What should I do for a career?

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I'm 32 and I have a bachelors in History and another one in Religion with a minor in psychology. I work in a call center which I hate. My GPA from college is 2.5 becausse i did bad my first two years with 'd' averages and then 3.3 the last few years. I don't know if I can get accepted into a grad school program. Also, I can't take anymore undergrad classes because I reached my limit on what I can borrow as an undergrad student. What should I do? I work a full and part time job now but neither of these are 'careers or could lead to one at the current company I'm at'. My favorite subjects are Psycholoyg and History and I'm interested in Religion and Mythology as well. I'm an INFP myers briggs. I never thought I'd wind up with this crappy of a life at my age. What do i do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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