectives in psychology contradict one another.

__false___ 7. Most psychotherapists are psychiatrists.

__true___ 8. "Spaced practice" promotes better retention than "massed practice".

__true___ 9. "Over-learning" hinders retention.

__true___ 10. A major goal of psychology is to teach us how to ask important questions and to think critically as we evaluate competing ideas.

Also...are these the right definitions to these words or did I switch them around?

Clinical Psychology - the study, assessment, and treatment of troubled people

Psychiatry - the medical treatment of psychological disorders

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