Question about graduate school specializations?

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I was wondering if your graduate school concentration or major I guess you might call it necessarily has to match your undergraduate major. Right now, I am a psychology major with a minor in mathematics and I'm planning on going to graduate school, hopefully to become a professor. I would rather go to graduate school for mathematics as opposed to psychology, but I'm not sure if I can since it's only my minor. I have taken many math courses, anywhere from calculus and trigonometry to complex real analysis and applied combinatorics, so I feel that I would be well-prepared for a grad program in math, but Im almost apprehensive even to apply with the degree in psychology I will receive. Just for background information, I've considered going for a double-major in psychology and math, but i don't have the time at this point since I only picked up math during my sophomore year. I will without a doubt be able to finish the minor though. Can I still apply to a grad program in math with my current degree path? Thanks.

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