Psychology- 3 questions -Need help?

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PSYCHOLOGY QUESTIONS HELP!!! please and thank you- please read all and tell me why you would choose that answer:
my answers, just not confident with them: 6. c, 11. b, 150. c ?????? what do you think?

6.Witch perspective is most directly concerned with assessing the relative impact of both nature on our psychological traits?
A) Cognitive
B) Behavior genetics
C) Social-cultural
D) Psychodynamic

11.Dr. Mills engages in basic research on why individuals conform to the behaviors and opinions of others. which specialty area does his research best represent?
A) cognitive psychology
B) social psychology
C) developmental psychology
D) clinical psychology

150. It was Rene Descartes, the great french philosopher, who promoted the first influential theory that mind and body were separate yet intertwined (the theory known as dualism) the notion that mind and body were separate was not novel but how descartes connected them was at the time considered quite radical. the body, he argued, was nothing more than an organic machine, governed by"reflex", which descartes defined as a "unit of mechanical, predicable, deterministic action." for Descartes, many mental functions such as memory and imagination,were the result of bodily functions. linking some mental states with the body was a fundamental departure from the earlier view of dualism in which all mental states were separate from the body. thus, his view of dualism kept the distinction between mind and body, but he assigned to the body many of the mental functions previously considered the sovereign domain of the mind. Descartes' most radical idea was to suggest that although the mind could affect the body, the body could also affect the mind. he believed that passions such as love, hate, and sadness arose from the body and influenced mental states,although the body acted on these passions through its own mechanisms. in this was, Descartes brought mind and body closer together by focusing on their interactions.

Based upon the preceding paragraph, which of the following statement most accurately captures the essence of cartesian mind-body dualism?

A) the mental and physical are simply different aspects of one and the same substance which is consciousness.
B) mental occurrences can determine only other mental occurrences and physical motions can determine only other physical motions.
C) the minds and bodies of human beings direct causal influence on each other even though they are fundamentally distinct kinds of entities.
D) a correlation exists between mental and physical events but no assumption of causal mind/body connection, either direct or indirect, can be made.

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