How can i gain clinical experience to become a PA?

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i'm currently a senior in HS. i haven't decided which college i am going to, but i want to get my BS (i heard that having a bachelors looks more favorable) as of now, i have indicated to schools that i want to major in psychology. many people have told me that this is a good major for PA school, but my main reason is that i truly am interested in it. in four years when i graduate with my BS in psychology, i'm afraid i won't get accepted to a PA school because i won't have any clinical experience. i have volunteered in several hospitals as a high schooler and i plan to continue during my undergrad years, but someone told me that this is not enough...they said that volunteering will not look as favorable as work experience. i know that most people who apply to PA school are already nurses, paramedics, etc. how can i gain this kind of experience so that i can apply to PA school right out of undergrad? i don't want to waste time after undergrad trying to get certified in some other 2 year program. can i do internships while i am in undergrad? will that help me?

any advice would be great, thanks! :)

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