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How can i have true self confidence?4Malachi2012-10-12 13:02:09
I have 20 years and have never had a positive view of myself . My parents divorced when I was younger . I recently started counseling . And I feel like I could be helping , but it may be too early to tell. I'm a sophomore in college , in search of a master ( or beyond) of child psychology or counseling psychology . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm not trying to be one of those people who feel sorry for themselves. I just want to love myself . I feel that everyone deserves to be truly happy with themselves . I can not understand how !
Who has confidence, doesnt suffer anxiety, depression, shyness and has silver fillings ? research study :)?0mayada2012-10-23 22:11:16
I need to know if their is a link between the number of amalgam fillings and people have feelings of depression, anxiety , shyness and not being sure of discomfort or distress , symptoms pyschosomatic .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My psychiatrist said that their relationship is not at all and nobody beleives it and I do not , but I read " conspiracy " on the net saying that makes all these problems ... How can cause shyness though lol I think that's a bit much if you ask me .
Is success a confidence issue or is an ability issue?0Brandon cordez2012-10-10 17:08:57
I had a dream that there were 5 people who wanted to eat two pieces of lobster in my dream represented the 5 people who wanted to take five courses : chemistry , economics , mathematics , psychology and religion and the 2 lobsters represented the two courses I was confident I could reach in Psychology and Religion . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The dream seems to be suggesting that I can not do well in economics, mathematics and chemistry , I have no confidence in thos areas and that if I was sure I would be able to perform well in the areas of my life . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In I.Q. test, he scored in the 85th percentile on my worst category of intelligence and I used to be in the gifted program in high school . ( For people in the top 2 percentile of intellectual functioning ) , so I was smarter in high school , but I guess in real life my academic performance is not as good . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I spent about 10 years without any mathematical equation and when I was reading an accounting textbook yesterday was very difficult to understand . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was thinking of studying economics, mathematics and chemistry in my spare time and after taking the CFA exam . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And then doing my double major in psychology and religion full time .
Do you think this is true?0issa2012-10-22 00:47:28
a master's degree is sufficient to refer to as a " psychologist " for example If graduating with a master's degree in organizational psychology , I will be known as an organizational psychologist and I have to get a PH D. Since both are " degrees " professioanl MedlinePlus compared to a bachelor's degree in this field is not enough to be called a psychologist
Is it true that depression is a symptom of sin?0Bor2012-11-02 00:05:08
Psychology: True or False?0Elva2012-11-05 01:10:33
I'm having a little trouble with my Psych HW, so if any of you could help, that would be great! I think I know some of these, but i mostly guessed, so please tell me if i'm wrong on any of them. __true___ 1. In recent years, psychology has flourished more in North America than in countries such as China. __true___ 2. The primary research tool of the first psychologists was the experiment. __true___ 3. The subject matter of psychology has changed over the history of the field. __false___ 4. Every psychological event is simultaneously a biological event. __true___ 5. Today, most psychologists work within the behavioral perspective. __false___ 6. The major perspectives in psychology contradict one another. __false___ 7. Most psychotherapists are psychiatrists. __true___ 8. "Spaced practice" promotes better retention than "massed practice". __true___ 9. "Over-learning" hinders retention. __true___ 10. A major goal of psychology is to teach us how to ask important questions and to think critically as we evaluate competing ideas. Also...are these the right definitions to these words or did I switch them around? Clinical Psychology - the study, assessment, and treatment of troubled people Psychiatry - the medical treatment of psychological disorders
Is too late to make my dreams come true?0Merisa2012-10-27 12:29:48
I have a life rather disappointing so far .. ? MedlinePlus I have a wonderful childhood in the country .. I guess a lot of time to develop my dreams ... I've always had a fascination with the stars , a sensitive personality grew .. Now do not laugh , but my dream is to work for NASA , get a good husband , and get a good home and just be really happy .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As he grew older reality hit me .. I had a bit of trouble in high school .. i do not get the grades they really wanted was not so bad , but not enough to do what I wanted .. I know I'm 18 and I'm doing a psychology degree MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I also picked up on the negativity of people around me and also co ... You will not work at NASA as the chances are slim / her ugly / and maintains MedlinePlus will MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not complain of my life , I am grateful to God for the degree in psychology bach MedlinePlus MedlinePlus but I say I have 18 years now ... IS YOUR DREAMS worth fighting ?
Is it true that you can get your masters in a different major than your bachelors?2winterWX2012-10-23 05:23:05
Is it true that you can get your masters in a major other than their unmarried ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Quick Psychology Survey? True or False?1Azim2012-10-23 13:19:01
I just need answers true or false, not looking for answers, just answer in the gut! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. The behavior of most of the lower animals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians, most rodents and birds is instinctive and unaffected by learning. MedlinePlus 2. During the first week of life, a baby sees only a blur gray, regardless of what he or she "looks". MedlinePlus 3. A child learns to talk more quickly if the adults around the child habitually repeat the word he or she is trying to say, using the correct pronunciation. MedlinePlus 4. The best way to get a child chronically noisy to settle and pay attention to punish him or her. MedlinePlus 5. Slow learners remember more of what students learn faster. MedlinePlus 6. People-very smart "geniuses" - tend to be physically weak and socially isolated MedlinePlus. 7. On average, you can not predict from a person's grades in school and college if he or she will do well in a race. MedlinePlus 8. Most stereotypes are completely true. 9. In small amounts, alcohol is a stimulant. 10. LSD causes chromosomal damage. MedlinePlus 11. The biggest drug problem in the U.S., in terms of the number of people affected, is marijuana. MedlinePlus 12. Psychiatry is a branch of psychology. 13. Most people with mental retardation are also mentally ill. MedlinePlus 14. A third or more of people with severe mental disorders are potentially dangerous. MedlinePlus 15. Electroshock therapy is an antiquated technique rarely used in psychiatric hospitals today. MedlinePlus 16. The more severe the condition, the more intense the therapy needed to cure,. For example, schizophrenics tend to respond better to psychoanalysis MedlinePlus 17. Almost all psychological characteristics of men and women seem to be innate, and in all cultures, for example, women are more emotional and less sexually aggressive than men MedlinePlus. 18. No reputable psychologist "believes in" irrational phenomena such as ESP, hypnosis, or odd mental and physical achievements of Eastern yogis. MedlinePlus 19. Schizophrenia means split personality. MedlinePlus 20. Within our brains are the memories of all that we have heard or seen. MedlinePlus 21. Have you ever taken a psychology class before?
Is it true if you only have a bachelors degree in psychology you won't get a good job?0Ayanda2012-11-05 02:44:46
True or false: You major in college was/is Psychology?6ms.mitchken2012-10-21 05:57:56
True or false : It's in college was / is Psychology ?
Is it true that Graduate schools perfer you major in something different from undergrad?0Shaniqua2012-11-01 20:26:02
I have a PhD in psychology and someone said I should major in another subject for Undergrad like art to show my personality diverse and has a better chance to get this or should I do in psychology to have a better base?

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