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Can you correct my comparative essay .like grammar...and give comment too.?3Louse.T2017-08-21 03:42:59
people who in english major or good in english ..please help ----Changes in Body Weight: Freshman 15 Today, many freshman students don’t know how to handle their eating habit and physical activity in a right way due to the new environment. Why have people always said freshman 15. Is this just a myth or truth? Some research shows that freshman students are lacking of physical exercised and eating three meals at a buffet-style dinning hall caused them weight change. Did students concern about their health from gaining weight? Gaining weight might appear minor for body in a short term, but it can cause serious health problems in a long term. In order to avoid those problems students must eat balance and do amounts of exercise to stay with a healthy lifestyle through all four years of college. The two study reports “The “freshman 5” A Meta- Analysis of Weight Gain in the Freshman Year of College” authors Rachel Vella-Zarb and Frank J. Elgar and the “Change in Body Weight and Fat Mass of Men and Woman in the First Year of College-Study of the “Freshman 15” authors Daniel J. Hoffman, Peggy Policastro, Virginia Quick, and Soo-Kyung Lee , argues that it is important to identify the exact causes behind weight gain changes and know how to devise appropriate prevention strategies to the students. Although both articles have collect good data about what are the factor effect student being overweight, Vella-Zarb did a better job by giving stronger details from a wide-ranging of year study with 3401 students, establishing Hoffman’s articles are weaker with only 67 students in the study. One of the weight gain problem issue “The “freshman 5” A Meta- Analysis of Weight Gain in the Freshman Year of College,” Rachel A. Vella-Zarb , MA of psychology department, and Frank J. Elgar, PhD of psychology department at Carleton University. Vella-Zarb and Elgar cite their research from twenty-four studies that published in the year between January 1985 and April 2008 to support the conflict of freshman weight gain and the prevention strategies (Vella-Zarb &Elgar 163). The article examined several factors that associated with weight gain: low physical activity levels throughout the year, high junk food consumption, recent dieting, evening snacking, and a combination of dietary restraint and living in residences (Vella-Zarb &Elgar 164).Through the investigation, Vella-Zard and Elgar concluded that greater understanding of freshman weight gain could lead to prevention of this weight gain and thus a decreases in overweight and obesity among young adults (Vella-Zard &Elgar166).In particular, Valla-Zard and Elgar comments, “college health care providers should design weight gain prevention programs for first year students” meaning that programs should require for students to attend and give skills to prevent from weight gain, such as stress and lifestyle habits that can cause the factors of gaining weight instead of telling them started to eat less (Vella-Zard &Elgar 165).College should give a right message for students to balance their intake and exercised, buffet-style is all you can eat, but also mean need to moderate balance energy intake and expenditure in body weight, otherwise many student will end up with gaining weight unless they get greater understanding how to stay with a healthy life. The other article entitled Change in Body Weight and Fat Mass of Men and Woman in the First Year of College-Study of the “Freshman 15”detail by Daniel J. Hoffman, Peggy Policastro, Virginia Quick, and Soo-Kyung Lee, faculties in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick. They examine weight change from focus on a sample of freshman, who attending the State University of New Jersey. The method they used to determine the weight change is not powerful enough and it is harder to believe those facts only from 64 students .Therefore, the result of the study finding that students didn’t pay much attention in their intake and outtake during a new environment, which cause them weight keep increasing. Hoffman concluded that “students recognize that weight changes seemingly minor and perhaps even harmless changes in eating or exercise behavior may result in large changes in weight over an extended period of time” (Homan43). In particular, Hoffman states, “For those students who experience weight gain over the period we studied, if their energy balance is not controlled, they could placing at risk for obesity and chronic diseases later in life” (Hoffman 45) which mean take controlled of what they eat is important for the solution. Overall, both journal articles have credible issues about the reasons of weight gain, because the information proves that is coming from valid experiments, which make the reader more believable. Both studies also provides similar claim for their supporting reason to prevent weight gain among students entering college is great and it is impor
