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Would aiming this high land a me a good job in the future?1Ayeisha2012-10-19 09:00:02
I have only 15 and I've decided I'm going to major in psychology. I also decided that I'll just point to my masters in psychology . it would get me a good job as a psychologist in the future?
I'm aiming for a Ph.D in psychology in the future. What are some interesting jobs in the field?1partridge2012-10-12 07:43:03
Besides clinical research professor . What specific jobs can psychologists ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For example , there are psychologists that help determine whether or not a criminal mentally fit for parole ?
Where's a good place for a psychology Master's student aiming to ultimately work in Neuropsychology to intern?0Kanya2012-10-14 23:32:32
Self explanatory . I am currently working in a residential facility , but I want to be able to sell myself doctoral programs in the best way you can. Any suggestions ?
What should i study at Uni if i am aiming for a career in PET PSYCHOLOGY?1Renee2012-10-13 16:22:09
Specifically my master and minor?
Is this a Good future plan?0db2012-10-21 14:32:15
go to Penn State University lucky. get my degree in psychology and I will sub-major in criminal justice . I'll take ROTC in time too. Then after college to enter the army as a second lieutenant . Once you leave I hope to be a captain . Then I can apply for a job at the FBI . I'm pointing to an interrogator . If I do not get it I will be using the GI Bill to pay for school to get my doctorate in psychology . After that I will apply again to the FBI but that way I'll have more doors open if I do not get it . Does this sound like a reasonable way ? Also such a measure would help me get a good job , and the FBI to fall again ?
Is this a good/realistic plan for my future?2Mario2012-10-08 18:12:03
I am currently a senior in high school . I want to get my degree in psychology , in a state Universtiy making it cheaper ( I live in Washington , probably will go to WSU ) . So I want to continue to get my masters in forensic psychology and also my PhD . Right after I graduated from my degree I want to go to Texas (which is where I live ) and do my masters and doctorate while working online (hopefully ) . Is that possible ? Are online degrees despised ? Plus money wise , with student loans , it is reasonable to think I could handle a job , living in my own school , life , and paying student loans at once? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The ultimate goal is to become a prison psychologist .
What college major should I be aiming for if I want to start a school for Special Ed students?0Johnise2012-10-22 11:30:41
I'm in the 9th grade , and I want to do fields that could go on my college application summer too. What fields should I go too? MedlinePlus There are things like Business , Psychology , Medical Sciences , and that sort of thing .
Is this a good major choice for my future career plans?0mani2012-11-04 05:19:02
I would in applied psychology ( or something like that . ) And earn my 4 years of study at that. Then attend graduate school for two years to become a licensed art therapist while obtaining a master's degree in psychology online . Opinions / help please! :)
Are there going to be any good jobs in Americas future economy, and if so what fields?1Bertra2012-10-22 19:12:03
Is it true that all the good jobs ( good wages , good work from this advanced century ) are in medicine, technology and math and science ? If so , why are so many kids go to college degrees in psychology and English , and is my major ( computer science ) a greater good to be in evne though I have student debt now? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are there fields expected to grow .... my will ?
How to land a teaching job in USA?0Giggles2012-10-12 11:54:38
I am a graduate student of Psychology AB . I want to get a teaching job in the U.S. . What career site on the Internet that sponsors the relocation should go ? What should I take additional units to qualify as a teacher in elementary school ? high school?
Examine the land52018-08-27 20:44:35
Examine the land & essay reviewer   building according to Vastu rule, as well as Shape of land Direction of slope. Which part of land should be use for Basement. Heights of different corner of building Position of boring & booster pump. Position of overhead tank. 
How can I land a job with a bachelor's in psychology?0jessy2012-10-12 05:07:12
I recently graduated and got my BA Psych , what kind of jobs I can get ? What is the pay rate ? How should I build my resume ? I live in San Francisco , so I'm mainly looking for a job here or in the East Bay ( hopefully with easy parking )

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