Psychology questions . please help?

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1) it is important for a leader to have which of the following in common with the people in the group leads?
a) edu &training
b) abilities and skills
c) values and goals

2) a group of occupations which require similar training and abilities is called
a) a job family
b) flextime
c) technology

3)which is an example of a basic need
a) being a status leader
b)having charisma
c)having a feeling of self-respect

5)in recent years psychologist have suggested that to improve working relations, management should..
a) critize workers when they make errors
b) give positive reinforcement to workers for their achievements
c) make the tasks at work simpler and less challenging

6)when laid off or fired from their jobs people should..
a) never take a lower level job,even temporarily
b) look for opportunities to upgrade their skills
c) not bother contacting their state employment office.

7)absenteeism is
a) when a worker stays away from work
b)the rate at which new technology is introduced into businesses and factories
c) a program for establishing good manager-employee relations

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