Please comment on this essay. 10 points will be given to the best comment!?1Sima2012-10-20 05:04:02
Hello, MedlinePlus I am applying for summer research opportunities program, which will provide college students the opportunity to conduct research studies of their research. The objective of this program is to prepare students for college. Attached below is my personal statement for this program. Please comment on this essay. I will vote for the best comment, though all comments are welcome! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bicultural am a woman, I see two different worlds. I was vice president of Latinos Unidos, an organization that aims to create awareness in the Latino culture. I was a mentor for a program that helped freshmen from historically underrepresented background to suit the academic and cultural life in my university. I'm currently making the first chapter of a Latino-oriented fraternity in my college campus. Now, I want to do some research on stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, eyewitness testimony of children and healthy eating behaviors among Latinos. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The feeling of ecstasy I experienced when learning how social psychology experiments, helps us to understand the complexity of these issues triggered my goal to become an experimental social psychologist to do these investigations. Using the test both shooter and Implicit Association Test, many researchers have found that people continue to show prejudice --- at least --- automatic level although society tends to believe that prejudices have disappeared. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finding the motivation to achieve my career goal, I set mini-goals and achieving them. I took an independent study class to improve my writing skills after my psychology advisor informed me that my poor writing skills may prevent me from going to college and become an experimental psychologist. I took many courses in statistics to be prepared for advanced courses in college statistics. Attended "Current developments in psychology", in which psychology professionals talked about their research. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I, along with two lab partners, we present our poster, which summarizes our findings on the effect of vision on auditory threshold. Many people believe that the deterioration in a sense, like vision, improves sensitivity, in other senses, such as hearing. To see if this belief is true, that is 27 students absolute thresholds for tone and volume, wide-eyed face with eyes closed. A sample paired t-test showed that there was no statistically significant difference in the average student threshold between open eye conditions and eye closed. However, those who performed well in the loudness experiment were more likely to perform well in the field experiment, but only in the experiment with closed eyes. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am currently doing an internship with Dr. Greenley to Rosalind Franklin University in their research. Dr. Greenley is developing and evaluating a telephone intervention to promote adherence among children with chronic illnesses. So far, I have attended weekly meetings of research, completed the course online CITI training on research ethics, read magazine articles about adherence to medication in children with chronic illness, and completed training with the planned tasks. After completing my training, I will enter and verify data in SPSS and Survey Monkey, helping with scoring and coding of standardized measures of study, help with data analysis in SPSS, and data collection through home visits or clinic. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now, I have the intention to participate in the SROP program at the University of Michigan, another milestone for my career. This program will help me to continue doing what I do. I will gain experience in research about my research interests, working with both Dr. Denise Sekaquaptewa, Dr. Edward Chang, Dr. Robert and sellers. I will become a better candidate for graduate studies, taking the GRE prep course, more research experience, learn more about graduate school itself and the application of these schools. This program then basically help me to fulfill the requirements to be a great experimental social psychologist.
