How to learn more through home schooling?

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ok so im 13 and i being homeschooled by my mom since november and i feel like im not learning that much all my mom does is give me a note pad a revision book and a qestuon book and i get on with it which because my little brother has aspergers and he needs more which i am really cool about but i don't feel like im learning much i mean some of it goes in but not all of it and personally i would like to read books and be creative write, draw etc but my mom says i have to have proof to show the educational people that i am actually learning and i that understand that but i don't find it fun i want to do maths, english, science, psychology, art, graphic design, poetry, history, geography and maybe it but i don't want to read those school info books i want to read in real depth. can you help me, also can you help me to take psychology, graphic design, art, writing and maybe poetry as a gcse or a level.
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You be able to basically get a Custom Essay help   book about English, math, science, etc. Discover a subject that you adore and attempt to take in more about it. Likewise, I would look at about showing signs of improvement. Perusing what you have said is somewhat hard. There are such a variety of keep running on sentences (if there is more than 1) a great deal of spelling is off base, and such. 

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