What should I call my non-profit organization?

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I'm thinking about starting a nonprofit organization sometime this year. I'm getting my degree in psychology at the end of this semester and my dream is to create a foundation for those suffering from stress disorder post- traumatic. I have discovered some of the details but I'm lost in a good name for him . I know you would like the motto is " Only we fall, Together we can cure" , but I'm not sure what the name of the organization . I was thinking something like " survivors States " , but then I thought someone might get confused with the American Cancer Society . What if I were to have " Trauma Survivors States" or " One day at a time" or " PTSD survivors States." something . I am very open to suggestions ! MedlinePlus Also, I want to start the creation of a website with frequently asked questions ( such as data on PTSD ) , a little about me section ( I was diagnosed with PTSD 3 years ago , but have made ​​great progress in healing , so I think it would help people know someone who really knows what they are feeling and going ) , a blog , and above all , a chat room for people to go to (which would momnitoring at certain times of day) and have a sort of online group therapy . If anyone has any ideas on web servers that support these needs or a website where I can get the code ( copy and paste into the design of my website to appear when someone visits the site ) to the chat rooms and paypal ( for collect donations to give foundations related to PTSD ) , and other things . any suggestions that you think would help me very much appreciated! MedlinePlus and please keep any bad or insulting comments to yourself . this is my dream and my passion and I am very committed to this.
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I recently worked for a nonprofit that helped with business planning and foreclosure assistance . If I were you I would try to find something like a business planner because not only addressed to financial institutions, but it can give you good ideas above and beyond what they have already put together. Nonprofit organizations can be a good thing or a fall down due to the fact they bring in their own resources to obtain or get money or how ever you do . Any questions email
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