Please read and comment my essay if you can.?1salam2012-10-19 18:23:06
This essay is an internship I am applying. The internship is to do research laboratory in psychology. The views and comments are appreciated. Also, if there are any common grammar error as subject-verb agreement, please point them out. Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus System:. Although previous research experience is not required to be considered for participation in our summer program, please describe in 500 words or less research experience you may have had in the past MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The previous research experience I had was my psychology lab project "Effects of Vision in the auditory threshold," which was presented at the symposium Spring Lake Forest College. At the symposium, students presented their research faculty. My professor of Introduction to Psychology my group nominated as one of the presenters at the event. We share our research project to the university community through a poster. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For our research project, my group wanted to find evidence of a belief widely known of deterioration in a sense, like vision, could improve the sensitivity in other senses, such as hearing. It was not unusual for one to close his eyes to better hear the music lyrics or writing about his playing time. There was research results that could confirm the belief, as the finding of blind people have better hearing. This finding suggests that the elimination of vision can improve hearing. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Therefore, my group carried out an experiment to test the hypothesis eye closure improve hearing. MedlinePlus In the experiment, my group of 27 students as absolute threshold 'tone and volume with eyes open and closed. Students completed four hearing tests in a study room: eyes open and eyes closed by the tone and eyes open and eyes closed volume. Were obtained from students absolute threshold for each test and the average threshold comparison between open and closed eyes experimental conditions. MedlinePlus There was no statistically significant difference in mean threshold between eyes open and eyes closed. Therefore, my group and I concluded that the widespread belief undermine a sense, like vision, did not affect the other direction, and hearing. It was interesting to see that the results were unexpected. The implication of the findings was that he saw a common thought among those possibly false. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Although there was no statistically significant difference in the mean absolute hearing threshold for both experimental conditions, the correlation between the tone and intensity of the eyes were statistically significantly different and, in addition, the correlation between the tone and intensity of the closed eyes were almost statistically significantly different. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Although the results were not statistically significant which could make irrelevant the study, the study was important to me because it helped me feel more confident that I wanted to be a laboratory researcher. The process followed was intense and titme consuming as we had to control for confounding variables, work together, creating the room and all other necessary steps in an experiment. However, it is rewarding when present and share our findings to the university community. I learned that the laboratory research involved a lot of work, but I liked doing research laboratory and continue to do in my career.
Please comment on this short essay. 10 points will be given to the best answer!?2Poppy2012-10-05 21:57:04
Please comment short essay for a summer research program. I will vote for the best comment, though all comments are welcome! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is the message: SROP aims to create access to education for students with diverse experiences and perspectives. Please describe your personal and academic goals. What is your motivation for seeking a research experience? SROP How can help you move towards your goals? Tell us about extracurricular activities for the recognition of their achievements. Limit your response to 250 words. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bicultural am a woman, I see two different worlds. I was a mentor for a program that helped freshmen from historically underrepresented background to suit the academic and cultural life in my university. I'm currently making the first chapter of a Latino-oriented fraternity in my college campus. Now, I want to do some research on stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, eyewitness testimony of children and healthy eating behaviors among Latinos. I remember the feeling of ecstasy I experienced when learning how social psychology experiments, helps us to understand the complexity of these issues. This caused my goal to become an experimental social psychologist to do these investigations. Finding the motivation to achieve my career goal, I set mini-goals and achieving them. For example, I took an independent study class to improve my writing skills after my psychology advisor informed me that my poor writing skills may prevent me from going to college and become an experimental psychologist. I am currently doing an internship now, in collaboration with the research of Professor Greenley in promoting adherence among children with chronic illnesses. Now, I have the intention to participate in the SROP program, another milestone for my career. The SROP program help me to continue doing what I do: get experience in research about my research interests, become a better candidate for college, and essentially become an experimental social psychologist.
Based on this (short!) essay, if you were a scholarship essay reader, would you give me a grant?3lu lu2018-07-24 05:05:52
Oh, and any ideas for a good title? Thanks in advance for your reading, not very long. MedlinePlus -------------------- MedlinePlus I was supposed to answer the questions: MedlinePlus one. Why are you applying for this scholarship? MedlinePlus b. What accomplishments make him deserving of financial assistance? MedlinePlus c. What are your career goals? MedlinePlus ------------ MedlinePlus Ok here it is: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My dream is to be an ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapist who specializes in children with autism. Autistic children can be some of the sweetest kids you never know, but unfortunately, its true capabilities are usually buried under the disease, so they need therapy to help unleash their potential. I chose to pursue this career not for salary or because autism is the fastest growing disability in development in the United States, but for a more personal reason: I have three cousins ​​with autism. MedlinePlus I spent the summer of 2007 working as a nanny for two of them, trying to raise money for college. It was very interesting to see how their lives changed by autism that next summer, I found a job at an ABA therapy for autistic children. I loved it and gave me a desperately needed financial opportunity, the beginning of my third year in college (fall 2009) is when my parents will withdraw all financial support from me and fully expected to live on my own. MedlinePlus I am currently a sophomore in the second semester, majoring in Psychology with hopes of eventually becoming an ABA therapist. In the little time I have left, while I'm still financially secure, I am looking for the most effective ways to earn money as possible, I have to be able to pay for school while still having enough money to live on half of come fall. In order to be able to secure scholarships, I turn my attention almost exclusively to my notes and doing well in my classes - and is certainly paying off: last semester I gained an average of 3.93 and a member the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society. MedlinePlus I am still very concerned, however, because if it is I have to choose between buying food or finish college, I will have no choice but to leave school. I'm working hard to earn money as possible, but I need all the help they can financially, or who may have to make the painful decision to leave school (and essentially my dream job) so I can afford the necessities Basic. If I can finish school, I can not find work as ABA therapist, and bring hope to many autistic children as possible, not only my cousin, but all of them. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ------------- MedlinePlus Thank you very much for reading this!
