Please Help/Read. Do I have Anxiety/Depression symptoms?

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I am a 22 year old male, I first suffered anxiety when I went to the ER for chest pain, for I believe it was a panic attack.The ran an EKG, blood tests, Chest X-ray everything came out normal. The ER doctor said it was anxiety. Since then my BP is always Pre-Hypertensive when I always go to the doctors office and when I check my BP at HEB Pharmacy(133/86 something in that range). I think I have digestive problems, like no matter how much I eat I cannot feel fullness. I have constipation/diarrhea. Also, I feel like I am not getting fresh sleep. My pulse is always abnormal when I check it by placing my two fingers by my neck its always fast while at rest and I think irregular heart beats. My school doctor told me that I might have this life threatening RARE tumor called pheochromacyctoma,but she doesn't think I have it and I am soo scared about it. I keep looking up the symptoms online for it and its making me more scared and worried. My PRIMARY care doctor doesn't think I have the tumor, and also doesn't know why my BP is pre-hypertensive, and says I am healthy. I am just really scared right now because if a doctor doesnt know why now, what???

Sometimes I feel like certain parts of my body feel like a burning sensation like my buttocks and I start to sweat a little bit. Hand tremors, my body shakes inside and my heart pounds non stop when sometimes when I feel calm. Could all of these symptoms be anxiety related and the digestive constipation be depression? My school doctor also mentioned I could have BiPolar 2.

I also have GERD aka ACID REFLUX way before all of this and I think it was due to stress that caused it and I haven't been experiencing that lately either. I feel calm and relaxed but I still don't know why I am having digestive problems and Blood pressure problems. I am currently not taking any medication as well. I exercise at least 1-2 times a week. Sometimes I cannot think. I am doing terrible in school and I cannot concentrate. I just want to get my life back. I am always thinking about dying and I am just scared and always think about the tumor and something that's wrong with me. I do not have any family history of high BP, diabetes and thyroid problems, I don't get fresh sleep. My doctor said I might have sleep apnea so I am having a Sleep Study done next week. I went to an ENT specialist and he told me I might need surgery or theres another way to do this but he wants to see the results from the Sleep Study. Sometimes I have racing thoughts while I am sleeping and I think I feel anxious in my dreams or something.

My main concern is I dont feel right in my appetite and stomach like when I eat I do not get that fullness and I feel gassy sometimes and I have diarrhea right after I eat or pass gas or get gassy. Also chest pains, BP, sleep and concentration. Its just all this mental health has caused me to become the way I am, GERD, ANXIETY/DEPRESSION. I put too much stress onto myself that I am facing the consequences in my life that are making it worse for me to do the things I used to efficiently. I just want to go back to my normal self again but I cant take my GERD away nor my anxiety/depression (assuming I have both but I dont know what I have)

I don't think anxiety causes increase in BP that high. Could it be White Coat Syndrome? Maybe is it because I am anxious to know what the result of my BP reading will be? I mean my BP was NORMAL before all of this anxiety mess happened. I hope its nothing serious.

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