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How can I create my own scientific journal?12Please help!!!2018-01-17 21:23:03
There are many scientific journals these days , but it is very difficult to come to terms with some of its editors . If I wanted to start my own scientific journal ( for psychology and cognitive science ) , what I have to do ? Suppose I have a little more psychiatrists me in peer review team . If you can take care of paying the costs of publication and publisher of the team , what else I can need exactly to get into the scene scientific journal ?
Can you help me create a gamertag for xbox live?!?0maggie r2012-10-14 02:53:41
I'm trying to think of a gamertag on Xbox Live , but I can not make up my mind ! I usually create names based on being a mother , so I want to be fun and it was all about me . I am a girl but do not have advertised, and here are some things to me that would be willing to get ideas : MedlinePlus I have a degree in psychology Psychology at anything related , I like movies and morbid fear of music , I 'm clumsy and I like to joke a lot , I love Lost and The Office , I'm a child of the 80s and 90s, and my favorite bands Smashing Pumpkins , Incubus , Marilyn Manson , and Carol King MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I hope that enough information ' s for everyone who answers give me some ideas! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question !
Suffering from a severe lack of motivation to create art?1popely w2018-03-18 11:15:18
I've always been really into art classes. Whether writing or painting or drawing, I love everything. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently finished writing a children's book that is published. He has illustrated and creepy, I'm very happy with it. I started working on my second book and I have a script I'm working on a short film. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a job writing for a magazine legit and there's been a lot of fun. I had also been painting a lot, and even considering going to art school of animation while continuing my studies in forensic anthropology. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is that recently, I have been very motivated to create. MedlinePlus I do not know what the problem is ... I thought maybe it was a conversation I had with my mother. She is very supportive of my interest in the arts at all and instead wants me to follow in his footsteps and join the medical field. Which brings me to another topic, she refuses to help me pay for college until I do what she wants me to do, so apart from two classes that I paid for myself (core gene. Psychology and Ed Classes being math) I have not 't been to college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can understand why they feel the way she does, though. The medical field pays a lot of money, so I tried to compromise and licensed Pharmacy Technician, I have. and while it can not be too happy doing, I'm doing it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The problem is that I feel very motivated to sit down and write or paint or draw and I think that is because one of the situations and the fact that I feel really bad about myself for my lack of college. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 19 years, by the way. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone offer some advice? and some tips to get the creative juices flowing?
I will create a web page for an Org, what do you think should I put in there to make it cool and not boring?0David Chaney2012-10-14 07:35:50
My friend , she is a student of Behavioural Science ( Psychology ) , and she will graduate this semester , is also the secretary of the school organization , well was assigned to create a Web page before she will leave the premises school and will load the web page from MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I want to make the place look pretty good , not boring , not so simple , however , with a bang ! MedlinePlus The color of your subject would be purple. What should be the color of the text that mixes well ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do you know any free hosting site or domain ? or how much would be the cheapest? Besides, I 'm not very good with HTML , do not have a long practice so do not suggest any movement of experts to html . MedlinePlus lol MedlinePlus Besides, I want it to be open mouth , simple and unique. what content should be added there? mostly because it will contain articles, images , something. What do I put in it ? How about a contest? Game? IQ test? What do you think ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please guys , if you do have any suggestions please post here , I need the website uploaded in February. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any suggestion will do and do not hesitate to contact me as well ,
Is it better to create a large android first or start out small?1enya2012-10-05 08:41:03
So I would like to create an android ( female robot ) in the future. Would it be better to make a small prototype or invest in ' real '? No I have that much extra money and I am currently going to college to ' Robotics / Mechatronics " so I can jump on a life-size robot and learn from my mistakes , or start small and build a coke bottle sized one. Establish aside from being in college Robotics .. I also studied books about robots and I 'm teaching everything from software engineering / programming , electronics / electrical circuits , mathematics , physics , psychology , sociology , controls engine ... etc! ( I have a 30 GB library on my terrabyte external drive dedicated to nothing but books about robotics PDF ) ... and all the patience , ambition , inspiration and perseverance to last me decades ... So what do you think is the best approach ... go big or go home ... or prototypes evolution ... ? ? ?
Teachers: Have you ever tried a system in which the students create their own rules?7sueann2018-03-18 23:29:21
My instructor of educational psychology , who was a primary school teacher for over 30 years explained that she used a system that allowed students to create class rules . Have you ever tried a system like this , and if so , how do you go about it . Did you honor students all suggestions , or what type of review of the list by merging similar rules into one?
Can you create an advising website with just a bachelor degree in psychology?1Martha2018-03-18 23:14:21
say that a person only has a degree in psychology , decided to create a website which will give psychological advises that people , maybe later he or she can charge for the service. be allowed to do that ?
Are there other medical conditions that create similar symptoms to those of depression and anxiety?0Nels2012-11-02 22:22:35
I am doing a little research. I have found a considerable amount of overlap in symptoms that are typically diagnosed as depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. I have looked into Epstein-Bar Virus, PTSD, Anemia, ADHD, Thyroid, and Sleep Apnea. It is amazing how much the symptoms overlap. I'd like to know if there are other conditions that cause or mimic symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. I would be interested in doing further research.
Does Depression/Anxiety/Fear/Panic condition create the feeling of Physical symptoms as well?0hsanetha2012-11-03 10:59:32
I have been ill with depression and anxiety for many years and i suffer a lot with a lot of physical complications such as shiverng , dizziness, nervousness, palpitations, breathing problems , fear of walking due to been nervous, feelings of fear and weakness in my face , pains in my chest and limbs Can you advice me on some treatment Thanks
On word how do you create a page number on different first page header?1qwerty2012-10-13 03:29:03
I'm working on a project for my psychology class and we have to follow the APA format . For the 1st page , we have a different header than the other pages . You also have to put a page number in the upper right of each page . But for some reason when I select different first page header gets rid of that number and start page numbering on the second page . How I can fix this ?

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