I had to write an essay for a mid-term..can someone help correct my rough draft?..?4Rosalie2018-08-27 20:48:51
B.F.Skinner(Burrhus Frederic Skinner)was born March 20, 1904, in the small Pennsylvania town of Susquehanna. His father was a lawyer, and his mother a strong and intelligent housewife. His upbringing was old-fashioned and hard-working. Burrhus was an active, unconstrained boy who enjoyed the outdoors. His cultivation was of the old ways and hard working. The tragic point of his childhood life was the death of his brother at the age of 16 of a cerebral aneurysm. Burrhus attended Hamilton College in upstate New York. He didnt fit in very well, not enjoying the fraternity parties or the football games. To make things worse, Burrhus was an atheist at a school that required daily chapel attendance. He wanted to be a writer and got his BA in english. After some traveling, he decided to go back to school, this time at Harvard. He got his masters in psychology in 1930 and his doctorate in 1931, and stayed there to do research until 1936. Burrhus said "I had apparently failed as a writer, but was it not possible that literature had failed me as a method?" in his autobiography: Particulars of my life. In 1936, Burrhus moved to Minneapolis to teach at the University of Minnesota. There he met and soon married Yvonne Blue, they had two daughters. In 1945, he became the chairman of the psychology department at Indiana University. In 1948, he was invited to come to Harvard, where he remained for the rest of his life. He was a very active man, doing research and guiding hundreds of doctoral candidates as well as writing many books. While not successful as a writer of fiction and poetry, he became one of our best psychology writers, including the book Walden II, which is a fictional account of a community run by his behaviorist principles. He became one of the leaders of behaviorism and his work contributed immensely to experimental psychology. He also invented the 'Skinner box,' in which a rat learns to obtain food by pressing a lever. B.F. Skinner also invented the "baby tender." It is important to note that the baby tender is not the same as the "Skinner box," which was used in Skinner's experimental research. He created the enclosed heated crib with a plexiglass window in response to his wife's request for a safer alternative to traditional cribs. B.F. Skinner is famous for his research on operant conditioning and negative reinforcement. He developed a device called the "cumulative recorder," which showed rates of responding as a sloped line. Using this device, he found that behavior did not depend on the preceding stimulus as Watson and Pavlov maintained. Instead, Skinner found that behaviors were dependent upon what happens after the response. Skinner called this operant behavior. Skinner's observation of the effectiveness of incremental training of animals led him to formulate the principles of programmed instruction for human students. For over two decades skinner worked on his book Verbal Behavior. In a fundamental sense, it was an intensive analysis of 'man thinking' and social behaviour. It extended his behaviourist position to the most difficult domains of human activity and aroused considerable controversy. The book is almost entirely theoretical, involving little experimental research in the work itself. Skinner received numerous awards in his life time. He received the National Medal of Science from President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1968. The National Medal of Science is an honor bestowed by the President of the science and engineering who have made important contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of behavioral and social sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics. Three years later, he received the Gold Medal of the American Psychological Foundation, in which was given to recognize life achievement in and enduring contributions to psychology. In 1972 he was given the Humanist of the Year Award of the American Humanist Association. This award was established to recognize a person of national or international reputation who, through the application of humanist values, has made a significant contribution to the improvement of the human condition. Just eight days before his death, he received the first Citation for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology by the American Psychological Association in 1990. B.F.Skinner was was a highly influential American psychologist,author, inventor, advocate for social reform. Skinner gave a new aspect to behavorism that has outstanding contribution to psycholgy and humanity as a whole. B.F.Skinner has and will always be one of the most brilliant American psychologist and an influential exponent of behaviourism.
