An Educational Psychology question?

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Ty and Amy - Lynn are involved in a book club , which will involve peer learning and student-led discussions . In a book club , what is the role of the teacher ? MedlinePlus answer MedlinePlus MedlinePlus To serve as a guide , but to give students responsibility for how the discussions will evolve MedlinePlus To remain completely uninvolved MedlinePlus To be fully in charge of the discussion , and learning issues MedlinePlus The teacher is not present for book clubs
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I say to guide students ...
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Sometimes I ask a question and let kids volunteer, but almost of the time, I call on who I want or use a random person. If it's an opinion based thing, we get a brief volley going, maybe I use agree/disagree to get kids up and moving around, and move onto the next phase of whatever I was headed towards. 

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