Physical symptoms of depression/anxiety?

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I'm Bipolar II. My father recently lost his job back in November and now we have no insurance, so I've temporarily gone off meds and stopped seeing my therapist. I was fine for awhile, but now I'm in a... really debilitating depression.

One of the symptoms of my anxiety/depression is an unrelenting sick feeling in my stomach. I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas for how to relieve it a bit? Even just temporarily.

And also... if you have anything that might cheer me up a bit? Like, I found this cute little comic about depression (I can post the link if you guys ask for it) and it's the only thing that's really made the sick feeling go away. I'm really struggling without my therapist and medication. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I'm scared I'll spend it miserable. (Please don't be judgmental. If you've been depressed you'll understand that it is only a choice to an extent. Sometimes, thoughts/emotions can not be repressed.)

Thank you all! And happy holidays. :)

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