How good is my high school schedule?

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I am a sophomore in summer school right now and I hope to get accepted into UCLA, and am wondering if these classes are good enough to get me in. On all of my self-study classes I plan on getting a 5 on the AP Exams for those classes as well as the AP classes I will be taking at school, I also am aiming for an A in every class I take. I want to become a neurosurgeon, so my classes are chosen to meet that goal.

Freshman year
Honors English 9
Honors Physical Science
Honors Geometry
French I
PE I (mandatory)
Health/World Cultures (mandatory)
(4.0 unweighted GPA)

Currently taking Honors Biology in summer school

Sophomore year
Honors English 10
AP Biology
AP World History
Honors Algebra II
PE II (mandatory)
French II

Intro to art summer school

Junior year
AP English Language
AP Physics B
AP US History
Honors Advanced Math
Honors Chemistry
French III
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Self Study AP Environmental Science
Self Study AP Macroeconomics

Computer Applications in summer school

Senior year
AP English Literature
AP Government/Economics
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus AB
AP Physics C
AP French
AP Psychology
Self Study AP European History
Self Study AP Statistics
Self Study AP Microeconomics

I did water polo this year, community service, and was involved in a Christian Club at my school. Next year i will be in water polo again, Christian Club, do more community service, Red Cross Club, Key Club, Recycle Club, French Club, and i will be taking buisness classes at my local community college

i am also already studying for ap microeconomics, ap macroeconomics, ap statistics, ap biology, ap world history, i already know an enormous amount of information regarding human anatomy and physiology, i have already taken physics classes in college, am the highest in my grade level regarding english, french, all sciences, history, and am the only one who has already been recomended for ap physics c, magnetism and gravity, and ap biology, so do not tell me what i can and cannot do. i am also going to UCLA for their summer program to get my name entered into their database.

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