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Buy a Dissertation02017-11-02 23:17:42
Hi, MedlinePlus I enter my third year of a brain science course in September and need to have a proposition point prepared for when I return, I have a general enthusiasm for criminological brain science, and strange clinical and was thinking about an approach to consolidate the best of both of these issues. Buy a Dissertation  
Hey Guys , MedlinePlus I need help with my thesis in psychology , I know I want to do something with cognition and have reduced cognitive dissonance . But I do not know what my question reserach will ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been watching a program on young offenders and would not mind doing something in this regard either. I do not know why, though! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PLEASE HELP ! !
Any ideas for my Psychology Dissertation?0slim stud2012-10-14 04:34:49
I 'm in a doctoral program in clinical psychology and will have to start working on my thesis , however , I have not the slightest idea of ​​how to form ! I'm trying to do my thesis on something related to forensic psychology and developmental disabilities / special needs . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are some ways to combine the two of those? Theses specific ideas are appreciated , thanks !
Important Benefits of Dissertation Help3TheresaHicks2017-07-25 23:17:19
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Ideas for psychology dissertation?2hamid2012-10-25 02:11:03
I'm looking forward to do a PhD in Clinical Psychology next year . All ideas related to this area of psychology ?
Psychiatric nursing dissertation topics?0Jordan Smith2012-11-06 04:28:50
I'm going into college but only have one chance to choose my major: I'm stuck between getting a PhD in clinical psychology or advanced psychiatric nursing. I'm basing my decision on whether or not I'd be able to handle a dissertation in each. Is nursing exclusive to a nurse-patient relationship, or nurse-whatever relationships? Or is it possible to focus entirely on research of for example, the effect of mental illness on one's behaviour or vice versa? (should that be saved for a psych dissertation?)
Am doing my third year in psychology and i need a dissertation topic! please help?3Jasona2017-12-27 02:37:23
am still looking for a dissertation topic and would preferably investigate in educational psychology. maybe about cognitive development and learning. thx.
Ideas for Child Psychology Dissertation...?0heather.2012-10-21 16:12:10
I'm working on a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in children and adolescents . Do you have any ideas for a thesis involving children and / or teenagers ? (Thank you ! )
Help with an undergraduate psychology dissertation topic?0Nathan Bickerstaff2012-10-27 02:50:38
Hello MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I enter my third year of a psychology course in September and have to have a thesis topic ready for when I return , I have general interest in forensic psychology , and abnormal clinical and was thinking of a way to combine the best of both of these issues . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, when I suggested this to my supervisor who believes that such a study would require a longer time scale than we have available . So I started thinking about forensic psychology and criminal , in particular, / offender profiles , but am unsure how to conduct research in this area because of the ethics surrounding it and I'm also sure what to look for in regarding it . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help would be great! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Advice on a psychology dissertation topic?0charnelle2012-11-05 06:06:02
I , soon, the need to decide on a reasonable thesis topic ( for a doctorate in psychology ) . It can be qualitative or quantitative . I 've narrowed it down to three areas . I would like to study something about women in the military and how they have experienced PTSD / sexual harassment , body modifications and body dysmorphic disorder and lately something related to music . I was thinking of something like the mood effects like music , but I have no idea how to study it. Any suggestions / tips / advice from the three areas I would like to study . Please serious answers only - not drag ! Some fellow students or psychologists who have gone through this process would be helpful.
Re copy of my PhD dissertation stored in a 'central' library with others:?0venessa2012-11-03 19:16:12
In 1981, a copy of my PhD Dissertation in Psychology was required by the graduate school guidelines, so it could be bound and placed in a University library (if memory serves, the University of Michigan) with all the others. I would now like to get a bound copy. How do I do that, whom do I contact, how much does it cost, and about how long would it take? What type of identification, if any, should I be prepared to send?
HELP! I'm really stuck of what to write my dissertation on, I study criminology...?0ght2012-10-22 05:50:25
and am interested in the area of forensic psychology . After graduation I would like to study for a master's degree in forensic psychology and work in a UK prison with serious criminals , etc. .. MedlinePlus I'd like to do something related to serial murderers / sex offenses maybe ... but with a base of forensic psychology . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance

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