Can someone please edit my resume for any errors or grammar?1giana2012-10-25 20:06:03
Rebecca D. Williams MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Objective:. Find a challenging position as office assistant that offers diversity and room for growth where I can utilize my office skills to benefit your company MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Requirements: MedlinePlus Exceptional Customer Service:. Strong communication skills to understand customer needs and provide exceptional results MedlinePlus Adaptable to New Technology:. Proficient in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and can operate all major office equipment MedlinePlus Independent and Team Player: Enjoy collaborating with colleagues, clients, and customers, as well as completing tasks independently. Eager to motivate and inspire others to deliver their best. MedlinePlus Organized and motivated: Expert in maintaining order amidst chaos and ever-changing challenges. Priorities in the short and long term, able to multi-task to generate the desired results. Languages: fluent bilingual English / Spanish. I can read, write and speak Spanish fluently. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Education:. California State University Dominguez Hills, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Experience: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 06/2006- Present H.V. Home Group, Inc. in Long Beach, CA. MedlinePlus Unit Secretary MedlinePlus Performed a variety of office tasks: Maintained and updated files. Data entered into the computer system. He greeted visitors, answered phones. Distributed mail, file, fax and copy. Communicated closely with probation officers, the Department of Mental Health (DMH), the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Probation Department (DPO) to obtain the necessary information on medical eligibility customers. Typed minutes for all staff meetings. Audited all clinical records to ensure compliance with state standards. Problem areas noted in the graphs to inform both director and responsible. Letters client prepared and conducted chart reviews for quality assurance. Attended utilization review. MedlinePlus Coordinated all medical, dental and optometrists as necessary for residents. MedlinePlus Preparation of monthly and quarterly statistical reports of clinical department, group home administrator and facility manager. Prepared monthly reports also weight variation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 10/2005-06/206 Peace and Joy Care Center Lynwood, CA. MedlinePlus Case Manager-Crisis Unit MedlinePlus Conducted intake and assessment for families of domestic violence, assess family needs, and provide referrals to other services, both within the agency and community agencies. MedlinePlus Provided case management to 10-20 families, families assisted with setting goals, identifying barriers, and work with families to identify available resources. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Coordinated a variety of services for customers including referrals, support services for families, counseling and crisis intervention, as needed. MedlinePlus documented all services provided to clients, including counseling, one-on-one sessions with the family, and treatment goals for each family. MedlinePlus 01/2005-10/2005 Kedren Community Mental Health Center in Los Angeles, CA. MedlinePlus Case Manager Outpatient Department and child MedlinePlus Managing a caseload of 25 families from diverse cultures, socioeconomic levels, that many were at risk of mental health problems, substance abuse and school crime. MedlinePlus Clients served through counseling and referrals, provided clients with other services based on a needs assessment. MedlinePlus In Spanish speaking customers. Maintained wrote history and progress notes, treatment records and written reports submitted to the courts in psychiatric clients. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 01/2004-01/2005 H.V. Home Group, Inc. in Long Beach, CA. MedlinePlus Youth Counselor MedlinePlus Supervised the behavior management interventions, and crisis counseling, and self-help skills for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents. (DCFS, DMH, probation, youth and foster care). MedlinePlus Wrote incident reports / progress notes in the resident's behavior as described in treatment goals. MedlinePlus Provided troubleshooting advice, counseling, information and referral, education and prevention for people in crisis situations. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Awards / Recognition: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2008 Awarded "Employee of the Month" for going beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. MedlinePlus 2007 Awarded STAR (Spirit, Teamwork, Recognition Award) to help our company during the annual survey.
