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Psychiatric nursing dissertation topics?0Jordan Smith2012-11-06 04:28:50
I'm going into college but only have one chance to choose my major: I'm stuck between getting a PhD in clinical psychology or advanced psychiatric nursing. I'm basing my decision on whether or not I'd be able to handle a dissertation in each. Is nursing exclusive to a nurse-patient relationship, or nurse-whatever relationships? Or is it possible to focus entirely on research of for example, the effect of mental illness on one's behaviour or vice versa? (should that be saved for a psych dissertation?)
A career in psychiatric nursing?2Hayde2012-10-11 20:23:03
I just finished my first year of college with a focus in psychology at Central Michigan University . I have an average of 3.6. I have been working in a nursing home in the summer and really enjoy it. Now I'm curious about psychiatric nursing . CMU does not have a nursing program , but I would continue to enroll and graduate from college . Would it be wrong to get a degree in psychology here ? Does anyone know of a good nursing program or school ? Does anyone have any experience in this line of work you would like to comment ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Lindsay
Hot topics in Psychology?1bandit557512012-10-06 16:38:04
I'm taking a class in introductory psychology and would like to do some educational research for extra credit . Any suggestions on what I should do ?
Research Topics Help!?2jh2012-10-21 05:24:02
I am a senior psychology and a final project we have to make a huge experiment , however I am having difficulty selecting a topic that I could do. It has to apply to college students 18 to 23 , and we must be able to perform a real experiment in school .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need a few items , so now I'm just interested in the relationships between couples and find things with sex ! Can anyone give me some ideas , maybe something that would be curious to know ? THANKS !
Which one of these psychology topics is the best?3Arnol2012-10-24 17:33:02
MedlinePlus Peer Pressure MedlinePlus bipolar * Schizophrenia in young women and men MedlinePlus * Social Interaction * How do individual differences affect stress? MedlinePlus * Psychological reasons for depression MedlinePlus * Causes and symptoms of stress MedlinePlus * How does social anxiety disorder in the daily life of a person ? MedlinePlus * Depression affects gender in people? MedlinePlus * Human Development - Conception of Aging MedlinePlus * Special Child Mental Development MedlinePlus * Gender Affect Memory? MedlinePlus * Different Stages of Human Development MedlinePlus * Why is it important to provide sex education for young children ? MedlinePlus * Relationship between physical illness and stress MedlinePlus * Short-term and long-term memory MedlinePlus * As bipolar disorder affects a person's daily life ? MedlinePlus * MedlinePlus Mental Illness and Aging * Role of Environment in Personality Development
What topics should i include for my research paper?0Ntando2012-10-14 15:49:35
I'm doing a page DS 10 - APA format research paper for my psychology class , and I'm doing on how music affects the brain , but I'm not really sure what I should include MedlinePlus topics some who thought I should include are: MedlinePlus Introduction : What is the music MedlinePlus Topics : * Do not expose your child to music , while the development in the womb affects brain development ? MedlinePlus * How do you play a musical instrument affect the brain ? Advantages and Disadvantages * How does the type of music that affect brain development ? MedlinePlus * Various effects of exposure of children to music. MedlinePlus these are the issues I thought , but I'm not sure it's good enough for a role of 10 - paged , so the issues would be welcome
Good research paper topics?0juliannme2012-10-25 21:07:25
for a high school history course we ( 1800's - present) MedlinePlus I college psychology major problems .. What I can do what ?
Which science field should I go into to study these topics?1jimmy junior2012-10-09 06:48:04
- Evolution of the human mind MedlinePlus - Autism and related disorders in the brain MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to go to college and become a researcher of one or both of these issues . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I took a half of a degree in biology , and after reading about all the different fields of biology , there are things seemed how are you normally study a biologist . Where in psychology or a different issue ?
Suggestion topics for developmental psych essay?1Ibby2012-10-11 02:29:03
a topic to discuss the implications of social policy , the educational implications and / or practical implications of developmental psychology problem . An example would be an issue if children can be reliable witnesses in a courtroom . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any good suggestions on a topic that I can write a lot about this test ?
Buy a Dissertation12018-03-22 05:41:48
Hi, MedlinePlus I enter my third year of a brain science course in September and need to have a proposition point prepared for when I return, I have a general enthusiasm for criminological brain science, and strange clinical and was thinking about an approach to consolidate the best of both of these issues. Buy a Dissertation  
Can i have more details about following topics with relevant pictures, activities regarding pre school?0Frany2012-10-16 20:49:44
1 preschool directors ( concepts of early childhood education , educational philosophy relevant to this issue , the role of a preschool teacher , child rights , the different systems of this type of education ) 2 child psychology (introduction , psychocology uses child to pre school teacher, study of child behavior , heredity and environment , prenatal environmental influences , child development from birth to 8yrs perception , sensory and importance, cognitive development0 - 7yrs , personal and moral development , children with special needs ) 3.laguage development ( dev laguage . than 2-5 years dev. speaking listening reading and writing skills relevant activities with photos) 4.Creative education Aesthetic and dev . 6.Exploration of manipulative skills ( stages in children's art , the teacher's role in this issue ) 5.Development math skills ( dev psychological basis . Mathematical concepts , classification , environmental issues ) preschool 7.Intergrated organizatioinof approach and its relationship with the home.
Any psychology topics out there and tips on how to not get nervous when doing a powerpoint presentation?1Carina2012-10-22 21:31:03
My teacher said to do a presentation on anything that affects the behavior of our psychology class , I was thinking about doing well in social learning or Shaken Baby Syndrome , no one wants to offer more items for you to view other options in the when nothing comes to mind ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, some tips on how to not get nervous when making a presentation, you always tend to get nervous when doing presentations for myself and have avoided in the past 4-5 years , and now I have to do this because if I do not ' t I get a D in the allocation and affect my level a lot and therefore I will not be able to get into the nursing program .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Help anyone .. Thanks .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And as to speak in front of people , I get nervous talking in small groups , right in front of an audience of more than 5 people or less .. so I'm going to do very well as a nurse , thanks !

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