What are my chances: Ph.D. Comparative Literature?2irianhhha2012-10-20 20:34:57
I am interested in applying for the top PhD programs in Comparative Literature . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Schools in mind : SUNY Buffalo , NYU , Columbia , Stanford , UC Berkeley , Yale , Harvard , Princeton , Cornell , Johns Hopkins , etc. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My stats : JHU undergraduate . Psychology / English / Spanish triple major , Mathematics / Latin American Studies double minor , 3.8 GPa . Honors thesis in humanities . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Leadership / Activies : President of two national honor societies , vice president of the dance company , clarinetist at the Peabody Conservatory ( JHU ) and wind ensemble , ballet student in the dance studio of the school and members of NSCS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Work experience: 2 years as a research assistant through degree ( in psychology ) , summer internships (ie advertising firm in New York ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Study Abroad in Bolivia, Argentina , Florence, Paris MedlinePlus Work Abroad : London MedlinePlus Languages ​​: English, Spanish , French , Italian working , but taken no classes ( yet) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Good recs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You still need to take Gres . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are my chances - the information I have provided ?
Can some one please make grammar corrections, look for comma splices, missing punctuation,and anything else?2william clemons2012-10-08 18:30:03
MedlinePlus It was a little after ten o'clock when I reached the office of Lord Street. Mr. Street is one of the coordinators Residence Hall here at ABAC. When I entered his office he sat at his desk and in deep concentration with his team. "What are you staring at?", I asked. He turned the team over to me. He was looking at the Google map. Google Map is an online map service and location finder. "WOW! ... That's great, to see if I can find my way." He said, "Sure," she said, and started writing away while asking me for my address. MedlinePlus Born May 27, 1980 Mr. Brandon Street full name is Omar Street. He is a graduate of Georgia Southern with an associate degree in psychology. I found it very interesting that lives in the same dorm with students, who are coordinated. Mr. Street is a man well over six feet tall that is dark as night, with a shiny bald black. One thing I thought was funny in his head that if he moves his head just right in the light that would have a little shine to it. Small vessels has also remind me that Benjamin Franklin wore. Because of their height and weight that could easily be mistaken for a football player. MedlinePlus Mr. Street and I had known before I had decided to do this interview. I met him when my roommate decided to go through his office to talk and I tagged along. That was the first time I actually have a conversation with this gentleman. Then became partners at an informal level. Soon I started coming to the office of Mr. Street to talk and talk about school. MedlinePlus While he sat in the chair across from him, I began to realize for the first time I had a very small office. His office was so small that all they could to keep the room was a desk, two chairs and a filing cabinet. Its wall was filled from top to bottom of fun and inspirational quotes, funny quotes but exceeded inspiration. I knew for a fact that Mr. Street was a smart man, but you can also enjoy a good laugh. MedlinePlus "What is your address?" I laugh at his post because he was still trying to find the location of my home, but I told him again anyway. From ABAC Lakeside was built at the end of July 2007 he has been here. I said while laughing "I came with the building." He explained that the job description was similar to a high school principal, because he was responsible for the daily operation of Lakeside bedroom. He explained that he was more like a mother and a father, but also as a counselor because students often came to him with their problems. MedlinePlus He had chosen his career because he liked working with children. He told me that he always had a summer job. The recent he had was one that lasted for seven consecutive summers, was a program called, Upward Bound. "Upward Bound is a preparatory program for freshman next to older graduates to low-income students and families who will become the first graduate or go to college." He spoke of "Upward Bound" with a huge smile on his face. I realized that I really loved to help those in need. MedlinePlus I asked what was the hardest part of his job, and he said many things complex. "Not having enough staff time. And you really have to know how to manage your time." He added quickly while looking over her glasses with a stern look. He justified that the students could knock on your door at any given time with a problem he had in his hands. "You have very good customer service." Mr Street added. MedlinePlus "What was the funniest thing that happened to you at work?" He laughed as if the memory was still embedded in his mind, or as if it just happened recently. Explained, the only time you saw your coworker car deteriorate with various foods, such as eggs, flour, and saran wrap. I asked "Do you know who did it" and said "Yes ... his girlfriend." That stifled a laugh from me. MedlinePlus During the interview with Mr. Street, I realized that he enjoys his job, due to the constant smile on his face. Work Mr. Street is interesting to me, because I always wanted to know the feeling of returning to an age that you had canceled. I enjoyed the interview with Mr. Street. He left a lasting impression very special to me. I feel like I could go with him especially in front of school and out of school. "Hey ... Look!" Said Mr Street with the wide smile that was so familiar on her face "What." "I found you", and then he turned and team showed the exact location of my address. I smiled and my interview was complete. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
What does one do with a degree in psychology? Whether it be behavorial, comparative, whatever.?3Ronny2012-10-22 05:23:07
I am currently at a point where they no longer know what to do for the rest of my life . I have tried as BioChem majors , Chemical and Biological Engineering , Bio-Molecular/Medical science , and now I'm thinking about looking Psychology or Culinary Arts . It's as if my interests are intervening in power. However, previous majors and I tried not presented many favorable results . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am looking for a career that would be good and enjoy doing it for 365 days a year . I've taken personality tests / inventories and always produced the results in order of my artistic ability . I have a great interest in music , architecture stuff , and even view / analyze the behavior of people . I like to point out errors and other errors . Even I must correct them feel the need to. I also like to create . Since I was young, I had a love for Legos . I liked to draw simple drawings of existing structures and rooms. This he often did when he was in high school . Now , I'm lost .
In what essay format would you write an Astronomy observational study essay? MLA? APA? Chicago? etc.?3manisha2017-05-02 00:07:37
I have to write an essay for my course in observational astronomy. Basically what we're seeing is the night sky ( movement of the moon , the brightness of the stars and planets colors ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have never before written an observational study . Is there a specific format / style to write this in ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Be MLA is typically English and Humanities papers and APA for psychology and social science papers . Then there's Chicago / Turabian . I also found " CSE " , which is for the life sciences and other . AIP Physics and is (not sure if it is strictly just magazines though .. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I emailed my instructor (i do school through distance education ) and told me that the format is not really a problem as long as I am consistent when it comes to dating . Normally there would be much citation made ​​in an observational study , but I am also using a computer program ( its free -ware , so no CD ) , which helps with finding objects in the night sky I can not see the outside myself. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I guess the main question here is , that style has information on citing appointment software that are not on the CD . I searched high and low across the Internet and I feel like im running in circles and can not find a concrete answer . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus oh , and does the formatting title pages also matter ? MedlinePlus lol MedlinePlus thanks for any help anyone can give!
Please read and comment on my cover letter. Thank you!?1Walk road of life2012-10-20 05:36:01
I'm looking for work and really appreciate any feedback I get. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Dear Sir or Madam , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am writing to express my interest in becoming a member of your business team. I am a man of confidence , the young worker and dedicated to the search for an opportunity to use my unique set of skills , knowledge and experience. I recently graduated from the University *** where I earned my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology . As you can see from my resume attached , my work experience has been primarily in the fields of television and graphic design and has given me a solid foundation for many career fields and positions . You will find that I am a very fast learner able to master new skills and adapt to different environments. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My skills are experience with most major software packages (like Microsoft Office ) and many other common office machines . I am skilled in operating both Mac and Windows -based computers. The two software packages with which I am most familiar is Final Cut Studio and Adobe Master Collection ( including Illustrator , Photoshop and InDesign ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have excellent organizational and communication skills . You will find me to be self motivated and able to work on my own, but equally adept at being part of a team . Prioritization and task management are skills that I have developed with previous employers . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm sure it would be a valuable asset to your organization and I look forward to hearing from you . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your consideration ,

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